Alleged teen killer of Albay teacher to face Murder charge

Maylene Durante
LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) – A 17-year-old Grade 12 student is now under the custody of the Philippine National Police after he was positively identified as the Child in Conflict with the Law (CICL) involved in the gruesome killing of elementary school teacher Maylene Durante.

Late this afternoon, Police Senior Inspector Joseph Abel Jarabejo, Pioduran police chief told the Bicol Standard that they have already received the Certificate of Discernment from the Municipal Social Welfare Officer (MWSO) of Pioduran, Albay.

Said certificate shows that the person of interest, although a minor, has committed the crime with discernment.

The same certificate is a requirement for the filing of the criminal case, Jarabejo said.

The police chief added that the CICL was pinpointed by two other victims who slept in the same room as the teacher.

The CICL was in the hospital for medical examination.

Early tomorrow morning (Oct. 11) , a case for Murder will be filed against him in inquest proceedings at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Albay.

The CICL resides around 25 meters away from where the teacher and the two pupils were stabbed with a kitchen knife, the police chief added.

Meanwhile, Jarabejo noted that Teacher Maylene suffered 21 stab wounds, which caused her instantaneous death.

The two pupils who were with her also bore several injuries, but were able to escape.

Jarabejo narrated that the investigators are considering Rape as the motive for the crime.

On social media, relatives, friends, students, and fellow teachers are crying for justice for Teacher Maylene, who is a mother of two small children.

They said that she could have requested for a reassignment since the school is located in a far-flung barangay, but she opted to remain because she wanted to make a difference.

Meantime, the Department of Education in Bicol has not yet issued an official statement on the incident as of this writing.