TEACHER CORNER | Common teaching challenges

By Ramon R. Garcia, Jr.

The life of a teacher may be very rewarding, especially when one sees his or her students learn and gain better opportunities in life. But it also involves a number of struggles and challenges. A teacher needs to face these challenges and overcome these struggles if he or she were to succeed as an educator.

Accomplishing requirements

One challenge is accomplishing requirements such as lesson plans and test questionnaires. It takes good time management skills and careful planning to master this skill without spending long hours on them. After a few months or even years of teaching the same subject matter, you can come up with these requirements in no time at all, as the task becomes much easier and almost second nature to you.

Dealing with different people

Another challenge is dealing with the different kinds of people in the school community. Every class is composed of a set of individuals with various strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and interests. Add to that the different personalities of their parents, along with those of your co-teachers, the school head, and other school personnel. Some people will be more difficult to deal with than with others, so remember to be patient always and be understanding of each person’s concerns so that you don’t step on anyone’s toes.

Managing time

Juggling one’s time as a teacher, along with being a husband or wife, mother or father, sibling, daughter or son, and member of various organizations in the community can also be a struggle. Here, proper time management is key, along with the ability to say “no” to tasks you cannot do. Promising to take care of too many things may cause you to deliver on your tasks poorly, if you are even able to accomplish them at all.

In the end, keep in mind that when you decided to become a teacher, you said “yes” not only to the rewards of the teaching life, but also to the struggles and challenges that it entails. If you surmount the latter, teaching life becomes much more rewarding as compared to simply enjoying the perks. Further, if you ever need a reason to take on the challenges, remember that the youth needs you to be the best teacher you can be.