PUBLIC SERVICE | How to apply for a police clearance

Some employers require a police clearance in the process of hiring new employees. The same is also a requirement for securing a passport and other government IDs.

To apply for a police clearance, one needs to prepare the following documentary requirements:

  1. Community tax certificate (sedula)
  2. Barangay clearance
  3. Two pieces 2 x 2 ID picture

The procedure for applying for a police clearance is as follows:
  1. Fill out a request form from the Duty Desk Officer.
  2. Submit the form with the required documents to the Desk Officer for verification.
  3. Pay the Police Clearance Fee (determined by the LGU where the police office is located) at the treasurer’s office.
  4. Submit the official receipt to the Clearance Police Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO).
  5. Place your thumb mark on the space provided for.
  6. Claim the clearance.