SUWECO delivers 2 gensets to Catanduanes

In order to address the current power situation in the Province of Catanduanes, SUWECO announced that it is is again delivering two generator sets to ensure the sufficiency of power in the province.

In a statement, however, SUWECO expressed its disappointment with the Board of Directors of FICELCO under the leadership of its Board President, Mr. Alexander Ang Hung, that until now, SUWECO has not yet received any letter of endorsement for the installation of the said additional gensets, as requirements for the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), and the documents for the filling of the application with Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for the approval of the 2nd Amendment of ESA between SUWECO and FICELCO.

Its statement reads: "As SUWECO desires to provide quality service for Katandunganons, we wish to inform the members-consumers of FICELCO that its hands are tied due to the continuous blockage of the Board in its move to fulfill its duties and responsibilities. It is unfortunate that FICELCO mislead SUWECO by continuously giving verbal assurances/approval of installation but turn around and refuse to provide the necessary documents to install our generator sets. These false hopes and empty words are actually not directed to SUWECO but is in fact, directed to the members-consumers of FICELCO who are the suffering on the basis of the decisions made by the Board which is obviously inimical to them.

To date, SUWECO is still waiting for these documents and is looking forward that FICELCO will cooperate and be one on its objective of providing reliable and constant power supply for the benefit of the thousands of members-consumers.

Last year, SUWECO together with the National Electrification Authority (NEA) has warned FICELCO under the leadership of its Board President, Mr. Alexander Ang Hung, that there might be a deficiency in power supply during the summer season due to the low water levels of the hydro power plants in the province. This is an annual occurrence and is definitely foreseeable thus action has to be taken to protect the members-consumers of FICELCO.

Unfortunately, FICELCO failed to act despite these repeated warnings. SUWECO welcomed the takeover of NEA to ensure that the much delayed action be made.

It can be recalled that on August 2017, SUWECO received a letter from the said cooperative recommending the installation of at least three (3) gensets at the Marinawa Compound wherein SUWECO immediately complied by delivering the said gensets on October, 2017. Unfortunately, Ang Hung has consistently blocking the move of SUWECO in installing and commissioning the said gensets."