Developing leadership qualities

Rene Homer M. Flores
Sto. Nino Elementary School

Leaders are made, not born. It is not necessary for a person to be born in the “right” circumstance, to the “right” parents, and at the “right” place and time. Rather, one can be a leader by observing what works for other leaders and learning from them.

Leadership involves acquiring a set of skills to successfully manage a group of people. Implementing these skills and assessing which ones are more suited to a particular situation are part of the daily challenges for those aspiring to be leaders.

One such leadership skill is knowing one’s strengths. Harnessing these gifts, which were brought about by a person’s upbringing and experiences, and which are unique to every individual, can make a huge difference in developing one’s leadership style. For example, a person who is naturally people-oriented can use this strength to get in touch deeply with what others are thinking and feeling.

On the other hand, it is equally important to acknowledge the weaknesses one has. These areas of difficulty should be seen not as stumbling blocks but as windows of opportunity for growth and development. Likewise, they can be chances for the rest of the team to offer their help to the leader in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation.

Another leadership skill is setting general and specific goals for oneself and for the team. These will define one’s vision, mission, and objectives for the team. In the process, make sure the team also understands why it is necessary to have these goals, and how, individually and as a group, they can work towards their accomplishment.

Lastly, it is vital to maintain a positive attitude towards work. This upbeat disposition will help inspire and transform the group into becoming positive team players and ultimately reaching potentials they probably did not even realize they had. With a positive attitude, a leader sees problems as challenges to be solved, and difficult situations as opportunities to be creative and resourceful.

Acquiring leadership skills does not happen overnight. More often than not, it is a continuous process that involves not only the leader, but also the team, superiors, and even the community. It consists of being open to change and constructive criticism, as well as of acknowledging one’s victories.