EDITORIAL | The dawn of democracy in Naga City

Nagueños should rejoice at the recent tangible cracks in the alliances in the once-formidable Team Naga.

This is a clear sign that we will finally enjoy a true and healthy democracy.

A healthy democracy, it must be stressed, is not giving a single group virtually absolute power over the concerns of the city.

Rather, it is one where the administration truly gives premium to the welfare of the majority.

This is manifested by appreciating and entertaining the views of an opposition, and by extension, using such opposing views to clarify and fortify its own stand on vital issues.

Lamentably, we have for so long a time been under a monolithic group, which has proven perilous for our democracy.

What opposing views which may have arisen are often brushed aside, as if there were an unwritten law that it is forbidden to question the opinion of such ruling group.

Whatever happened, for instance, to the questions of former Councilor Nathan Sergio, who risked a showdown with his former political allies, to bring to the forefront alleged anomalies regarding the LGU’s missing documents on its expenditures?

Whatever happened to the critics who had been pointing out Naga City’s repeated failure to notch the Seal of Good Local Governance, despite the city branding itself as the seat of good governance?

These and other unanswered, silenced, and ignored questions expose the prime vulnerability of our local government in Naga: the lack of differing opinions that would challenge the administration.

We should stop bragging about the so-called “participatory governance” in Naga City, when the chosen representatives of the people’s organizations are mostly close allies, if not mere puppets, of the administration.

This being the case, there is no voice of a true opposition that would dare question the proposals and decisions of the administration.

Said opposition would function not only to provide alternative opinions, but also to revive the spirit of democracy from what has become a virtual rule of the few.

Naga City may have finally awakened from a deep slumber.