GENTLE BREEZE| The Red Sweater

The Red Sweater 

We walk by faith, not by sight. 


John Croyle told the following story in Focus on the Family magazine: 

One day a father took his children for a boat ride. They were traveling downriver when suddenly, the motor stopped. When the father looked behind him, he noticed a red sweater tangled up in the propeller. Then his young son yelled, “Sherry fell in!” 

In horror the father saw his little girl entwined in the propeller of the boat. She was submerged just beneath the surface of the water, looking straight into the eyes of her father and holding her breath. He jumped into the water and tried to push the motor up, but the heavy engine wouldn’t budge. Time was running out. Desperately, the father filled his own lungs with air and dipped below the surface. Then he took a knife and quickly cut the sweater from the propeller and lifted his daughter into the boat. She was rushed to the hospital. 

When the crisis was over, the doctors and nurses asked the girl, “How come you didn’t panic?” 

“We’ll we’ve grown up on the river,” Sherry said, “and my dad always taught us that if you panic, you die. Besides, I knew my daddy would come and get me.” 

Children have such inherent trust in their parents. Teach your children to have this same simple faith toward God. 

Reference: God’s Little Lessons