De Asis to run for Naga City Mayor

Nene de Asis

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – Naga City may have its first Lady Mayor if City Councilor Cecilia "Nene" V. de Asis wins the midterm polls next year.

“My decision to run for mayor of Naga City is final.”

This is the statement of Councilor de Asis aired over BBS DWLV FM in an interview this morning.

She confirmed that based on information reaching her, many sectors are of the opinion that the odds of Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion winning the mayoralty bid next year are rather slim.

“Even I am of the same opinion,” she said.

“We still want for the next mayor of Naga to come from our group so that we may continue the programs we have started many years ago,” she said.


Meanwhile, she noted she is willing to submit to the process which has been adopted by their group since the time of Jesse Robredo.

Said process involves a survey conducted by a private group.The person who gets the highest approval rating in the survey is normally adopted as the standard bearer, she explained.

Asked whether this was a ploy to make it appear that their group is divided, to give way to the candidacy of Aika Robredo, she answered in the negative.

“Aika has no interest in running for mayor. In fact, she gets angry whenever the subject is brought up,” de Asis said.

Tiangge issue

When her opinion about the controversial trade fair or tiangge at Plaza Rizal was sought, de Asis confirmed that she had already brought the matter to the attention of Mayor John Bongat.

“Makanuson talaga an kamugtakan kan plaza,” she said in Bicol.

Bongat told her that the permit will be revoked after they received loads of backlash on the tiangge.

De Asis noted that there was a violation in the agreement between the trade fair organizer and the city government.

'Ubos kun ubos' magic gone?

Political observers say that de Asis' announcement may be considered as a sign that the once-formidable 'ubos kun ubos' magic is gone.

It would be recalled that in previous elections, it had been the trend that in Naga City, the elected officials come from a single group.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion has not been reached for his comments regarding this report.

Previously, it had been repeatedly announced that Legacion would be getting the endorsement of his partymates, given that he is the highest eligible elected official in Naga City.