6 Pro Shopping Tips for Filipinos


The Philippines! A nation of its unique culture and heritage. The Philippines is a county with a bag full of scenery and overwhelming love and respect towards each other. Such bliss to visit the country. Not only the lifestyle and traditions one gets to talk about but also the development in the nation and among the Filipinos themselves. Some stats steal the show which shows a drastic improvement in the number of people using the internet and count marching towards 100Million users in a couple of years. In this web era, we can find anything and everything at our fingers. Same applies to online shopping as well. Online shopping is sort of a revolution that changed the face of shopping system forever. Nevertheless, it is a double-edged knife, here are few pro tips you need to follow while shopping online.

1. "Why should I go online?"

So, do you wish to save your money and time, yes, of course, you do so as everybody! Online portals help you saving both time and money. One major advantage of online shopping is, you can skip the bargaining part while shopping and enjoy great deals and offers provided by merchants or portals. Instead of walking down to every store and knowing the prices, do the same here just moving your fingers. But prior to it, always look for any coupon codes or promo codes or even voucher codes to avail offers existing on your dream products. So as to save money and make your shopping fall in the budget purchase online from the popular stores like Lazada and others using Lazada coupon codes.

2. "Compare & complete"

We never knew what is in other pot, not unless we check the other pot too, the same way we can get the best price only after comparing our wish list in other sites. Not just the price but also pay attention looking out for additional benefits and features the site offers.

It is no wrong in spending ample amount of time to get the right and genuine product home. Comparing the offers and product details will help you in better understanding of the market value and demand for your wish list. So, compare and then complete shopping. Give priority to the top portal Zalora as they do offer lot of options to choose for payments along with Zalora coupons. Play smart, pay smart.

3."So, how can I trust anything that shown online?"

Probably this question might be running in your mind now. Well, I got a solution for it. Spare enough time on reviews and ratings. And also analyze if it is genuine or fake. Majority of people who commented or reviewed the product might have used it or ordered it earlier to you, read their reviews and decide either to buy or not. You may come across a few inappropriate comments, but be sharp in not falling in their nets. You probably can judge the product after reading 5 - 10 reviews. And also, don't forget to be helpful to other customers with your review, after getting your delivery, take some time and post your scale of satisfaction on the site.

4. "How safe is my payment done?"

This is a mandatory question from all new users, but I would like to answer " Don't worry mate, nothing will go against you" If any site misuses your details, you got enough rights to file a complaint against the subject. You got a lot of options to complete your payment, and Cash on Delivery is one among them. So, if you worry about online payments you can opt for this option, but I am afraid you may not be subjected to a few offers and discounts via COD. Though it is better to have a snap of the confirmation popup of your payment if you have done online payments. And also, don't share your account details to any. Be guard to your money.

5."Everything is fine, but what if I get the wrong product home?"

That is a nightmare for sure, but nothing to worry about, just take a snap of the item your received and store it for future references. Contact the helpline center of the portal ASAP and inform them about the incident, either they replace it or refund your money or may correct the mistake as per their norms. And you may have to wait few more days to get the original one replaced. One additional benefit, you can return items you received if they weren't up to your standards of expectations.

6. "Is online shopping 100% genuine?"

Yes, it is 100% genuine, and I am not 100% sure about my answer too. There may be some bugs or fraud sites with fake offers and false descriptions. So, do not rush buying just because you loved the pictures of the product or the descriptions or the offers. Spare time in looking out the reviews, the site rankings, the fluctuation of prices in other sites/portals. Also, track your item every now and then, till it reaches you. Check the item in deep and then start using, if you find anything wrong with it, don't be a scapegoat. Act immediately.

In a country like the Philippines, which is growing in every field, it is indeed too promote online portals and shopping sites, to ease your work and digitalize the system.

Maligayang at Ligtas na pamimili!