What matters by Ma. Rosario B. Milla

We all have our different functions in the office. One may be expert in technical aspects, others may be good in dealing with clients, some may shine differently just by merely by talking and interacting with people. These are only few of the many samples being observed inside the office of DepEd Naga City. Everyone seems to flaunt whatever expertise they possess. Maybe because they want to be recognized or so they can fit in the well noted reputation of the said Division which I believe stands out from the rest.

The Division of Naga City is not the structure or the physicality that can be seen by the naked eye. What makes it remarkable are the shadows behind; the staff, the chiefs, the heads and the dynamic and family oriented leader whom we all look up to that proves to be the very soul of the Division. As new member in the office, all senses are working well with me in realizing so many things. Being aware of some facts coupled with a little understanding and careful observation, it is safe to say that it is not just an office but a home where one is guided, corrected, developed and recognized accordingly. Skills acquired through different education and work experience where everyone came from, did not matter at all. Differences in some working areas may mean and connote a negative meaning, but for me, differences spiced it all up. It makes the workplace more exciting and colorful as well. These differences helps contribute in making a whole new atmosphere in the Division, it’s like a complete meal where everything is rolled in one plate so everyone can savor and enjoy.

Newbie, inexperienced, beginner or whatever I call myself, since I am new in the office does not matter, what matters and what I know, is that everyone is diligently laboring hard in their respective fields to meet the high standards and aspirations of the DepEd Naga City Division.