Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Quack dentist arrested in Naga City

Photo courtesy of Dr. Albeus
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – A person believed to be a quack dentist was arrested by authorities as he was extracting a tooth at the sidewalk of Caceres St. here the other day.

In an interview with Dr. Jess Albeus of the Philippine Dental Association, he identified the alleged fake dentist as Alfonso Villanueva, 42 years old, of Barangay Magurang, Polangui, Albay.

Villanueva believes to have the gift of healing people with tooth problems.

In his treatment, he uses amulets or anting-anting that he said were passed on to him by his ancestors.

Among the apprehending officers were Dr. Jonathan Lopez, the Chairman of the Committee on Illegal Practice of the Philippine Dental Association and members of the Philippine National Police.

Villanueva will be charged with violation of Republic Act 9484, or the Philippine Dental Act of 2007.


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