Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ebakwasyon sa 16 na baranggay, ipigsugo na re: Mayon phreatic explosion

Retrato: Albay Liga ng mga Barangay President JP Lee
Legazpi City - Nagpaluwas na nin kasuguan an Albay PDRRMC ngonyan na banggi nin evacuation sa mga residentes kan 16 mga baranggay na yaon sa 6kms permanent danger zone asin mga pagtaraid na naapektaran kan Phreatic eruption kan bulkang Mayon kasubagong alas 5:00 nin hapon.

Sa intrivista kay Dr. Cedric Daep, Chief kan Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office o APSEMO, an mga baranggay iyo an mga minasunod.

Daraga - Miisi, Banadero, Matnog

Camalig - Anoling, Quirangay, Tumpa, Sua, Tinubran

Guinobatan - Tandarora and Maninila

Ligao City - Baligang and Amtic

Tabaco City - Magapo and Buang

Malilipot - Canaway and Calbayog

Nag aviso si Daep sa mga residentes na gumamit nin telang dumog kaysa sa face mask huli ta mas epektibong proteksyon ini laban sa alpog asin parong kan abo kan bulkan.

Dahil man sa uuran sa ibang lugar, nagpatanid man si Daep na pwedesir na makapagaba nin bubong an mga nadumog na abo pag natipon kun kaya dapat na alertado an mga residentes.

Sa presente, sibot na gabos na LDRRMC sa mga nabanggit na Munisipyo asin Siyudad ngani na magtarabang sa evacuation.

Miyentrastanto, nadipisilan an Philvolcs Albay sa pagmonitor kan nasabing Phreatic Explosion huli sa kapal nin panganuron kasubagong hapon dara kan uuran sa probinsiya.

Maidagdag pa an pagkawara kan monitoring equipments kan Philvolcs matapos habunon kan naka aging mga aldaw.

Kasubagong aga, namati na suboot kan mga residentes sa pamitisan kan bulkan an garu nagdadaguldol na tanog sa irarom kan daga. (Vince Villar)

DEVELOPING STORY | Mayon spews ash

Photo via Cong. Joey Salceda

LEGAZPI CITY--The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) recorded a phreatic or steam-driven eruption of the Mayon Volcano at around 4:06 p.m. today.

This was confirmed by Usec. Renato Solidum, who said the 2.5-3 km-eruption column is bent towards the southwest by strong winds.

Affected families are now being evacuated at the boundaries of Cabangan and Anoling, Camalig.

MDRRMO Camalig has also started giving out face masks due to the incident.

The MDRRMO is presently alerting the residents of the affected areas.

UPDATE: Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara has ordered residents and the public to refrain from engaging in any human activity within the three to six kilometer permanent danger zone.

UDDATE: The PDRRMC has ordered evacuation in 16 barangays around Mayon, according to . These incude:

Daraga - Miisi, Banadero, Matnog
Camalig - Anoling, Quirangay, Tumpa, Suha, Tinubran
Guinobatan - Tandarora and Maninila
Ligao City - Baligang and Amtic
Tabaco City - Magapo and Buang
Malilipot - Canaway and Calbayog

UPDATE: Due to the active abnormality of Mayon Volcano accompanied by a Phreatic Eruption around 5:00 pm this afternoon and for public safety and for health reasons due to expected heavy ashfall, the PDRRMC orders the following, according to Gov. Al Francis Bichara:

1. Evacuation of residents inside and within the periphery of the 6 kms. PDZ in barangay Anoling, Quirangay, Sua, Tumpa, Tinubran Camalig; Tandarora, Maninila Guinobatan; Miisi Budiao, Matnog, Daraga; Calbayog and Canaway, Malilipot; Buang Buhian and Magapo, Tabaco; Baligang, Amtic Ligao

2. Strictly no farming and orchid picking inside the 6 kms. PDZ in barangay Anoling, Quirangay, Sua, Tumpa, Tinubran Camalig; Tandarora, maninila Guinobatan; Miisi Budiao, Matnog, Daraga; Calbayog and Canaway, Malilipot; Buang Buhian and Magapo, Tabaco; Baligang, Amtic Ligao.

3.Residents within the slope of the volcano experiencing heavy ashfall should take precautionary measure against possible roof collapsed due to accumulated heavy ash and rain.

4. C/MDRRMCs are advised to implement this advisory in their areas of jurisdiction.
(With reports from Vince Villar)

DOH to Bicolanos: Beware of flood-borne diseases

With the recent onslaught of heavy rains triggering floods in parts of Bicol region, the Department of Health is urging the public to be cautious of ricochet effect of floodwaters on health, through the spread of water-borne diseases.

According to DOH Bicol OIC director Dr. Napoleon L. Arevalo, heavy rains and typhoons can pose health risks to the public especially to vulnerable groups including children and the elderly.

“We should always be vigilant and ready for this increases the risk of communicable diseases and other hazards. Water-borne diseases to look out for include typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis, and hepatitis. Dengue and influenza will also be prevalent these days,” Arevalo said.

Arevalo noted the need for enough rest, exercise, and healthy diet to boost the body’s resistance.

He also urged the public to practice proper waste disposal to prevent water-borne diseases resulting from water contamination and to ensure safe sources of water and food.

“The public should always be in tuned with weather forecasts and follow evacuation advice from their barangay. Always have an emergency kit ready,” Arevalo added.

An emergency kit should be a watertight box or container with canned goods, crackers, bottled water, and other ready-to-eat, non-perishable food items. A flashlight with extra batteries, transmitter radio with battery, mobile phone, blanket, and clothing should also be included.

Furthermore, Arevalo reiterated for the public to be cautious, proactive and ready should the hazards of heavy rains and WILD diseases affect their family and locality.

“Remember, when symptoms manifest we should take the patient to the nearest health center or hospital for proper medical interventions. Do not self-medicate,” he said.

Here are other tips from the DOH to prevent health hazards and WILD diseases or Water-borne infectious diseases, Influenza or flu, Leptospirosis, and Dengue.

Employ rain gear such as umbrellas and raincoats to avoid exposure to rain and cold weather. Keep yourself dry and warm.

Avoid crowded and poorly ventilated areas.

Avoid close contact with people who appear unwell and who have fever and cough.

Drink only safe water. Boil water for 2 minutes if in doubt.

Refrain from eating food bought from sidewalk vendors to prevent food borne diseases. Food should be well-cooked. Leftovers should be covered and kept away from household pests.

Drain stagnant water from open containers such as drums and old tires, which are the breeding places of mosquitoes. Ensure that drains and gutters and sewage lines are not clogged.

Do not wade or swim in floodwaters to prevent leptospirosis.

At all times, observe good personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. This include thorough washing of hands with soap and water especially before eating or touching the eyes and nose with the hands.

Consult a doctor at once if you, or any household member, have any sign or symptom of infection. This will help prevent the spread of infection in the evacuation area.

Put safety first. Stay away from hanging wires and unstable structures.

Tune into the radio or TV, or log on to the Internet, for regular updates on the weather.

Have an emergency kit ready.

Watch out for falling debris (roof tiles, signs, GI sheets, tree branches, etc.)

When inside the house or building, do not stay near the windows and watch out for broken glass.

Unplug all electrical appliances.

Evacuate to a higher ground. Do not get close to the riverbank or seashore.

Secure children on a higher ground or on a flotation device.

Wear a protective head gear or helmet while evacuating.

Watch out for open manholes or side ditches. Use a stick to check the safety around your feet when walking on flooded areas.

Call for help. (SAA/DOH5/PIA5)


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Naga City college student, outsider arrested inside campus

NAGA CITY 1/11/18 (Bicol Standard)--Barely two months before graduating with a degree in Financial Accounting, a 4th year student was arrested earlier today for possession of marijuana.

The student, identified as Jaypee Ballesteros, a resident of Villa Corazon Subd., Naga City, was allegedly caught by a security guard along with a companion, Herwin Dignadice, at the 4th floor of DHS Building, University of Nueva Caceres at around 4 p.m. today.

Investigators said Dignadice, an outsider, had been spotted thrice in the CCTV, pretending to be a guardian of a preschooler.

The two were allegedly engaged in a pot session when they were caught.

The suspects will be facing a charge for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. (With report from Boyet Paderes)


Brgy Kgd sa Naga City, dakop sa buy bust; P300,000 na shabu nakua

NAGA CITY 1/11/18 (Bicol Standard) – Yaon na ngonian sa laog kan carcel an sarong barangay kagawad, 1 empleado kan ciudad asin 4 na iba pa, na tinuklo kan mga pulis sa buy bust operasyon kasuodmang odto sa Barangay Dimasalang digdi.

Segun sa report kan mga awtoridad nadakop na nasa akto na nag gagamit nin illegal na druga iyo sinda Romeo Calanada y Carser, 50 anyos, incumbent na Barangay Kagawad kan Bagumbayan Norte sa ciudad na ini; Roger Daliva y Lara, 40 anyos, nagtatrabaho bilang parabuno nin orig asin empleado Lokal na gobierno; Randy Palibino y Palacay, 37anyos, para tinda nin prutas; Norman Mendones y Ponte, 39 anyos, para habal-habal; Ronald Palabino y Palacay 39 anyos, kristo sa bulangan asin taga sitio San Rafael, Cararayan; Celso Cepriaso y Calisura, mayo nin trabaho, taga Sta. Cruz; Pedro Ponte y Loreriaga, driver nin padyak; asin Alvin Ferrer y Pesaro, bugaw, na nasa Tabuc Lodge Hotel, Tabuco, digdi.

Nakua sa sainda an carculadong 50 gramos nin pigtutubodan na shabu.

Sabi kan pulis kun ipapabakal nin tingi an illegal na droga pwedeng magkantidad gabos na P300,000.00.

Pig cocompleto pa kan mga awtoridad an saindang imbestigasyon mantang sinusurat an baretang ini.

Idinagdag sa report na haloy nang nasa listahan kan pulis an personang nasambit.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Naga City to relocate informal waste sector members

NAGA CITY 10/01/18 (Bicol Standard)--More than 200 families belonging to the informal waste sector in Balatas, Naga City will be relocated to a new housing project in Barangay San Isidro.

This was revealed by Mayor John Bongat in a Facebook post earlier this week.

The families, the local chief executive said, will be displaced due to the closure of the existing Balatas dumpsite.

Bongat added that on Tuesday, he showed the construction of the City Employees' Housing Project in Barangay Del Rosario to 
Dr. Joseph Bichara of the Maronite Order of Australia.

He said the Maronites will be partnering with the city government for the development of the housing project for the Balatas residents.

It would be recalled that in May 2017, Bongat ordered the closure of the Balatas dumpsite following the contractor's receipt of the Notice to Proceed with the closure in April 2017.

Bongat earlier said that the residents who would be displaced would be given livelihood opportunities.

This was after a group of residents objected to the relocation because their livelihood depended on collecting and selling recyclables from the dumpsite.


Alkalde sa Sorsogon, nagtao nin mga military asin police uniforms sa NPA -- PNP

Sorsogon City – Kinumpirma ni Police Senior Supt. Marlon Tejada, Provincial Director kan Sorsogon Police Provincial Office, na totoong igwa nin incumbent na alkalde na nagtao nin mga Military asin Police uniforms sa mga rebeldeng New People’s Army bilang suporta sa mga ini.

Sa intrivista kan Bicol Standard kay Tejada, sinabi kaining nakumpirma ninda ini base sa mga nakukuang impormasyon kan saindang Intel.

Namumundo suboot siya sa pangyayaring ini dahil ta  posibleng makapagpababa nin morale sa saindang mga pulis na maaraman na may tawong gobyerno na nagsusuporta pa sa mga kalaban.

An pagtao kaya suboot nin mga bagay lalo pa kun uniporme kan tropa kan gobyerno, nangangahulugan na “by heart” an pagsuporta kan local na opisyal na ini.

Saru suboot ining acto nin pagtraydor huli ta dapat yaon sa gobyerno kan Pilipinas an loyalty kaini alagad mas piniling itao sa kalaban na deneklara ng terorista.

Sa presente, nagtitipon na suboot nin maninigong ebidensiya asin naghahanap nin testigo an PNP ngani na masangatan nin kaso kun kinakaipuhan an nasabing opisyal.

Kun babalikan, saru an nagadan na pulis sa Gubat, Sorsogon, kan sakyadahon ini kan mga naka unipormeng pang suldados mantang nagbabantay sa outpost.

Segun kay Tejada, Nag alangan suboot an mga pulis na magpaputok huli sa paghuna na katropa ninda an mga nagsakyada.

Dahil kaini kun kaya nagpatanid an opisyal lalo na sa army na mag ingat huli ta dahil may uniporme man kan Pulis an mga NPA, posibleng gibuhon man ninda ining decoy laban sa mga suldados.

Apwera sa nasabing opisyal, nagkapira pa suboot na elected officials kan probinsiya an saindang tinututukan kaiba na an nagkapira suboot na miyembro kan media.

FOLLOWING FLOOD | Legazpi to purchase dredging equipment

LEGAZPI CITY -- The city government here will purchase heavy equipment to be used for the desilting and year-round maintenance of all the river channels, including those in interior villages. 

Mayor Noel E. Rosal, in a phone interview Tuesday, said the maintenance of the rivers would be included in the city administration’s solid waste management program.

He said the rivers must be prevented from clogging due to the improper waste disposal by households, causing flooding, particularly during typhoon and rainy seasons.

The city chief executive revealed that he would ask the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and the Liga ng mga Barangay to remind eco-waste managers, including garbage collectors and scavengers, regarding the proper implementation of the city’s "no segregation, no collection" policy.

"Disposing waste materials is everybody’s responsibility. We need the cooperation of every household in the barangay. We need the cooperation of the business sector. We need the cooperation of schools and other stakeholders for the implementation of the city’s waste disposal program in order to maintain the cleanliness of our surroundings and also to prevent the contamination and clogging of our rivers," Rosal pointed out.

He said he would urge the CENRO to conduct regular monitoring in different villages to prevent the disposal of waste materials. 

The CENRO should also conduct an orientation seminar for all the business establishments operating in Legazpi as part of their compliance with City Ordinance ‎0010-2008, which requires business operators to undergo Ecological Solid Waste Management Program symposiums, according to Rosal.

He said the certificate of attendance in these seminars would be used to acquire barangay clearance as part of the requirements for renewing business permits.

Any small business owner who violates this ordinance will have to pay a penalty of PHP300 for the first offense; PHP500 for second offense; and PHP1,000 for the third offense.

On the other hand, commercial and industrial-scale business owners who violate this ordinance have to pay a fine of PHP1,000 for the first offense; PHP2,000 for the second offense; and PHP3,000 for the third offense. 

Rosal said he would request the City Council to adopt a resolution or enact an ordinance for higher penalties for all the violators of the city’s waste disposal ordinances, including illegal settlers who will construct any form of infrastructure near the rivers. (By Emmanuel Solis, PNA)


Eroplano, suminadsad sa pigcoconstruir na Alobo Aiport sa Daraga, Albay

Retrato hale sa Facebook account ni Cong. Joey Salceda

Daraga, Albay - Nadanyaran an eroplano kan Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas o BSP alagad ligtas man an Apat na lunad kaini matapos mag landing sa ginigibong Alobo International Airport, sa Daraga, Albay.

Sa intrivista kan Bicol Standard kan Police Supt Elcid Roldan, Hepe kan Daraga Municipal Police, sinabi kaini na alas 11:30 kasubagong aga kan suboot mag emergency landing an eroplano alagad huli sa matinding paros, buminalagbag ini sa runway sagkod na makapasiring sa maduging porsyon kan gilid kaini asin saka na suminadsad.

Ligtas man suboot an apat na lunad kaini asin nakauli naman sa dadagusan ninda sa Albay.

Napag araman na hali nin Pasay City an eroplano asin pasiring kuta sa Legazpi City kan mangyari an aksidente.

Miyentrastanto, sa follow up kan BS, sa dae na nagpabistong opisyal sa Albay, pilot error an dahilan kan insidente.

Segun digdi, nagkamali nin desisyon an piloto na maghugpa sa Alobo airport sa paghuna na iyo na ini an Legazpi City Airport.

Kun nagsunod suboot sa flight plan an piloto asin maray an koordinasyon sa control tower, dae ini mangyayari.

Inihayag man kan source kan BS na bako lang ini an enot na pangyayari na napagkamalan an Alobo na iyo na an Legazpi Airport.

Ini por dahil sa harani sanang distansiya kan duwang runway. 

Padagos pang nag iimbestiga an CAAP Legazpi ngani maaraman kun ano talaga an totoong nangyari.
(Vince Villar)

12 na mga armado, pwersahan na hinabasan an sarung retired teacher sa Masbate

Balud, Masbate - Warang naginibo an sarung 75 anyos na retiradong maestra sa banwaan na ini kan laugon asin pwersahan na habasan kan doseng mga kalalakihan na armado nin haralangkaw na kalibre nin armas kan Lunes na banggi.

Sa report hale sa Balud Municipal Police Station, nangyari an insidente Brgy. Calumpang, kan nasabing banwaan, kung saen binisto an biktima na si Rosalinda Tumangan Y Asucena, 75 anyos, sarong balo.

Segun sa imbestigasyon, nagpapamanggi sa laog kan saiyang residensiya an biktima kaiba an saiyang aki asin tulong makuapo kan biglang luminaog an 4 na mga aramdong lalaki na nakasulog nin camo green na pang itaas asin naghapot kun haen an sarung nagngangaran na Vicvic Layon.

Mantang yaon sa laog an apat, walo pang armado na nagsirbing lookouts an nahiling kan biktima na nakapalibot sa harong niya.

Kan dae makua an hanap, nagharali tulos an mga suspek alagad tinabag kan mga ini an duwang Cellphones, sarung tablet asin kantidad P15,000 na kwarta.

Dae pa nakuntento, antes humarale, sabay sabay pa na nagpaputok kan saindang mga bitbit na armas an mga suspek.

Pagkatapos saka na Duminulag an mga ini pasiring sa poblacion lunad nin duwnag Bajaj 100, sarung XRM asin saru pang RUSI motorcycles.

Nakua sa pinangyarihan kan krimen an mga basyo kan bala gikan sa caliber 7.620 mm, M1 Garand, 7.62 MM carbine, 5.56 M16, caliber 9MM asin caliber 45. 

Sa ngonyan padagos pa an imbestigasyon kan pulisya ngani na mabisto an mga suspek asin maarestar an mga ini. (Vince Villar)

Lalaking nanghabas nin motorsiklo, nakumpiskahan nin droga sa Catanduanes

Virac, Catanduanes – Duwang magagabat na kaso an kakahampangon kan sarung construction worker sa Catanduanes matapos na madakop ining naghahabas nin motorsiklo asin kan ikukulong na, nakumpiskaran pa nin iligal na droga.

Sa intrivista kan Bicol Standard kay SPO2 Reymund Vidal kan Virac Municipal Police, nabisto an suspek na si Jhe Bernaser Rodriguez, 25 anyos, soltero, construction worker, residente kan Brgy Binanwahan, Bato, Catanduanes.

Segun kay SPO2 Vidal, alas 12:30 nin mag agahon kan Martes, Enero 9, 2018, kan madakop si Rodriguez mantang pigtutulak kaini an hinabas na Euro 110 na motorsiklo sa prosyon kan Brgy. Kapilihan, Virac.

Nadakop ini matapos magresponde an mga pulis sa osep kan maysadiri kan motorsiklo na si Alvin Benavidez.

Segun sa biktima, nag iinuman sinda kan magbabarkada sa sarung beer house sa Brgy Sta Cruz, Virac, kan biglang mawara an nasabing motorsiklo.

Tulos na dinara sa presinto an suspek, alagad kan ikukulong na ini asin pinahali kan mga pulis an anuman na gamit na yaon sa saiyang bulsa, duman na nahulog an sarung sadit na plastic sachet na naglalaman nin white crystalline substance.

Kan ipa-beripika sa Provincial Crime Laboratory, napag araman na positibong shabu ian nakua kay Rodriguez.

Sa ngonyan nakatalaan ng isa irarom sa inquest proceeding an suspek kung saen, kasong carnapping asin pagbalga sa R.A 9165 o Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act an kakahampangon kaini. (Vince Villar)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

JOBS IN BICOL | DOST 5 needs site engineer

LEGAZPI CITY 1/9/18 (Bicol Standard)--The Department of Science and Technology Regional Office 5 is currently in need of a qualified applicant to fill the vacant position of Site Engineer (Project-based) for the project "Field Testing of the Integrated Gold-Copper Mineral Processing Pilot Plant in Bicol."

The Site Engineer will be directly reporting to the Project Coordinator and will be in charge of the supervision of the daily construction activities. He or she will ensure that technical elements specified in the plans are carried out properly. He/she will also check work quality.

The other responsibilities of the Site Engineer are the following:

Preparing daily, weekly, monhtly, and quarterly accomplishment reports; checking and validation of contractor's request such as concrete pouring requests, variation orders and preparation of estimated bill of materials; validating of material delivery and inventory output; initiating meeting with contractor and other concerned parties as needed; monitoring of timeline of activities; monitoring the safety and security within the project site and documentation of daily site activities.

The minimum requirements for the site engineer are the following:

Single, 25-35 years old, licensed civil engineer, with at least 1 year construction experience, knowledgeable in quantity surveying (Bill of Materials/Cost Estimates), proficient in MS Office, knowledge in CAD is a plus, willing to relocate in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte, and can work with minimum supervision.

Interested applicants may submit the requirements enumerated below, personally or via e-mail on or before 24 January 2018. only those with complete requirements will be entertained.

Required are the following: Letter of Application, resume with latest 2x2 ID picture, certified copy of diploma, transcript of records and PRC license, certificate of trainings/seminars, and awards, if any, and certificate of employment.

Please send your letter of application with complete documentation to Mr. Tomas B. Brinas, CESO III, Department of Science and Technology 5, Rawis, Legazpi City, e-mail address


Lalaking wanted sa droga, illegal possession of firearms, arestado sa Albay

DARAGA, Albay - Rata sa kamot kan pulisya an sarung lalaki sa Daraga, Albay huli sa mga kasong kinakahampang kaini may relasyon sa droga asin illegal possession of firearms kan Lunes nin hapon.

Sa report kan Daraga PNP, binisto an akusado na si Ian Ted De Leon y Amistad, 43 anyos, may agom, residente kan Purok 9, Brgy Tagas, kan nasabing banwaan.

Alas 4:50 nin Lunes na hapon kan madakop ini kan arresting team sa pangenot ni PSI Kenny L Tantiado sa bias kan mandamiento de aresto na pinaluwas ni Hon. Hon. Frank E. Lobrigo, acting presiding judge kan RTC branch 5, Legazpi City, na may petsang December 11, 2017, para sa pagbayular kan Sec. 11, RA 9165 o comprehensive dangerous drugs act of 2002 asin RA 10591 o comprehensive firearms and ammunition regulation act.

Kantidad 200 mil de pesos an inerekomendang piyansa kan korte sa kada sarung kasong kinakahampang kan akusado para sa temporaryamente kaining libertad. (Vince Villar)

Catanduanes sending more delegates to Palarong Bicol 2018

LEGAZPI CITY -- The provincial government of Catanduanes, now in the thick of preparations for Palarong Bicol to be held in Naga City this January, is sending more delegates this year in a bid to improve its standing.

In an interview Monday, Catanduanes Schools Division Superintendent Socorro Dela Rosa said the Provincial School Board (PSB) approved last week a PHP13-million Special Education Fund (SEF) for 2018 prioritizing sports development, and part of this will be allocated for the Palaro.

She said since the province’s ranking in the Palarong Bicol had not improved because they had limited their number of delegates, they decided to send more this year.

"We will send athletes to other events other than those events that we have participated in last year," Dela Rosa said.

According to her, Catanduanes will send 204 coaches and 424 athletes to participate in 23 events in elementary (boys and girls) level; 33 events in secondary (boys and girls); and 6 events in Paralympics (boys and girls).

She also assured that the division will not only rely on the SEF as the Department of Education (DepEd) will also download funds for construction and repair of school buildings, educational research, and procurement of reference materials and books.

All programs, projects and activities approved by the PSB are based on the revised guidelines on the utilization of SEF to ensure efficient use of resources.

Included also under the Sports Development program to be funded by the SEF are the sports equipment, training for the whole year, the PalarongPanlalawigan incentive for qualifiers in the Palarong Pambansa and maintenance of athletic complex and swimming pool. (Connie Calipay, PNA)


Welder, nakuryente huli sa sulog na 'buri' sa Tabaco City

Tabaco City – Swerteng nabuhay pa an sarung welder sa siyudad na ini matapos makuryente dahil sa sulog kaining kalo na “Buri” o gibo sa karagumoy mantang nagtatrabaho kasubagong alas 9:00 nin aga.

Sa intrivista kay Supt. Jefferson Araojo, Hepe kan Tabaco City Police Station, binisto an biktima na si Roman Boral, 49 anyos, residente kan Brgy Hacienda, Isla San Miguel, kan kaparehong Siyudad. 

Segun kay Supt Araojo, nagwewelding suboot an biktima sa 2nd floor kan pinapagibong harong sa Brgy. Tayhi, kan biglang magduot sa live wire an medyo dumog pang kalo kaini kun kaya tulos na nagtarakig ini.

Marikas man ining naidalagan sa hospital kan mga nagrespondeng katrabaho kun kaya natawan tulos nin maninigong medical na atensyon.

Segun sa doctor na nagbulong sa biktima, swerteng dumineretso paluwas sa mga bitis kaini an kuryente kun kaya dae ini napuruhan. Kun dae suboot nakaluwas, siyertong puso an tatamaan sa biktima na pwedesir kaining ikagadan. (Vince Villar)

Sorsogon nurse arrested for cyberlibel

SORSOGON CITY--A 49-year-old nurse was arrested for libel under the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 Monday afternoon.

Cynthia Lagco Galido, of Sitio Mahingan, Barangay Balogo, Sorsogon City was nabbed by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued by Rofebar F. Gerona, Presiding Judge of Regional Trial Court Branch 53.

The bail recommended for her temporary liberty was P16,000.


DepEd issues Senior High School (SHS) Voucher Program Application reminder

All Grade 10 completers in SY 2017-2018 that are enrolled in DepEd-recognized private schools and are not Educational Service Contracting (ESC) grantees are eligible to apply for the SHS Voucher Program, the Department of Education announced.

This is in connection with the Senior High School (SHS) Voucher Program Application.

Application may be accomplished manually until January 31, 2018, and online (through the Online Voucher Application Portal (OVAP) at until February 28, 2018.


65 anyos na balong babayi, posibleng inatake sa puso, gadan mantang nakikipagdurog sa Legazpi City

LEGAZPI CITY -- Nagsususpetsa an pulisya kan Legazpi City, Albay na an pakikipag durog (sexual intercourse) sa dae namidbid na boypren an dahilan kun kaya nagadan an sarung 65 anyos na balong babayi sa Brgy 28, Victory Village, kan syudad na ini.

Alas 9:30 nin aga, kan Lunes, Enero 8, 2018 kan makuang gadan sa laog kan pigrerentahan niyang harong an biktimang si Rosa (bakong tunay na pangaran), balo, daeng aki, residente kan nasabing baranggay.

Nadiskubre ini kan bisitahon kan saiyang pamangkin.

Segun kay Police Supt, Nilo Berdin, Hepe kan Legazpi City Police Station, dae ng pang ibaba na sulot asin nakataas an bado kan mahiling an biktima sa higdaan kaini na igwa pang kulambo, alagad, wara sindang nahiling na ano pa man na senyales na ini an pig pwersa.

Sa pagtubod ni Berdin, igwa nin boypren an biktima asin kan nasa katahawan nin pagdurog an mga ini, inatake sa puso an babayi alagad binayaan basang kan lalaki.

Sinikap kumbinsiron ni Berdin an mga paryentes kan biktima na ipa otopsiya an bangkay ngani maaraman kun talagang may foulplay, alagad nagsayuma na an mga ini.


Tomboy na supplier nin shabu sa Sorsogon, arestado sa buy bust sa Legazpi City

LEGAZPI CITY - Arestado sa sarung buy bust operation kan pinagsarung elementos kan PDEA-Bicol asin PNP Sorsogon an babaying taga Legazpi City, Albay na pigtutubudan na iyo an nagsusuplay nin droga sa Sorsogon City, Sorsogon.

Sa entrevista kay PDEA Regional Director Christian Frivaldo, na iyo an nag supervise kan Operasyon, sinabi kaini na naghagad nin tabang an PNP kan Sorsogon City ta napag aramang sarung pusher hali sa Albay an nagbabariwas nin droga sa saindang lugar.

Sa paagi kan tarabangan kan PDEA ROV, Team Albay, sa pangenot ni Agent Enrique Lucero, PNP RID5, Sorsogon City asin Legazpi City Police Station, ikinasa kasubangging alas 8:30 an buybust operation sa Brgy. Puro, Legazpi City na nagresulta sa pagkaka arestar kay Emily Bolawan y Quiano, alyas "Tomboy," residente kan P2 Brgy Sabang Legazpi City.

Kaiba kaini sa naarestar si Chimbers Andes y Abejoro, residente kan Brgy. Ezperanza, Pilar Sorsogon.

Nakua sa mga suspek an 10 gramo nin suspected shabu na may pigkakarkulong street value na P65,000.

Napag araman gikan kay Director Frivaldo, na bago pa sana sa pagpabakal nin droga si alyas tomboy asin wara pa ini sa watchlist kan PDEA.

Mientrastanto, naogma si Frivaldo sa kaenot enoting coordinated operation na ini kan PDEA asin PNP sa Bicol huli ta nahiling na mas kuminusog pa an pwersa ninda.

Magigirumduman na nagka duwang beses na hinali alagad binalik ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte sa PNP an anti drug war alagad an pinakahuri, dae na pipahiro an mga ini sagod na daeng koordinasyon sa PDEA. (Vince Villar)


Monday, January 8, 2018

Dr. Newhall to give presentation on 'A Long and Surprising History of Volcanoes of Bikol'

Photo courtesy of Kristian Cordero of Ateneo de Naga University Press

NAGA CITY 1/8/2018 (Bicol Standard) -- The Insitute of Bikol History and Culture in cooperation with the Ateneo de Naga University Press cordially invite the public to a public presentation by Dr. Chris Newhall titled "A Long and Surprising History of Volcanoes of Bikol."

This is the second Fr. Frank Lynch, SJ Lecture Series on January 15, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at the Richie Fernando Hall, Ateneo de Naga University.

"Most of us think of history as extending back to the times of our grandfathers, or maybe for really ancient history, back to the time of Christ. Geologists study a much longer history, all the way back to the origin of the Earth, about 4.6 billion years ago. Here in Bikol, geologic history extends back at least to 100-200 million years ago, and the volcanoes that surround us have been active for several million years already! Some, like Mt. Isarog, Mt. Iriga (Asog), Mayon, and Bulusan, are relatively young and active. 10,000 or even 100,000 years in the life of a volcano is like 1 year in a human life," the brief note on the presentation reads.

"Of course, volcanoes aren’t really alive in the sense of having brains, reproducing, etc. But they do exhibit life cycles from birth to eventual extinction, with a lot in between. We’ll examine the life histories of the four Bicol volcanoes mentioned above, including giant landslides from Isarog and Iriga, and also the concept that the state of magma (molten vs. solidified) in the top few kilometers of volcano plumbing controls the eruptive behavior of volcanoes," it continues.

The public is invited to come prepared with questions about volcanoes and other geological features of Bikol!

Taiwan, pinahimutikan na gikan sainda an cocaine na idinampal sa Sorsogon

Retrato kua ni Vince Villar

Pinahimutikan kan Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) na nag gikan sa saindang nasyon an kantidad P125-milyones na cocaine na idinampal sa baybayon kan Sorsogon.

Sa opisyal na pahayag na ipinaluwas ngonyan na aldaw, sinabi kan oficina na an barkong Jin Ming No. 16 dai registrado sa Taiwan, asin haloy nang ipinabakal sa Togolese Republic.

Ipigpaliwanag kan TECO na nin huli kaini, an nasyonalidad kan nasambit na barko Togolese, asin bakong Taiwanese.

Suboot pineke an mga documentong ipigsometer kan kapitan kan barko.

An nasambit na kapitan hale sa mainland China, segun sa TECO.

Idinugang pa kaini na padagos sindang makikipag-cooperar sa gobierno kan Pilipinas sa paglaban sa pagkuriyat kan ilegal na droga.


Bicolana Catriona Gray eyes Binibining Pilipinas 2018 crown

MANILA (Bicol Standard) -- Bicolana beauty Catriona Gray has announced that she is eyeing the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 crown.

Earlier today, the 23-year-old model from Oas, Albay filed her application for the pageant.

She posted on Instagram: Today marks the reveal of an evolution of self that has been quietly happening away from the public's eye for a little while now. It was in no way planned, but sometimes the stars align to make things happen."

"Maraming Salamat sa inyong tiwala at sana samahan niyo ako sa aking bagong paglalakbay. 🙏 #CatrionaBBP2018 #CatGanern," she added.

In 2016, Gray was crowned Miss World Philippines.

She finished in the Top 5 of Miss World 2016.


Naga City targets better public security programs

NAGA CITY--The Public Safety Office (PSO) presented their three (3) newly- purchased service vehicles, January 8, 2017, Monday, during the flag raising ceremony of the city government employees at the City Hall grounds.

Mayor John Bongat stated in an interview that the newly- purchased units will be of help to the enforcement operations of the PSO.
“Para mapakarhay ta talaga an serbisyo sa manlaen-laen na trabaho kan PSO,” explained Bongat.
Renne Gumba likewise said that the units will be of help to their conducted operations, specifically of the three (3) task forces— wheel- clamp, city ordinances enforcement and traffic management.
“Going beyond the aesthetic value kan vehikulo, an importante po, makatabang ini sa pagtrabaho ta,” explained Gumba.
In line still with the public safety concerns of the city government, Bongat confirmed his directive to the Naga City Police Office (NCPO) in conducting checkpoint operations in random areas of the city.
Mayor Bongat also disclosed their plan in the city government to purchase additional CCTV cameras. 

The construction of the new command center is also already underway, accordingly, which will manage the CCTV network in the city.
In addition, the city government is planning to implement within this first quarter of the year the new mobile application of the city.
The new mobile application, now being developed by the Information and Technology Office (ITO) of the City Government of Naga, in partnership with the Ateneo de Naga University Computer Studies, as well as the Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST), would be a communication tool providing the public easy access to the three (3) main emergency situation responders— ambulance, police car and firetrucks.
The application will be Waze- based— showing the location of the informant where the summoned responder will proceed for their corresponding operations— a mechanism seen to hasten response of concerned offices during emergency situations. (by Armie B. Gunay, CEPPIO)

Tabuco Road, sarado saaga sa Fiesta kan Nazareno

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard)--Katakod kan selebrasyon kan Fiesta kan Nazareno sa Naga na pinapangenotan kan Holy Cross Parish sa Tabuco, pinapaisi an publiko na magkakaigwa kita nin pagsara kan Tabuco Road (Biak na Bato) saaga, Enero 9, 2018, poon alas 8:00 nin aga sagkod alas 10:00 nin banggi.

Ini para matawan nin dalan an dagmang na mga deboto na masimba sa haros oras oras na Misa asin masungko sa imahen kan Itom na Nazareno, segun sa City Hall.

An Misa Concelebrada gigibuhon man alas singko nin hapon asin susundan kan tradisyonal na pag-prusisyon sa Imahe kan Nazareno sa mga mayor na tinampo kan Naga pag 6:30 nin banggi.

3 FICELCO officials suspended for 60 days

MANILA (Bicol Standard)--The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has upheld its ruling that suspends First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FICELCO) officials Francis Gianan, Grace Molina, and Eleanor Valles for sixty days.

In a one-page resolution, the NEA said the three officials failed to properly examine and verify the educational qualification of Gabriel Cantalejo, who ran in the cooperative's polls to represent San Andres, Catanduanes.

Cantalejo's submitted documents indicated that he graduated with a four-year course, but upon investigation only finished a three-year one.

A four-year course is required for said election.

The NEA said the aforementioned officials were "guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interest of the cooperative and its members."


PHLPost releases special Year of the Dog Stamps

To welcome the New Year, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) has released the Year of the Dog special stamps.

According to PHLPost, some 101,000 copies of the two different colorful designs of the regular stamps can now be purchased at P12 and P45 each.

The regular stamp features a golden retriever dog, one of the most popular dog breeds known to be kind, loving, obedient, and easy to please their families.

The 2018 New Year Stamp also comes with a souvenir sheet to highlight the colors red and gold in special round perforation which symbolizes prosperity and good luck.

Some 6,000 copies of the limited edition souvenir sheets are available at P200 each.

The dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. It is the symbol of loyalty, honesty and possesses the best traits of human nature. People born under this sign are honest, friendly, loyal, smart, straight forward and venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility. (PHLPOST/EPC/JEG/PIA-NCR)


21-year-old found dead inside home in Naga City

NAGA CITY 1/8/17 (Bicol Standard) -- A 21-year-old woman was found dead inside the comfort room of her residence at St. James Subdivision, Barangay Concepcion Grande, at around 6:40 Sunday night.

According to the Police Regional office 5 said, April Joyce Ong y Hernandez was found by her brother with her head slumped over a pail in the comfort room at the second floor of her house.

SPO2 Toby Bongon, Information Officer of the Naga City Police, said they are still conducting an investigation to determine whether there was foul play involved.


Ayala-Yuchengco education potential merger to benefit UNC--Fred Ayala

NAGA CITY 1/8/17 (Bicol Standard) -- University of Nueva Caceres President Alfredo I. Ayala announced that AC Education, Inc. (“AEI”), the wholly-owned education arm of Ayala Corporation, and iPeople, inc. (“iPeople”), the listed holding company for the education sector of House of Investments Inc., a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, have executed a Non-Binding term sheet for their potential merger.

"Under the Non-Binding term sheet, the parties agreed to an exclusivity period to complete due diligence, and to finalize the terms and conditions of the proposed merger within the first quarter of 2018.

All terms and conditions of the proposed merger, including the involvement of House of Investments and Ayala Corporation in the management of the surviving entity, iPeople, shall be presented for approval by the parties’ respective boards of directors and merging parties’ stockholders, and the transaction will be subject to the requisite regulatory approvals as well," he wrote.

He explained that the potential merger would bring together the educational institutions of House of Investments and Ayala Corporation (iPeople and AEI respectively).

The potential merger would include iPeople and its significant subsidiary, Malayan Education System, Inc. (Operating under the name of Mapua University), a leading private engineering and technical university in the country, a world ranked QS-3 star university and the school with the most CHED Centers of Excellence in Engineering, and its subsidiaries, Malayan Colleges Laguna, the best board exam performing private school in Calabarzon, and Malayan Colleges Mindanao, and AEI and its subsidiaries, the University of Nueva Caceres, one of the oldest and largest universities in Bicol, and APEC Schools, the largest stand-alone chain of private high schools in the country.

Together, the combined population would be over 40,000 students.

“We are looking forward to this potential merger. Mapua’s reputation as a leading private engineering and technical university in the country, together with AEI’s ability to provide quality education leading to enhanced employability, at an affordable price, would enable the Yuchengco Group of Companies and Ayala Corporation to jointly contribute to the improvement of the quality of education in the Philippines, for the benefit of all sectors of society,” Mrs. Helen Y. Dee, Chairperson of House of Investments, Inc. said.

”We are very pleased about this opportunity to partner with the Yuchengco Group of Companies to help build our nation through education. Our belief is that the potential combination of iPeople and AEI would create significant synergies that would enable us to better equip students for compelling futures,” Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman and CEO of Ayala Corporation said.

UNC President Fred Ayala noted: "We are very positive about this development, because we believe the potential merger would help us to serve the UNC community better, and advance our mission of transforming lives through education. We remain committed to delivering high quality, affordable education, and implementing the plans and programs we have shared with you. If you have any queries, please send them to"

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