Naga City had highest average monthly crime rate among chartered cities in 2018--PNP

MANILA (Bicol Standard)--Naga City topped the list of the 36 chartered cities with the highest average monthly crime rate in 2018, the latest report from the Crime Research and Analysis Center of PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) states.

Naga City had an average monthly crime rate of 218.16.

The average monthly crime rate is the frequency of crime incidents relative to the population of a locality over a certain period.

Said data, according to the PNP, is the result of dividing the crime volume by the population in an area.

The quotient is multiplied by 100,000 and the result is then divided by the number of months covered.

The number of crime incidents cover both index and non-index crimes.

Last year, it was reported that from January to July 2018, the average monthly crime rate in Naga City was 202.80.