What does an administrative aide do?

by Cherry-Lou C. Nicolas

An administrative aide performs a wide variety of clerical tasks in an office environment.

Essentially, they help to ensure that office operations are performed efficiently.

They also support their supervisors and co-employees through a variety of tasks related to their office work.

Likewise, they are responsible for receiving and reviewing documents coming from their clients.

Further, they are often in charge of releasing documents which were approved by their supervisor or department head. They also maintain computer databases and programs, and attend to manual filing systems.

Duties commonly performed by administrative aides include word processing, printing and collating documents, filing data, typing and encoding reports, binding and scanning, performing light bookkeeping, order office supplies, coordinating with other departments, and completing any other assigned tasks. Some administrative aides may supervise lower-level office staff as well.

Because of these duties and responsibilities, it is often required of administrative aides to have good communication, possess integrity and honesty, and be highly organized individuals.

Personally, I am energized by the idea of working for the government and for the welfare of the community.

I am inspired by the goals of the government to attain peaceful, safe, self-reliant and development-dominated communities; improve performance of local governments in governance, administration, social and economic development and environmental management; sustain peace and order condition and ensure public safety.

It would be my honor to be part of the process of realizing this noble objective.

I look forward to being an asset not only to the department, but also to the whole community in which I belong.