EDITORIAL | Blind, deaf, mute Comelec

An epidemic of blindness, deafness, and muteness is again plaguing the Commission on Elections in these months leading to the polls.

As many have astutely pointed out, the poll body constantly issues reminders against violations of the Omnibus Election Code, but glaringly lacks the spine to enforce the same.

One hardly needs any effort to spot government facilities, properties, and vehicles plastered with political campaign materials.

Public funds are also often blatantly used in partisan political activities organized no less than by local chief executives.

Even the campaign period schedule, long announced by the Comelec, appears to have no bearing, as candidates freely ignore them, and go scot-free in doing so.

Comelec’s patent failure to enforce the election laws over the years has even affected the electorate, who needs no prodding to turn blind, deaf, and mute even in the face of these violations, especially if those who violate are their personal bets.

It is woeful that aspiring leaders freely flout the rules. After all, they should be the role models of the members of the community in being responsible citizens.

But far more lamentable is the poll body’s adamant unwillingness to enforce the election laws—their very raison d’etre.

Let this be a reality check for the Comelec, which needs to heal itself of this blindness, deafness, and muteness before it’s too late.