DILG brings Seal of Good Local Governance to barangays

Driving excellence in public service delivery at the community level, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) launches the Seal of Good Local Governance for Barangay (SGLGB) to assess and recognize outstanding barangays in the country.

DILG Secretary Eduardo M. Año says that the SGLGB will be the gold standard in gauging the performance of barangay governments as they fulfill their mandate to deliver excellent service to the people who put them in their posts.

"The DILG is fully cognizant of the vital role of barangays in the overall development and transformation of the communities and the nation. SGLGB will encourage and challenge barangays to scale-up their performance and practices of good governance," Año says.

"We are very excited to roll this out in our barangays. Hangad natin na sa pamamagitan ng SGLGB ay lalo pang mapataas ang antas ng paglilingkod sa ating mga kababayan sa mga komunidad," he adds.

Año explains that it is time to take the success of the SGLG down to the grassroots level to emulate the best results it has produced for local government units (LGUs) for the past years.

He says that the SGLGB is an offshoot of the SGLG that will focus on assessing the performance of the barangays. He explains that it is the best platform to recognize barangay governments which are performing above and beyond their functions.

"SGLG is a proven mechanism that inspires LGUs towards innovation and improved governance which is why it's on its way to becoming a law. It's time that we have that in the barangays," he says.

He further shares that the assessment will commence with the data gathering where each barangay will provide the data to the City/Municipal Assessment Team followed by the data validation and certification.

The SGLGB online database shall then be utilized to process the data wherein the Provincial and Regional Offices shall ensure the correctness of the submitted data to be forwarded to the National Quality Committee (NQC).

Out of the recommendation of the NQC, the official list of SGLGB 2018 winners shall then be chosen in time for the announcement of passers in the last quarter of 2019.

"Gaya ng SGLG, magiging mahigpit din ang aming pagsala sa mga magkapapasa sa SGLGB 2019. We will maintain the same level of stringent assessment process," Año says.

3+1 principle of excellent barangay governance

According to Año, for its initial salvo, SGLGB will utilize the "3+1" principle wherein barangays must pass all three core areas namely Peace and Order, Financial Administration, and Disaster Preparedness and at least one of the three essential areas namely Social Protection, Business-Friendliness, and Competitiveness or Environmental Management.

Peace and Order shall tackle the implementation of activities and provision of support mechanisms to ensure the protection of barangay constituents from the threats to life security and ensuring drug-free communities.

The functionality of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council and Barangay Peace and Order Committee together with the performance rate in the Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentive Awards and maintenance of Registry of Barangay Inhabitants shall be considered as success indicators for Peace and Order.

The practice of accountability and transparency by adhering with accounting and auditing standards and compliance with the Barangay Full Disclosure Policy plus the percentage increase in local resources shall be the indicators for Financial Administration.

Assessment on Disaster Preparedness shall focus on the barangays' proactive stance before, during and after disaster with careful consideration of the functionality of the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee, extent of risk assessment and Early Warning System, extent of preparedness for effective response and recovery, and accomplishment rate of projects reflected in the BDRRM or similar plan.

Meanwhile, barangays must pass at least one of the essential areas to qualify for the SGLGB.

Social Protection seeks to gauge barangays' sensitivity to the needs of the disadvantaged sector while looking at the functionality of the Violence Against Women Desk and Barangay Development Council, access to health services in the barangay, and representation of CSOs in Barangay Based Institutions.

Business Friendliness and Competitiveness will look into the barangays' efforts in encouraging business and employment with the enactment of Barangay Tax Ordinance and issuance of barangay Clearance within seven working days as indicators.

Environmental Management will tackle barangays' compliance with the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 while looking into the presence of Materials Recovery Facility, the presence of a collection system to ensure Segregation of Wastes at Source, and functionality of the Barangay Ecological Solid Waste Management Committee.