SUWECO issues statement on Catanduanes power supply

VIRAC, Catanduanes (Bicol Standard) -- If all hydro and diesel power plants are running at full capacity, the province of Catanduanes will have sufficient power supply. However, frequent load shedding was still experienced due to the temporary lack of power supply.

This is the statement of Sunwest Water and Electric Company, Inc. (SUWECO) to member-consumers of FICELCO on Tuesday.

The following factors affected the power supply, SUWECO said:
1. Ongoing upgrade and rehabilitation of the FICELCO’s transmission/distribution lines.
2. Generator sets were shutdown while undergoing Preventive Maintenance Shutdown (PMS) during peak load hours and/or due to some technical issues.
3. Low water levels in the dams.

"FICELCO is fully aware of the power shortage this season because last year, the National Electrification Authority (NEA) and SUWECO already warned them that power supply might be insufficient. NEA has also ordered FICELCO to make the necessary arrangements with its power suppliers to ensure that there will be sufficient and steady supply of electricity during the said season.

It will be recalled that in November 2017, SUWECO tried to deliver the three (3) additional generator sets pursuant to its agreements with FICELCO to cover the inadequate power supply and prevent any power shortage. Unfortunately, because of the refusal of the President of the Board of Directors’ Alex Ang Hung to install the said generator sets, SUWECO decided to pull out the same.

SUWECO reiterates its position that the brownouts could have been prevented only if Ang Hung is willing to cooperate and did not block the move of SUWECO in installing and commissioning the additional generator sets. SUWECO further believes that if Ang Hung will continue to block its efforts to provide a solution to the present state of power supply in the province, the situation will not only persist, but worsen.

SUWECO looks forward to hearing from the leadership of the Board of Directors of FICELCO on how they would address the pressing issue of power shortage in its service area," SUWECO said in its statement.