Iriga City District Jail named best in country

IRIGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – The Iriga City District Jail at Barangay La Purisima, this city, has been recognized as the best among the more than 170 district jails in the entire Philippines.This was confirmed by Chief Inspector Michael Richard Oliva OIC of the Iriga City District Jail.

In an interview by the Bicol Standard, Oliva said this is the second consecutive time that the facility has been named the best in the country.

Asked about his strategies, Oliva revealed that the accomplishment is due to the cooperation and support of the stakeholders.

“Unlike in other district jails, we do not have congestion here,” he explained.

“This is due to the sincere efforts of the team to decongest the facility with the help of lawyers, judges and other stakeholders,” he added.

He noted that the recent development of small-time drug cases being allowed plea bargains has significantly helped reduce congestion.

“Some 50% of our inmates have drug-related cases, so the plea bargain deals are a huge help,” he said.

Under the recent Supreme Court ruling, drug personalities with less than 1 gram of shabu and 10 grams of marijuana are entitled to plea bargain deals.