Mayor Ochoa boosts agriculture in Daet

Daet's pineapples
Photo from DA Bicol
DAET, Camarines Norte (Bicol Standard)--Mayor Benito Ochoa believes Daet can supply this town, and even neighboring towns, with locally-produced fruits and vegetables.

In an interview on Tuesday, Ochoa said he decided to give priority to agriculture, which has a huge potential to help Daeteños.

“Daet has a total of 5,861 hectares. Sixty-one percent of this, or 3,590 hectares, is composed of agricultural lands. These include Calasgasan, Dogongan, Bibirao, Bagasbas, Borabod, Pamorangon, Awitan, Alwihao, Pamorangon, Gubat, Magang.”

“By giving priority to agriculture, we are providing livelihood to our constituents, as well as showing the world that we are capable of producing other agricultural products apart from the sweet Formosa pineapples, for which we are now widely known,” he explained.

He estimates that agriculture can provide an additional 40 percent to the livelihood to Daeteños who presently have no source of income.

“With this boost of support for agriculture, our constituents no longer have to travel to places far away from their families just to earn a living,” he said.

Ochoa urged Daeteños to support the agricultural initiative, not only by purchasing from local farmers, but also by considering engaging in this lucrative industry themselves.