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Aki kan dating Chief of Police, pinagbabadil gadan sa Masbate

ni Vince Villar

Milagros, Masbate - Siyam na tama nin bala gikan sa dae madeterminaran na kalibre nin badil an tuminapos sa buhay kan sarung 27 anyos na soltero, na aki nin dating Chief of police, sa banwaang ini kasubanggi.

Sa report na naka abot sa Police Regional Office 5, Camp General Simeon Ola, Legazpi City, binisto an biktima na si Franklin Danao y Acaba, sarung Seaman, aki ni retired PSI Roberto Danao kan Milagros MPS.

Segun sa impormasyon, bandang alas 6:30 nin banggi, Pebrero 15, 2018, mantang nagmamaneho ini nin motorsiklo hali sa pagsaod, kan sabayan kan duwang suspek na naka motorsiklo man saka pinagbabadil sagkod magadan.

Sa ngonyan, duwang anggulo an tinututukan kan mga otoridad na pwedeng iyo an motibo kan krimen.

Enot an suboot istorya na may nakaiwal an biktima huli ta may sinaway ining karerebukan kan naka aging aldaw mantang an ikaduwa iyo an posibleng may kinaaraman sa dating trabaho kan ama kaini na kung saen dakol naging kadagit huli sa pagiging istrikto sa pag implementar nin mga ley.

Napag araman na pasakay na naman kuta sa barko an biktima asin nakaplanong magpakasal na sa saiyang ilusyon pakatapos.

Beyond ash and fire: the other effects of volcanoes in the community

WHITE AS SNOW. Ash-covered roofs line up with similarly ash-covered foliage in a town near Mt. Mayon while a test for particulate matter (PM) is ongoing. In the background is Mt. Mayon itself, shrouded in ash and fog. The ‘Minivol’ sampler on the right, from the Environmental Pollution Studies Laboratory (EPSL) or the UP-IESM, was used in cooperation with Bicol University to determine the composition of the air during the recent increased volcanic activity of Mt. Mayon.

ASIDE FROM being a fiery spectacle of nature, volcanoes are more than meet the eye—they are a force to be reckoned with. A single volcano has the ability to completely change the world’s entire atmosphere, maybe even permanently.

In the Philippines, which sits at the western edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire, adapting to living near volcanoes is commonplace.

Especially in the province of Albay, where sits Mt. Mayon, the most active volcano in the Philippines.

Mt. Mayon has recently exhibited increased activity which includes more lava flows and fountaining, and an increase of the emission volcanic gases like sulfur dioxide.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) measures that the current activity of Mayon is still ‘far from the peak explosion’ which may come in the coming weeks.

No stranger to volcanoes

Southeast Asia is one of the most geologically-active regions, of the world, if not the most, and had been home to the most destructive and powerful volcanic eruptions in history.

Some of the historic explosions of this region have made a critical impact in the atmosphere; Tambora, Indonesia, 1815; Pinatubo, in the Philippines, in 1991, which cooled the entire world by half a degree Celsius; Mt. Samalas, Indonesia, in the 13th century, which may have plunged medieval Europe into a series of famines due to anomalous weather changes that ensured, and Krakatoa in 1883, also in Indonesia, which also cooled the entire world.

In the Philippines, it is easy to feel the effects of a nagaalburutongvolcano—ash fall, difficulty of breathing, or even crop failure, andwhile we already know the long-term results explosive volcanic eruptions may effect to the atmosphere, it’s also important to take into account the finer details of its effects.

Atmospheric and environmental effects

According to Mylene Cayetano, Ph.D., the head of the Environmental Pollution Studies Laboratory of the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology at UP Diliman, the most cause for concern is for the fine dusts coming from pyroclastic density currents.

“The fine dusts coming from the pyroclastic density current, or uson, due to its small size, can be resuspended in the air, and may eventually reach the residential areas outside of the danger zone. Then, if not washed off by rain, may spread farther. If inhaled, these dusts may trigger premature asthma attacks, allergic rhinitis, throat irritation, runny nose or sore eyes,” said Cayetano.

Cayetano, a chemist, also pointed out that the sulfur dioxidein the atmosphere may become acid rain in a matter of hours, which can injure the skin and damage crops and infrastructure, as well as disrupt bodies of water.

“Acid rain may impact the surrounding vegetation by damaging the leaves and crops, due to its corrosive character. The acid rain can directly contribute to the acidity of the ground and thus reducing the potential of beneficial microorganisms in the soil to thrive, and essential soil nutrients to be available, thus reducing the overall fertility of the affected area,” Cayetano added.

“With regard to fresh bodies of water, acid rain can also increase the alkalinity of lakes, rivers, and even those dedicated for aquaculture. When the alkalinity is altered, the growth of phytoplankton necessary for feeding fish might be inhibited, thus threatening the habitat of fish,” she added.


Tabang kan gobyerno nasyonal, NGOs sa mga Mayon evacuees, labi P250-M na

ni Vince Villar
Legazpi City – Labi sa P250 milyones na an natitataong tabang kan manlaen laen na National Government Agencies (NGAs) asin kan mga Non Government Organizations (NGOs) sa mga Mayon Evacuees sa Albay sa sobra sarung bulan ng pag alburuto kan bulkang Mayon.

Segun sa Office of Civil Defense (OCD-Bicol), pinakadakula digdi an P70 million na gikan sa Office of the President, mantang ikaduwa an DSWD na nag abot na sa P40.7 million.

P35 million an sa PCSO, na an P5 million personal na hinatod ni Board member Sandra Cam, mantang an P30 Million an uminabot pa sana kan nakalihis na semana asin tulos na binaranga kan 3 siyudad asin 6 na munisipyong apektado.

P30 million an gikan sa DOLE sa paagi kan cash for work program ninda mantang P23.4 million naman hali sa DOH.

P16.7 million hali sa DepEd sa paagi kan mga TLS asin Hygiene Kits, P12.7 million sa PRC o Philppine Red Cross, asin P9.012 million man sa OCD.

P8.1 million hali sa IOM, P3.7 hali sa manlaen laen na NGO’s, P1.8 million hali sa LGU CamSur, mantang labi P538k man sa DENR.

Sa kabilugan, uminabot ini sa P252, 003, 896.17.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tanog Bikol: Musika asin Literatura

4k Barrel at Tanog Bikol
Photo: Bicol Standard

Bikol music has definitely moved on from folk song “Sarong Banggi” and the Bikol chacha, any outsider would readily conclude after attending Tanog Bikol: Musika asin Literatura.

A variety and wide range of original Bikol songs, from the kundiman to a bawdy song, to folk, rock, slow rock, pop, to reggae and rap were performed in Tanog Bikol: Musika asin Literatura last Saturday, Feb. 10, in Naga City. The Bikol music makers showcased their talents both in music composition and performance in this event subsidized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA),

Organized by composer Romulo Prado Jr. with the assistance of broadcaster Don Amador who served as emcee, three individual musicians and seven groups presented an assortment of music/ literary work in this first ever celebration of music makers in Bikol’s celebration of National Arts Month, Tagbo 2018.

The proud Nagueños of 4k Barrel fired the first salvo with their hit songs “Pungaw ako Saimo” and “Proud Ako (Magin Nagueño),” plus a new rendition of Prado’s tribute to the river “Salog Naga.”

Finalists in the 2017 Bicol Music Festival Reloaded of radio station BBS also performed their pieces. Ivy Temporal belted out the first prize winner “Kugos,” with lyrics by Imelda Nardo and music by James Reburiano. Balatan rap artist John Benedict ‘Trykz’ Mangente sang “Paralawod” reggae style about the life of fisherfolk in his hometown, and rapped “Dayaday sa Puso,”a tribute to fallen military and police.

Moi Fernandez sang a drinkers’ bawdy song, “Ulod,” in a paradoxically operatic manner, inviting laughter from the audience.

Up-and-coming singer-composer Ajan Dolorical sang his Rinconada song “Kin Ako Migraan” and the all-instrumental rock piece “Capricorn” along with Harvey Jake Pacis on bass guitar and Stib Briones as percussionist of their band, The Chopping Board.

Joey Santiago did a far throwback to two Bikol angsty kundiman, one of them “Mga Bangging Bulanon,” now unfamiliar to the present generation. Santiago accompanied his songs on the guitar, with the added flair of Fernandez’s violin accompaniment.

Movie and drama scorer Jireh Pasano of Albay performed his musical rendition of poems by National Book Awards winner Victor Dennis Nierva, “Antisipasyon” and “May mga Pugot na Payo sa Luwas kan Bintana,” as well as Pasano’s own composition, “Mayô.” Jennelyn Bujo and Ken Romero accompanied by Khryss Arañas on the guitar rendered two more songs by Pasano from the river advocacy play “Mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog,” the lovers’ serenade and “Kita an mga Aninipot,” lyrics by Sari Saysay.

Noyz Dotillos did a one-man act in singing the rhythmic “Kaidto asin Ngonyan” comparing the ways of the new to the past generation, and his love song “Hinahanap Ko.”

An original Spoken Word feature, well applauded by the audience, was performed by Melissa Basmayor, “Kun gusto mo maging maogma” which ended in a timely homage to cultural workers.

Other numbers were the slow rock pieces of Zultanite, “Pangako” composed by Tel Santiano, and “Minsan” by the group’s lead guitarist James Allen Sandagon. The other members of the rock band, which came all the way from Libmanan for the event, are Frederick San Andres, vocalist; Sonny Prado, rhythm guitarist; Hans David Sandagon, bass guitarist; Rymer Jann Meralpis, keyboardist; and Arnulfo Samonte Jr., drummer.

To cap the event, Wowie Nabua sang an acoustic version of the classic “Boses ni Lolo” by Henry Turalde accompanied by Jojo Peconcillo on the guitar, and “Bawal na Pagkamoot.” The band Siglo ni Abiel with Abiel Candelaria as vocalist, Jayson San Vicente as guitarist, Nora Navarette as drummer, and Loi Prado as bassist sang rock songs “Sako Saimo Mapuon” and “Aram na.”

Common themes of the songs are love, including love of mother, social critique, the ecology, and pride in being Bikolnon. Allusions to folk songs Si Nanay si Tatay and Sarong Banggi were notable in some of the lyrics.

Tanog Bikol: Musika asin Literatura is part of the continuing effort of local music workers to arrive at a distinctive “Bikol Sound” via an increase in the production and preservation of original Bikol music. The concert was held at the Burabod Grill on Dayangdang Street in Naga City and was supported by the visual artists of Art Market 4400 who sold their wares at the venue. – Doods M. Santos, with Muloi Prado


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

More than a thousand ruminants in Albay still in animal evacuation pooling sites

CAMALIG, ALBAY---There are 1350 cows, carabaos, horses, goats and sheep from 13 barangays in Guinobatan, Daraga and Camalig that are still being raised in 12 animal evacuation pool sites or feeding camps as of today.

According to the report of Albay Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Florencio Adonay and head of the Mayon Evacuation of Animal Team (MEAT), the ruminants were from the 432 affected livestock raisers from barangays Salugan, Anoling, Cabangan, and Tumpa, Bañadero,Budiao, Matnog, Salvacion, Mi-isi, Muladbucad Pequeño, Doña Tomasa, Muladbucad Grande, and Masarawag when Mayon Volcano erupted this year. Hence, the animals were evacuated in the identified pooling sites.

At present, there are no evacuated animals from the first district yet as ash fall are only experienced in the second and third districts of Albay.

The identified pooling sites are located in low-lying areas of the affected barangays outside the declared 8-9 km danger zone.

The MEAT also fed more than 1300 cats and dogs in barangays Masarawag, Muladbucad Grande, Muladbucad Pequeno, Maninila and Dona Tomasa in Guinobatan, Albay. The feeding of these animals was supported by International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Humane Society Internationale (HSI) and Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

The team also established strategic feeding camps and provided laminated sacks to protect the feeder, water and feeds in case of ash fall; ruminant feeding concentrates; PVC drums as feeder/water containers; and 10-meter-nylon ropes. It also conducted animal tagging and veterinary mission service which include check-up, treatments, vitamin supplementations, and other healthcare activities.

The Department of Agriculture in Bicol already donated molasses, ropes, Combinex, feeds, copra meat, and salt as food supplement to the livestock animals and relief goods to the livestock raiser/farmer. Animal healthcare interventions and monitoring to prevent outbreak of volcanic ash-related diseases and disorders on livestock are conducted at the evacuation centers. Personnel were deployed to continue the update on-site validation for the identified pooling sites of livestock. DA-Bicol provided transport vehicles for the evacuation of animals. (jaysonmgonzales)


ISIPON OSIPON | An simbolo kan puso

Sarong misterio kun tano an simbulo kan puso iba man sa itsura kan totoong puso.

Alagad may nagkapirang teorya kun tano siring kaini an kinatudan.

Sabi sa mga pag-adal, kan 1400 ginamit na an simbulo kan puso sa mga baraha duman sa Europa.

Pero bago pa kaini, sinasabi na an simbolo hale sa lugar kan Cyrene sa Africa.

Duman, ginagamit an sarong masitas na pig-aapod na silphium, na ginamit bilang contraceptive.

An tulang o pisog asin an prutas kan silphium pareho an itsura kan simbolo kan puso, kaya pigsasabi na ini an pig gikanan kan Valentine heart.

Mientrastanto, may mga nagsasabi man na an simbolo kan puso sarong salang pagkurit kan mga enot pang artist kan tunay na puso.

Ngonian, popular nang maray an simbolo kan puso asin maheheling sa mga decorasyon, greeting card, dulce, asin manlaen laen pang lugar.

17 anyos, sinaksak kan tiyoon nin huli sa bulang

Viga, Catanduanes - Amay na natapos an buhay kan sarung 17 anyos na solterito sa catanduanes matapos na pagsasaksakon ini kan saiya man sanang sadiring tiyuon dahil sa iwal sa kwarta na resulta kan burulang.

Sa report kan Viga Municipal Police Station, binisto an biktima na si John Michael Bernisca y Timbal, mantang an suspek iyo si Arturo Timbal y Dela Torre, 25 anyos, parehong mga parahagot (Abaca Strippers) asin residente kan Brgy. P. Vera (Summit), kan nasabing banwaan.

Nangyari an insidente bandang alas 4:30 kasuhapon, Pebrero 13, 2018 sa harong kan ina kan suspek na si  Salve Bernisca y Timbal.

Segun digdi, nagduduyan duyan suboot siya kan uminabot si Arturo na dagit asin hinahanap an biktima.

Kan haputon kun ngata kaini hinahana, nagsimbag ini na sasaksakon.

Taod taod, uminabot man nanggad an biktima asin duman na nangyari an krimen.

Segun kay Nanay Salve, haloy ng pirming pig iiwalan kan duwa an pagiging adik ni Arturo sa sugal na bulang na dahilan para dae na ini makasuporta sa pamilya.

Matapos an insidente, duminulag an suspek sa dae maaramang direksyon, alagad, dae naghaloy, suminuko man liwat ini sa kapitan kan barangay na si Jaide Bernisca.

Tulos man ining itinao sa ipig turn over sa PNP Viga para sa maninigong disposisyon.

Legazpi model city for DOLE employment program

By Emmanuel Solis

LEGAZPI CITY -- Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre “Bebot” Bello III has commended Legazpi as a model city in the implementation of the JobStart program.

Bello issued the statement as he witnessed the signing of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the city government and business establishments for the program's continuation benefiting a second batch of young Legazpi residents recently.

With Bello were Legazpi City Mayor Noel E. Rosal, Governor Al Francis Bichara, Albay 3rd District Rep. Fernando Gonzales and Albay 2nd District Rep. Joey Salceda, AKO BICOL Partylist Rep. Alfredo Garbin and other DOLE officials.

DOLE-Bicol Regional Director Exequiel Sarcanga together with Ara Rivera, representative of Casablanca Hotel; Jeniel Perez of Mang Inasal; Francia Galapate of Sunwest Corporation; Santi San Pablo of Sutherland and Elizabeth Tan of Tanvera Corporation signed the MOA at the DOLE regional office.

Rosal, for his part, said the JobStart start program is one way of enhancing the knowledge and skills of the jobseekers in the provincial areas in order for them to get decent jobs. It will also eventually help in decongesting Metro Manila, he added.

Legazpi City Public Employment Services Office (PESO) Manager Diosdado Raneses said there were 207 beneficiaries of the program when they first implemented it, mostly out-of-school youth and college students who were already hired as employees by different business establishments in this city.

He said that these beneficiaries underwent seminars and interactive life skills and technical vocational trainings.

Raneses said that his office is now starting to recruit possible beneficiaries for the second batch, where at least 200 slots are available. The orientation will start in May, he added.

He noted that JobStart is one of the programs of the DOLE that aims to give young Filipinos, especially the poor and out-of-school-youth, an opportunity for employment to uplift their daily living condition.

The JobStart is an employment facilitation initiative of the DOLE with funding support from the Canadian Government and technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank to help young Filipinos start their careers and get better employment opportunities.

The program aims to enhance the knowledge and skills acquired by the job seekers in formal education or technical training in order for them to become more responsive to the demands of the labor market. (PNA)

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