Up Close and Personal with the WORLDBEX 2019 ICONS of Interior Design

WORLDBEX 2019 showcases simple, functional and elegant designs only from the ICONS of Interior Design

It’s not every day that the most prominent interior designers convene under one event with the sole purpose of imparting their expertise. Good thing for enthusiasts and those whose spaces are up for some serious design reconfigurations, the highly-anticipated WORLDBEX or the Philippine World Building and Construction Expo is slated to return this March with another exciting edition of the Interior Designers’ Gallery.

The Interior Designers’ Gallery ultimately turns the spotlight on practitioners who have been revolutionizing the industry with their artistry and expertise. It also serves as a platform for interior designers who uphold the same principle of innovative excellence. Featuring a star-studded cast of design figures, the gallery welcomes back Michael Pizarro, Chat Fores, Johnny Hubilla, Ivy Almario, Cynthia Almario, Rogelio Caringal, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Lilia de Jesus and Leo Almeria who will all be presenting their aesthetic designs during the event.

To honor these influential practitioners, this year’s Interior Designers Gallery will be gathering some of the most iconic local interior designers who have supported WORLDBEX throughout the years. Dubbed as the WORLDBEX 2019 Icons of Interior Design, this esteemed crop of interior designers are set to present their unique take on the latest interior design trends.

As a teaser for what’s in store at the show, some of the WORLDBEX 2019 Icons shared a few worthwhile insights about their interior design practice.

Johnny Hubilla

For Hubilla, trends must only be adopted sparingly as it is more important for interior design to transcend the test of time. Moreover, he believes that an interior designer’s work should be reflective of one’s culture.

Lilia De Jesus

With the intensity of shifts and changes that are currently happening around the world, De Jesus believes that an interior designer must be attuned to the various factors that affect the way we live such as cultural and social change as well as economics.

In addition, De Jesus stresses the importance of constantly exploring new materials and technologies apart from developing concepts and ideas. Most notably, she emphasized the value of discovering new local materials and innovations that advocate Filipino skill and talent.

Michael Pizarro

Similarly reflecting the philosophies of the other designers, Pizarro values attitude more than trends. Yet what he means by this is that motivation for design is more central to his process rather than what’s popular. As expressed by Pizzaro, “I believe in identity, integrity and character. Filipinos have a lot of this. In finding our identity, our character, and embracing it, that for me is the very soul of interior design. If Filipino designers will find their way around these things, surely we won’t just be following the trends, we will be the trend.