Injured grass owl rescued in Cam Sur

Photo courtesy of Jojo Villareal
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – The team efforts of a group of Bicolanos paved the way for a grass owl to be saved from further injury, or even death.

Jojo Villareal of the Environment Disaster Management Emergency Response Office (EDMERO) and Kaddlagan Outdoor Shop & Services narrated that the grass owl was found in an injured state at a pig sty at Barangay Hibago, Ocampo, Camarines Sur by Benjie Benetiz.

Benetiz fed and applied first aid to the bird, which appeared weak.

Sensing that the bird needed more assistance, Benetiz posted photos of the grass owl on social media.

Villareal saw the post, and immediately coordinated with EDMERO Operation Chief Joco Celebrado and EDMERO Department Head Luzena Bermeo.

The team requested for an ambulance of the Province of Camarines Sur to be dispatched to Ocampo, Camarines Sur to rescue the bird.

Meantime, his friends from abroad recommended that the help of local veterinarian Dr. Williefredo Kho be sought.

“When we got to the grass owl, it was still bleeding and its right wing was badly broken,” Villareal said.

They brought the owl to Dr. Kho, who treated the wound in his clinic in Naga City.

The next day, they turned over the owl to the office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), which brought it to the Albay Parks and Wildlife for continuous treatment.

Villareal revealed that initially, he did not expect the EDMERO to respond to the incident, as the group is trained and experienced in rescuing victims of accidents.

However, he was heartened to note that the team believed the bird deserved to be given attention.

“Naisip ko na lang na tama man na igwa pa mga tao talaga sa Pilipinas na nag mamakulog man sa satuyang kalikasan na dapat pangarugan kan kadaklan po,” (I realized that it’s good that there are still people in the Philippines who are still concerned with the environment. They should be emulated by others.) Villareal said.

Photo courtesy of Jojo Villareal