FDA releases statement on unregistered lambanog

The FDA, through its inspectors at the Regional Field Offices (RFO) and agents of its Regulatory Enforcement Unit (REU), in coordination with the Philippine National Police (with whom the FDA has an existing MOA), is continuously monitoring the sale of the unregistered alcoholic beverage, Lambanog, and will not hesitate to confiscate these products being openly sold to the public, to prevent further loss of life to unsuspecting consumers. The FDA issued an Order for the seizure of these unregistered products, and the RFO inspectors and REU agents are on heightened alert status to make sure that none of these toxic alcoholic beverages are marketed in the public.

This is in line with its recent findings that laboratory tests of the sample products from Luisiana, Sta. Rosa and Calamba, Laguna, Antipolo, and Tarlac, which tested positive for high levels of Methanol, a prohibited additive in Lambanog, and which is suspected to have caused the deaths of some individuals.

FDA is also monitoring other Lambanog products in the market as part of its heightened Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS), which are being immediately subjected to product registration verification, and qualitative and quantitative analysis by its Common Services Laboratory (CSL), to prevent further injury and loss of life.

FDA will be filing cases against the identified peddlers of these unregistered, out of specs, and/or adulterated alcoholic beverages, and will be coordinating with other law enforcement services, for the filing of the appropriate criminal cases against the perpetrators – especially those involved or connected with the deaths allegedly caused by these unregistered products.