Anakalusugan partylist stresses: Prevention is better than cure

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard)—Anakalusugan Partylist nominee Emmanuel “Ower” Andal emphasized that health needs must be given priority.

In an interview with the Bicol Standard, Andal said that the recent approval of the Universal Health Care law is a welcome development as it shows we are serious about attending to the health needs of the growing number of Filipinos.

“But we want to stress that what Filipinos need is a system that will diagnose diseases and illnesses early, provide maintenance medication for free, so we can avoid expensive medical treatment once the illnesses have progressed,” he explained.

“In other words, we believe prevention is better than cure,” he said.

“To realize our goals, we intend to put up mobile diagnostic centers, which can service even the farthest of barangays, so that we can detect diseases early,” he explained.

These mobile diagnostic centers will have nurses and medical technologists, who will be working to conduct tests such as blood chemistry tests, X-ray, and others.

“It is a sad reality that we only have one doctor for every 33,000 people, when the ideal ratio is 1 is to 1,000. But we can address this concern by establishing call centers of doctors, who will communicate with the medical technologists and nurses in the mobile diagnostic centers, and prescribe the necessary management via video call. This way, we can reach a larger population of patients,” he said.

He added that apart from traditional medication, we can also strengthen the role of nutritionists, as a proper diet is also key to preventing and managing diseases.

There is also alternative medicine, he said, which can be used hand in hand with traditional medicine, to attain holistic health.

“There are many solutions to the health problems of Filipinos. We just need to have the proper mindset, practice good health-seeking behaviors, and we can all live long and productive lives,” he stated.

Andal, who hails from Calabanga, Camarines Sur, previously served as Presidential Adviser of Bicol Affairs, Chairman/General Manager of the Philippine National Railways, and was elected Board Member of Camarines Sur.

In his private capacity, he also worked closely with local entrepreneurs to promote local products in the international market.

This time, he is working with Anakalusugan Partylist, after realizing how good health practices are necessary and beneficial to uplift the lives of ordinary Filipinos.

“I am seeking the support of my fellow Bicolanos. A vote for Anakalusugan is a vote for your health. If we are able to gain more votes, we are assured of another Bicolano congressman who will look after the special concerns on health,” he concluded.