Cam Norte tanods get insurance program coverage

DAET, CNorte--Barangay tanods in this province will soon be covered by an insurance program in case of their sickness, death or incapacity while in the performance of their duties.

This after Resolution No. 136-2019 was approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, led by Vice Governor Jonah G. Pimentel during the 130th regular session earlier this month.

Said resolution was authored by Pimentel and Erwin L. Lausin, and co-authored by Rodolfo V. Gache, Joseph Stanley G. Alegre, Renee F. Herrera, Gerardo G. Quiñones, Godfrey A. Parale, Arthur Michael G. Canlas, Reynoir V. Quibral, Artemio B. Serdon, Jr., Muriel M. Pandi, Jay G. Pimentel, Ramon E. Baning, and Michael Rowell D. Aling.

“Barangay tanods are unsung heroes who provide security in their respective barangays, maintain peace and order, and serve as indispensable partners of the local police force,” Pimentel said.

“For all their sacrifices, they receive meager honorarium or allowance that is not enough to support a family,” he continued.

“It is but appropriate to provide them group insurance in case of sickeness, death, or incapacity,” he explained.

The Provincial Government, in Provincial Ordinance No. 12-2019, shall allocate P1.5-million for this purpose.