'Gulayan sa Barangay' now leading distributor of veggies in Albay town

'GULAYAN SA BARANGAY'. The "Gulayan sa Barangay" of Maipon village in Guinobatan, Albay has helped improve the livelihood of residents, promote good nutrition, sustain vegetable supply and lower the cost of agricultural products. (Photo by Barangay Maipon chairman Steve Luces)

By Mike Dela Rama

GUINOBATAN, Albay – A community-based organization is now the leading distributor of different types of vegetables in this municipality, resulting in low vegetable prices, sufficient supplies, reduction of malnutrition among children and improved economic condition of local residents.

Steve Luces, Barangay Maipon chairman, in an interview on Wednesday, said the “Gulayan sa Barangay” otherwise known as Maipon Agricultural Integrated Producers Organization for Nature Inc., was established in 2013 by the village council to help improve the livelihood of the residents, promote good nutrition, sustain vegetable supply and lower the cost of agricultural products.

“Produced vegetables like eggplant, sili (chili), lettuce, carrots, potatoes, cucumber, radish, green bean and many more are being sold to 1,609 households in this barangay, and the rest are being sold in the organic trading post in Legazpi City, to drop buyers, and vegetable retailers in Guinobatan public market,” Luces said.

The organization alone is composed of 116 members and officers managing a total of 4,200 square meters of vegetable land.

“The success of the project was achieved due to collaboration between the barangay officials and community with support from the government agencies like provincial and municipal agriculture offices,” Luces said.

The Gulayan project, he said, is an effective approach in making sure there is food on every table.

“This is how we counter poverty in our locality and encourage community participation in order to eliminate dependency attitude,” he added.

“As of now, we cannot provide the exact figure or volume of vegetable products per harvest, but what we are sure of is that we have enough supply that can be utilized by our own village mates and other neighboring towns or city,” Luces said.

The village chief added that the council is also pushing for active participation of youth leaders in the expansion of the project in their barangay.

“This time, through Gulayan, we can also promote reduction of malnutrition among youth and adolescents,” he said. (PNA)