EDUCATION | How to succeed in Senior High School

By Joan Rull-Dulong
Project Development Officer 1
Division of Naga City

Just this year, we have the first batch of Senior high school who graduated and are now on their respective exits: tertiary education, employment, entrepreneurship and vocational-technology.

It was a great leap for our education system where students get additional two years in their basic education. How ready are they with their chosen career now is the question. Did their school prepare them enough to the transition? Whatever the answer may be, bottom line is they have succeeded Senior high school and that is a great achievement.

As we go further in the implementation, it is best to evaluate what are the effective ways and those that need improvement in order to make our students’ transition go more smoothly. Here are some tips that might help:

Take studies seriously. Studying is the first responsibility of a student. It might be a cliché but earning good grades is your first goal in school. It quantifies how much effort you put in learning your lessons. This also provides foundation to be more confident in school.

Get some new skills. We have those skills that we have already like cooking. Trying a different skill might give you more edge both in work and in life. It might be a challenge learning something new, but the more you know things, the better.

Familiarize yourself with other culture. When I say culture, both locally and internationally. It is appreciating the uniqueness of the people you interact with. It will help you adjust better to any environment you might be in after graduation.

Socialize with people. Your classmate might be your former boss or your teacher might be your future employee. The world is full of surprises. Remember to invest on people. Linkages and networking help in building careers. Besides the friends you have established good relationship with will also be there when you needed a shoulder to cry on.

Be productive and maximize your time. Schooling might be tiring with voluminous projects or performance tasks. Remember to allot time for important things and you should know your priorities. Balancing might be a skill, you might prioritize doing more important things but never forget to play especially when things are becoming too exhausting. Cultivate sports and recreation, this where you can beat monotony and always have something to look forward to as a reward for your hard work.

The goal is always find fulfillment in everything you do. Always put your best foot forward, for at the end of the day what will matter is not what people have to say about you but how you have tried to give your best shot. It is not having regrets and “leave no stone unturned.”