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Naga City, may pinakahalangkaw na monthly crime rate sa Pilipinas--PNP

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) -- Kun datus kan Philippine National Police an basehan, an Naga City an may pinakahalangkaw na monthly crime rate sa bilog na nasyon.

An record na ini para sa primerong quarter kan taon 2018.

Segun sa statistical date kan Crime Research and Analysis Centner kan PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detection Management, an Naga City igwa nin 273.83 na average na bulanbulan na crime rate poon kan bulan na Enero hasta Abril ngonian na taon.

Sabi sa paliwanag ni PNP Spokespersonn C/Supt John Bulalacao, an crime rate, inversely proportional sa total na numero ka populasyon.

Gustong sabihon, kun mas dakul an tawo, mas hababa an crime rate asin kun dikit an populasyon, mas dakula an crime rate.

Ika duwa sa listahan an Mandaue City na may 214.71 na average, nagsunod an Pasay City, na may 136.26, Iloilo, 133.97, sunod an Cebu, Makati, asin Mandaluyong.

Mientras na an Ormoc City, an may pinakahababa na average monthly crime rate na may 15.06, sunod an Cotabato City, 17.75, Puerto Princesa, 21.50. An nagsunod iyo an Angeles City, Olongapo City, asin Davao City.

An walong crimen na focus kan anticriminnality campaign iyo an murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft, carnapping asin motornapping.

Nanginot an Quezon City sa mga caso kan rape, physical injury, robbery, theft asin motornapping.

Mientrastanto, inaadalan na ngonian kan Naga City Police Office an nagluwas na record na an Ciudad nin Naga an may pinakahalangkaw na monthly crime rate sa bilog nna nasyon.

Sinabi ni P/Sr Supt Jonathan Panganiban sa intrevista kan media na pig hihingotohan kan saindang oficina an mga rason kun napano ta siring kaini an nagluwas na informasyon.

Ann saindang mga tawohan na hale sa City and Detective Management Branch an naka sentro an attention sa pag usisa kan mga rason digdi.

Dai ngona nagtao nin comentaryo si Panganiban dapit digdi. Pero, saiyang pig asigurar na sa orog na madaling panahon mapaluwas sinda nin official na pahayag dapit digdi.


Salceda sets aside P1.8-B to modernize Bicol hospital

By Rhaydz Barcia

LEGAZPI CITY -- Albay 2nd District Rep. Joey Salceda has allocated PHP1.8 billion for the modernization of the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) in the next three years.

“We’re envisioning the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital to be the PGH (Philippine General Hospital) of the south, equipped with modern facilities to cater to the needs of Bicolanos,” he said during the centennial anniversary of the hospital on Tuesday.

Salceda said the amount will be used for the construction of a five-storey building with 600 beds.

The solon considers the BRTTH as a pillar of economic development, and is expecting an increase in the number of patients once the Bicol International Airport is fully operational in 2020.

“By 2020, which is the opening of the Bicol International Airport, your admission is expected to spike not only because BRTTH is the catchment area for medical services of neighboring provinces, including foreigners. We envision Bicol, specifically Albay province, as the California way of life in 2050, as a livable place,” Salceda said.

Dr. Rogelio Rivera, BRTTH chief of hospital, said the region’s first government hospital is preparing for the future to meet the global demand for better public health services.

“We’re heading to computerizing and developing (a) safer and green hospital in the country with water treatment sewage,” he said.

Rivera said BRTTH is the catchment area of Albay, Catanduanes, Masbate, Sorsogon, and other nearby provinces, and is catering to an increasing number of patients annually.

Aside from being the heart and cancer center, Rivera also said he hopes the BRTTH would become the region’s brain center to lure Bicolano medical specialists currently based in Manila to return to Bicol to serve the increasing number of patients in the area.

“The operation is very expensive but if the BRTTH will be the brain center, we can at least help minimize the expenses of the patients as they can no longer go to other hospitals for operation and treatment,” he added. (PNA)

Monday, May 28, 2018

100 teens attend DSWD’s youth forum on safer Internet usage

NAGA CITY—The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Region V convened more than 100 youths in the first youth forum on safer internet usage last May 18 at Prime Days Hotel and Restaurant.

Camarines Sur had notable cases involving online sexual exploitation of children. In 2016, there were four cases of child pornography recorded in the said province.

The said forum aims to mitigate child pornography by educating minors about online child safety. Teenagers were invited from 19 out of 27 barangays in Naga City to attend the one-day forum.

Julyka Mae Reola, 17, of Brgy. Mabolo, Naga City, is one of the youth attendees who said that the youth should be cautious when going online specially that they are frequent Facebook users.

“Kaipuhan na maprotektahan ang kabataan online dahil babad na kami sa cellphone. Kaipuhan mi na maaraman ang mga bagay na dapat iwasan sa paggamit ning internet at dapat limitahan ang oras ning pag gamit ning gadgets (We need to protect the youth online because we are exposed to cellphones. We need to educate ourselves on how to avoid abuses online and should limit our gadget usage),” Reola added.

The following topics were discussed during the forum: Social Media and Internet Safety Rules Against Online Sexual Exploitation of Children, Legal Basis and Procedures, Salient Points of Laws and Policies Related to Online Child Abuse, Legal process from reporting to conviction and the Digital Landscape in the Philippines and Globally.

Subsequently, a workshop was facilitated to solicit answers from the participants on what makes them feel unsafe online and how they can make the internet a safe space for children.

On the other hand, anyone can file a complaint against child pornography who can directly seek immediate assistance from their nearest local social welfare and development offices (LSWDOs) or report to Philippine National Police (PNP) Women and Children Protection Center (WCPC).

Moreover, victims of child pornography can access the mandatory services from different government agencies, namely, emergency shelter or appropriate housing, free legal and counselling services, medical or psychological services, livelihood and skill training; and educational assistance.

Under the Republic Act No. 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 perpetrators are penalized with a life sentence or a fine up to five million pesos if proven guilty of child pornography.

Child pornography refers to any representation, whether visual, audio, or written combination thereof, by electronic, mechanical, digital, optical, magnetic or any other means, of child engaged or involved in real or simulated explicit sexual activities.

4 na barangay sa Partido, may protesta sa resulta kan election

GOA, CSur 5/27/18 (BICOL STANDARD) Apat na barangay sa Partido area an dai pa guiraray tapos an election sa barangay.

Ini nin huli sa pig file na election protest case sa Municipal Trial Court na iyo an igwa nin jurisdiction sa siring na kaso.

Base sa informasyon na ipinaabot sa BICOL STANDARD, an mga mga protestang barangay iyo sa Matacla, Goa; asin sa Tigaon, igwa nin protesta sa barangay Consocep, Cabalinadan asin Casuna.

An mga nagkandidato sa election kan barangay igwa sana nin 10ng aldaw para mag file nin protesta, kun sa pag tubod ninda igwa nin daya o irregularidad asin diferencia sa election.

Segun sa Election Code, daiat an election protest isangat sa laog nin dae maglampas sa 10ng aldaw, pakatapos na pasumpaon an nanggana sa pirilian.

Nagluluwas na an ultimong aldaw sa pag tile nin protesta kan fecha 25 ngonian na Mayo, aldaw na Viernes.

Pig aaram pa kan BBS FM/Bicol Standard kun igwa pang mga barangay sa ibang mga banwaan an may protesta sa resulta kan pirilian.

DILG challenges LGUs, elevates SGLG assessment criteria anew

All or nothing.

This is the challenge posed by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to local government units (LGUs) as it raised the bar of the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) criteria a notch higher for 2018.

DILG OIC-Secretary Eduardo M. Ano says that the new "All-in" assessment criteria of SGLG is another innovation that is expected to demonstrate positive results from LGUs further pushing the Department's objective for excellence and continuous improvement of local governance.

"Engaging and challenging LGUs to elevate their performance is one way of ensuring that we are fulfilling our mandate of serving the people. SGLG will continue to usher in new tools to ensure that we push LGUs for the benefit of the Filipino people," says Ano.

According to the DILG Chief, unlike the '4+1' assessment criteria last year where LGUs are only required to pass four core areas and at least one essential area, SGLG 2018 presents a more challenging requisite of hitting the minimum criteria in SGLG's seven governance areas.

These core areas are Financial Administration; Disaster Preparedness; Social Protection; Peace and Order; Business Friendliness and Competitiveness; Environmental Protection; and Tourism Culture and the Arts.

The LGU also has to demonstrate positive result out of its reform efforts taking into account local leadership and the cohesive action of the entire workforce.

He also added that for a province to qualify, 10% of the total number of cities and municipalities under its jurisdiction must pass the SGLG as well.

"It may be daunting for some, from 4+1 now it's all 7 core areas that they need to pass, but this should not dampen their spirits, on the contrary, it should inspire our local chief executives to outperform themselves and keep improving," he said.

Deserving SGLG recipients from the 81 provinces, 145 cities and 1489 municipalities will be conferred with the 2018 SGLG marker; eligibility to the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) to finance their local development initiatives; and an access to other programs and capacity development assistance from DILG.

LGUs which will meet the '4+1' basic assessment principle shall also be recognized through a Certificate of Merit for their efforts in keeping up with the previous overall criteria.

In 2017, 448 LGUs composed of 28 provinces, 61 cities and 359 municipalities bagged the SGLG award, a 31% increase compared to 2016's 306 passers.

The SGLG Assessment kicked off on the 3rd week of April 2018 and will run for six months until the announcement of winners on October 2018.

New, upgraded criteria

In addition to the requirements in SGLG 2017, the new and upgraded criteria in the 2018 SGLG are the following:

On Financial Administration, the most recent audit opinion is unqualified or qualified plus 30 percent of recommendations acted upon; at least 5 percent increase in average local revenue growth for the last three consecutive years (2014-2016); functional local development council; full utilization of, or completion or projects funded by the Performance Challenge Fund (2015 and 2016), if applicable; 2018 annual budget is approved within the prescribed period; and full utilization of funds for, or completion of Assistance to Municipalities projects for 2012-2015, if applicable with 85% benchmark for 2016 (for municipalities).

On Disaster Preparedness, there must be at least three plantilla PDRRMO/CDRRMO staff complement for provincial and HUC qualifiers, one plantilla for independent component cities (ICCs) and component cities (CCs) and municipalities qualifiers for research and planning, administration and training, and operations and warning; at least 50% utilization rate of the 70% component of the 2017 DRRM Fund; at least 75% of barangays have CBDRRM plans (for cities); at least 75% of barangays have info guide (for municipalities); ICS Training Level II or above for provinces/HUCs, and Basic ICS training for ICCs and CCs.

On Social Protection, city qualifiers should be 2017 Seal of Child-friendly Local Governance Awardees; at least 85% completion or utilization rate of the fund for the Local School Board Plan; at least 80% of barangays have submitted their Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) reports (for cities and municipalities); at least 50% of provincial/city government-run hospitals are 2017 Philhealth-accredited; established Persons with Disability Affairs Office for provinces and HUCs, and designated a persons with disability affairs officer ICCs, CCs and municipalities; for cities and municipalities, full utilization of funds for, or completion of Salintubig projects for 2012-2015, if applicable with 50% benchmark for 2016.

On Peace and Order, there should be at least 75% implementation rate of planned activities, or at least 75% utilization rate of fund allocation for peace and order and public safety plan; for cities and municipalities, 100% organized and 100% trained barangay peacekeeping action teams.

On Business Friendliness and Competitiveness, there should be at least 60% completion or utilization rate of Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces for Road Repair, Rehabilitation and Improvement for 2016 (for provinces); and increase in the amount of capital investments derived from registered new businesses (for cities).

On Environmental Management, no operating and/or controlled dumpsite (for cities and municipalities).

On Tourism, Culture and the Arts, among the new sub-indicators for cultural heritage promotion and conservation are at least 75% completion or utilization rate of the budget appropriated for the conservation and preservation of cultural property for CY 2017, and documented and published narrative of history and culture.


Suspect sa pagbadil sa Siruma dakop kan pulis

SIRUMA, Camarines Sur 5/27/18 (BICOLSTANDARD) – Maswerteng nakalibre sa kagadanan si Owen Francia y Demesa, residente kan Brgy. Sulpa, sa banwaan na ini kan siya badilon nin kan suspechadong si Darwin Angeles y Chavez na residente kan kapareyong barangay.

Susug sa report kan pulis dai tinamaan kan bala an biktima nin huli sa maluyang paghimunta kan badil.

Pakatapos na mangyari an krimen, nagdulag asin nagtago an suspechado.

Alagad, dumumanan siya kan mga pulis sa saindang harong, na kun saen sa tabang kan saiyang ama na si Francisco Angeles y Delos Santos, ipig turn over an suspechado ki PO2 Sammy Colipano.

Kabale sa ipig surrender sa pulis an calibre .38ng revolver na may marking DCA-1, na may kargang limang bala.

An suspechado yaon ngonian sa Siruma MPS mantang pig pepreparar an isasangat na kaso contra saiya.


Lalaki, tinadtad saksak sa Caramoan; suspect pig hahanap

CARAMOAN, CSur 5/27/18 (BICOLSTANDARD) Pig hahanap pa hasta ngonian an suspechadong nag gadann ki Manny Plamiano y Cornel, na nangyari sa Brgy. Gibgos digdi kasusarong bangui (Mayo 26).

Segun sa pulis na si Liza Huit y Corpuz, an kasaroan kan biktima, si Plamiano sinaksak kan suspechadong si Ronald Clores y Cornel, na residente kan Brgy. Gibgos.

Nagluluwas sa imbestigasyon na an biktima papuli na sa saindang barangay kaiba si Romulo Valle y Estopin asin Arnel Tolero y Borbe, kan saksakon nin pirang beses si Plamiano kan suspechado.

Nin huli ta mortal an mga tama sa lawas, binawian tulos nin buhay an biktima.

Pakatapos na mangyari an krimen, nagdulag an suspechado asin sagkod ngonian pig hahanap pa kan mga awtoridad.

Gadan na lalaki nakua sa oma, dai pa nabibisto

MINALABAC, CSur 5/27/18 (BICOLSTANDARD) Nangapodan an pulis sa banwaan na ini sa sisay man na may nawawarang miembro kan saindang familia, poon kan sarong aldaw.

Segun sa report, sarong lalaki an naheling na mayo nin buhay sa Sitio Dike, Brgy. Del Carmen sa banwaan na ini.

An nag nakaheling kan bangkay iyo si Ando delos Santos y Bercasio, na Presidente kan mga jovenes sa sinambit na lugar, na iyo man an nagpaisi sa mga awtoridad.

Nakua an bangkay kan lalaki sa oma na mayo nin nakakabisto sa saiya sa barangay.

Nagpaluwas na nin noticia an pulis digdi sa mga pagtaraid na mga banwaan para ibandillo an informasyon na ini. Yaon sa sarong funeraria an bangkay kan lalaki, pakatapos na gibohon kan Municipal Health Office an autopsy sa saiyang hawak.


Tato Mendoza, lalabanan si VM Legacion

NAGA CITY 5/27/18 (Bicol Standard) -- Mahalat si Tato Mendoza na maaraman mismo hale ki VP Leni Robredo kun dai mananggad si Aika Robredo makandidatong alkalde sa election sa masunod na taon.

Ini an pirang beses nang sinabi ni Mendoza sa mga miembros kan media, kada hapoton siya kun igwa pa siya nin plano sa politika, orog na an pagkandidatong alkalde kan Ciudad nin Naga.

Malinaw na inako ni Mendoza na buhay pang maray an saiyang plano na magdalagan liwat sa cargong alkalde, bastang dai magkandidato an aki kan vice presidente.

Pig linaw ni Mendoza na susug sa olay ninda ni VP Robredo maaaraman niya an final na desisyon antes magtapos an bulan na presente.

Maroromdoman na kan naka aging election, nagtapsok na si Mendoza sa batalya nin politika digdi, alagad, dinaog kan nakatukaw na alkaldeng si John Bongat.

“Kun si VMayor Nelson Legacion man sana suboot an saiyang makakalaban, preparado siya lumaban digdi, orog nang hararom nang maray an dai pagka intendihan ninda sa mga naka aging mga aldaw asin bulan.

Laban sa pagka Pres kan Liga ng mga Barangay sa Naga, mainit na

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) - Garong dadalanon na sana ni Mayor John Bongat an pig babanabang encontrada sa pag oltanan ni Punong Barangay Dodit Beltran kan Bagumbayan Norte asin ni Pb. Lorenzo Narvaez kan Sta Cruz, Naga City, an duwang aspirante sa pagka presidente kan Liga ng mga barangay.

Sa parte ni Bongat, na yaon na sa ultimong turno bilang hefe ejecutibo kan ciudad, naheheling na nadidifisilan na maglantad kan saiyang desisyon kun sisay an tatabangan sa duwa.

Sa meeting na inatendiran kan duwang aspirante sa cargong Presidente kan Liga, sinabihan sinda ni Bongat na dapat tawan nin dakulang halaga an saindang halawig nang pag aramigohan, ki kan sa ambisyon sa politika.

An matukaw na bagong official kan Liga ng Mga barangay maserve sagkod sa taon 2020.

An sinambit na meeting na presente si Bongat, inatendiran man kan duwang aspirante na maging vice presidente kan Liga ng mga Barangay na sinda PB Corazon Penaflor asin PB Cyrus Llacer Cabacof.

Mayo pa nin malinaw na desisyon kun sisay sa duwa an mapahonod, o dagos man guiraray an laban ni Beltran asin Narvaez.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

EDITORIAL | Brigada Eskwela: Contemporary Bayanihan

The word “bayanihan” often conjures the image of a group of men bearing the weight of a nipa hut on their shoulders to help the homeowners transfer to another location. While this is a romantic and nostalgic image, it appears anachronistic in this day and age when the practice, once commonplace, is now a rarity, especially in urban areas.

The spirit of bayanihan, however, has not died down, and instead transformed into other practices, such as volunteers braving floods and fires in aid of those stricken by calamities to the Brigada Eswkela, in which people from various sectors come together to prepare the school for the upcoming year.

Launched in 2003, the Brigada Eskwela became an annual activity, transforming the concept of bayanihan from something that was engaged in only by selected members of the community to something to which anyone may contribute. It updates the notion of bayanihan into something more fitting to the contemporary times with the inclusion of everyone regardless of class, age, or gender.

The Brigada Eskwela is solid proof that the community may unite against some of the challenges that beset Philippine education, such as rough blackboards or broken chairs, which distract learners and educators. And although it is not a panacea for the other concerns such as insufficient learning resources and inadequate training for teachers, it is, and thankfully so, a step in the right direction.

It is also a testament to the shared responsibility that all Filipinos have to improving education in our nation. Our role as Filipinos with regard to education is not limited to perennially pointing out the weaknesses of the system, but must also encompass a more proactive stance by involving ourselves into the solution of said weaknesses.

As the Brigada Eskwela kicks off this year, we urge everyone to do his or her part in contributing efforts to preparing the schools for the upcoming year. It is, after all, our moral responsibility not only to the academe but also to ourselves, to ensure that Philippine education is ameliorated.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Suporta sa programa kontra droga, hinagad ni Mayor Rosal sa mga bagong ilihir na SK officials

Mayor Noel Rosal

Ni Vince Villar

Legazpi City – Hagad ngonyan kan Alkalde kan Legazpi City sa mga bagong elehidong Sangguniang Kabataan na manindugan para suportaran an programa kan administrasyon ni Presidente Duterte na labanan an droga sa Nasyon. Ini an naging pakihuron ni Mayor Noel E. Rosal matapos na mag atindir sa ginibong SK mandatory training na ginibo sa City Hall compound kasuhapon.

Paliwanag ni rosal, significanteng maray na labanan an an drug addiction ngani irayo an mga jovenes na epekto kan iligal na droga asin ngani dai man maapektaran an futuro kan mga ini urog na an mga menor se edad.

Huli kaini, importante suboot an pakikipagtabangan kan mga SK Officials sa mga opisyal kan Barangay, mga magurang asin brgy police ngani maimplementar nin maray an curfew ordinance asin pagmonitor kan gabos na aktibidades kan mga jovenes ta ngani na mailikay na mabiktima nin mga durugista.

Kasabay kaini, inumaw man kan alkalde an gabos na mga sk kagawads sa pagpili na magserbi sa publiko imbes na mapaduman sa mga pribadong mga aktibidad.

An gabos na mga sk chairman an matukaw bilang mga ex officio bilang representante kan kabataan sa barangay council, mantang an mga sk kagawads naman an may poder na magpresentar nin anuman na developmental programs asin proyekto para sa mga kabataan sa saindang mga lugares.

Suspected NPA rebel nabbed in Camarines Norte

by Mar Serrano Arguelles

LEGAZPI CITY -- A suspected New People’s Army (NPA) rebel facing murder and frustrated murder charges was nabbed by police operatives on Wednesday in Barangay Camambugan in Daet town in Camarines Norte.

Arrested was Jonel Alcanzo, 34, a resident of Purok 3 Barangay Anameam in Labo, Camarines Norte, a suspected member of NPA under the Armando Catapia Command operating in the province, said PNP Bicol spokesperson Police Senior Inspector Maria Luisa Calubaquib on Thursday.

Armed with a warrant of arrest, police operatives collared the suspect in a house in Barangay Camambugan, Daet town on Wednesday morning. The suspect did not resist arrest.

Alcanzo has been tagged as among the most wanted persons in the province.

The suspect is facing murder and two counts of frustrated murder charges at the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 64 in Labo, Camarines Norte.

PHOTO | Darwin Bonagua of Salvacion, Tabaco City swims the 8-kilometer distance from mainland Tabaco to San Miguel

WARM UP. Darwin Bonagua of Salvacion, Tabaco City swims the 8-kilometer distance from mainland Tabaco to San Miguel as part of his training for a triathlon with the majestic Mayon Volcano as backdrop. (Contributed photo)

Virac bishop joins call for NEA takeover of FICELCO

VIRAC, Catanduanes (Bicol Standard) — Bishop Manolo de los Santos of the Diocese of Virac has joined the calls for the National Electrification to take over the operations of First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FICELCO), due to the power crisis that has been hounding Catanduanes for over a year.

This was after Vice Mayor Arlyn Arcilla of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of the town of Virac requested the same following the cooperative president Alexander Ang Hung's confirmation that the province was under a power crisis.

Meantime, FICELCO’s member-consumers have sought the resignation of Ang Hung for his alleged failure to solve the frequent power interruptions. Said member-consumers have taken to the streets, armed with placards, expressing their disappointment over the issue.

Among the rallyists’ requests are for NEA to take over FICELCO, and for Sunwest Water and Electric Co., Inc. (SUWECO) gensets to be installed in the island province.

Meanwhile, FICELCO, through OIC General Manager Jonathan Valles, told the media that aid is coming in the form of a 3.6MW genset, which will help with the 2.5-megawatt power deficit.

The same was confirmed by Rep. Cesar Sarmiento, Valles said.


OFW na taga Libmanan, hinabasan nin bagahe sa Tabaco City

TABACO CITY (Bicol Standard) --  Haros marungkab an daghan sa kurabkutab kan puso ni Geraldine Flores y Puriao, taga Libmanan, Camarines Sur kan agawon an dara niyang bag kan 3ng para padyak digdi.

Nangyari an incidente sa pier kan Tabaco City sa barangay Cormidal.

An biktima na sarong OFW, hale pa sana sa Catanduanes para sa pirang aldaw na bakasyon.

Siya (Flores) malunad na sa bus papuli sa Naga City kan mangyari an incidente.

Ipinahayag ni Flores sa pulis na narisa niya na determinado an tulong lalaki na idulag asin sadirehon an saiyang gamit na may laog nin cash asin importanteng papeles.

An sabi pa sa report, mantang nagdudulag an mga suspechado mayong pag alangan na binukod sinda kan biktima para mabawi an bag.

Nabawi pa kuta an gamit, alagad mayo na an P7,000.00 na cash nasa bulsa kan bag na tinabag kan mga lalaki.

Sa tabang kan Maritime police, naarestar an mga suspechado.

Yaon sinda sa custodia kan mga awtoridad pig iimbestigaran pa.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NAGA CITY: Ultimong 2ng kilong bagas, hinabas

NAGA CITY 5/23/18/ (BICOL STANDARD) Ultimong 2 kilong bagas na yaon sa laog kan bugtakan na balde an dai na lamang pinalibre kan pusikit na parahabon na nagsalakat sa harong kan familya ni Arnold Lopre y Esmiralda sa Urban Queborac, Brgy. Bagumbayan Sur, digdi.

Segun sa sumbong kan mag amang biktima, na iyo sinda Arnold asin Alexander Lopre, nanok sinda sa pagturog kan maglikat na makalaog sa saindang harong an mga parahabon.

Enot na pinasan paluwas sa saindang harong an 14” black and white tv; kinua an helmet na gamit sa pag motorsiklo; pitaka na may laog P1,250.00; 2ng baratohon na cellphone na yaon sa ibabaw kan lamesa; brown na pitaka na may laog na P2,400.00 asin saro pang de calidad man na cell phone an kinua pa.

Haros magbalinghaw an mag amang Lopre kan nadiscubre ninda na pati an 2ng kilong bagas na yaon sa laog kan bugtakan na lata an hinabas pa.

Nadiscubre ninda na mayo na an saindang pan sapnang bagas kan maheling an bugtakan na lata na nasa tungod kan kan harong sa atubangan kan saindang residencia.

An mga para salakat nag laog sa harong kan biktima sa paagui kan mayor na pwerta, na nalingawan na isara kan mag ama sa pagturog ninda.

Mag agom, tiklo sa P300,000 na shabu sa Legazpi

LEGAZPI CITY 5/23/18 (BICOL STANDARD) Yaon sa laog kan carcel an mag agom na taga Brgy Victory Village digdi, na nadakop kasubangui kan PDEA sa buy bust operation.

An lalaki iyo si Larry Loveriza asin an agom niyang si Nena Loveriza, pareyo nag eestar sa Purok 2, sa nasambit na barangay.

Segun sa report, pirang bulan nang binabantayan kan mga ahentes kan PDEA an patagong pagpabakal nin shabu kan mag agom na Loveriza, kaya kasubangui, ipig serve sa saindang an search warrant, katabang an PNP Albay, Intelligence Service kan AFP asin an mga tawohan kan PDEA.

Sa pagrikisa kan saindang residencia nabotbotan kan mga awtoridad an 50 gramos nin shabu, na may valor na P300,000.00.

An mag agom na Loveriza yaon ngonian sa carcel kan PDEA mientras na pig pepreparar an isasangat na kaso contra sainda.

TABACO CITY: 80 anyos na lolo, nabangga nin motorsiklo

TABACO CITY 5/23/18 (BICOL STANDARD) Inaragapan an 82 anyos na gurang na nagmamaneho nin trisikle na nabudalan nin motorsiklo na pig mamaneho ni Rachelle Bongon y Callao, 34 anyos an edad.

Nangyari an aksidente sa P5 Brgy San Antonio, sa ciudad na ini.

Sabi sa report an gurang na nabisto sa ngaran na Salvador Camato, 82 anyos an edad, luwayluway na nag pepedal kan saiyang trisikel kan biglang makaisip na magpabirik sa tinampo.

Dai niya naheling an nagdadalagan na motorsiklo na pig mamaneho ni Bongon.

Nin huli kan pangyayari, natumba trisikle kan gurang, siring man an motorsiklo na nakatupa saiya.

Anas sinda nagsapo nin mga rungas sa lawas.

Afuera ki Camato, na may diit na rungas sa lawas, dinara man sa hospital si Bongon asin an kasuno niyang si Hedelina Mamogay y Llaneta, na pareyo taga Brgy. Buang, digdi.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

2 an gadan sa aksidente sa Libmanan

NAGA CITY 5/22/18 (BICOL STANDARD) (Updated) Dai na nakasalvar sa kagadanan an duwang tawo na biktima kan nangyaring karambola kan limang awto sa Brgy. Mabini, Limanan, Camarines Sur, kasubagong aga.

Sarong familya an nakalunad sa Avanza.

An aksidente nangyari sa tungod kan Brgy. Mabini, sa Maharlika Highway.

Segun sa pahayag ni P/Supt Errol Garchitorena Jr., an hefe kan Libmanan PNP, nag probar na mag overtake an Avanza sa pig susunodan na awto kan makasabatan an bus, na nagdadalagan hale sa sabat na direksyon.

Huli kaini, nagkabungoan an duwang awto, na iyo an naging rason para mawaran nin control kan manibela an driver kan van, dangan nakabanga pa sa sarong kotse.

May saro pang pampasaherong bus an nagtupa sa kotse, kaya nawaran na nin control an nakasunod na van, na nagbanga man sa mga awto.

Nin huli kaini, nagsapo nin mga lugad asin rungas sa lawas an 11ng tawo na lunad sa mga awto na tulos idinalagan sa hospital.

Nin huli sa grabeng kusog kan bangaan, binawian nin buhay an driver kan Avanza asin saro pang paratukdo (teacher).

An PNP Libmanan nag-iimbestigar pa kan kasong ini.

100 anyos na lola, tinawan regalo kan Albay

LEGAZPI CITY (BICOL STANDARD) – Dakulang kaogmahan an namatean kan sarong 100 anyos na gurang kan siya regalohan nin kantidad P50,000.00 hale sa gobierno Provincial kan Albay.

Si Celestina Candano, nag-compleano kan Abril 6, 100 anyos na ngonian, nakarecive man nin kantidad P100,000.00 hale sa gobierno national.

Si Lola Celestina taga Estancia, Malinao, Albay na surprise kan maaraman na may itatao saiyang regalong cash hale sa Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), kan siya paisihon kan staff kan Lokal na Gobierno kan Malinao, sabi sa bareta.

An premyong cash na kantidad P100,000.00 na hale sa gobierno national por medyo sa R.A. 10868, na inaapod na Centenarian Act of 2016. An ikinaogma pa kan lola iyo an dugang na P50,000, na hale sa gobierno Provincial.

Paka recibe niya kan regalo, napaabot man si lola Celestina nin pasalamat ki Gob. Al Francis Bichara huli sa pagromdom sa mga gurang.

12 irido sa karambola kan 5ng awto sa Libmanan

NAGA CITY 5/22/18 (BICOL STANDARD) Doce (12) katawo an irido na idinalagan sa hospital sa Libmanan sa nangyaring karambola kan limang awto sa Maharlika Highway, sa Brgy. Mabini, Libmanan, Camarines Sur kasubagong aga.

Base sa enot na imbestigasyon an driver kan kotse na nagprobar na mag-overtake sa pig susunodan na awto an naging mitsa kan dakulang aksidente.

An sabi, dai kinaya kan driver kan kotse na mabawi tulos an manibela tangani na maka-ibitar na makabongoan an kasabatan na bus. Nin huli sa kusog kan bangaan, nawaran nin control kan manibela an driver.

Apisar kan nakisuagan an kotse sa bus, nakadalagan pa ini sa guilid asin abaga kan tinampo, asin buminudal sa poste.

Siring man, saro pang pampasaherong bus an nasabitan kan nagwawariwad na kotse, asin an kasunod nindang van suminalpok pa sa nasambit na mga lunadan.

Nin huli kan karambola nin mga awto, nagsapo nin mga gatok asin rungas sa saindang lawas an 12ng pasahero, na dinara man tulos sa hospital sa Libmanan.

Pirang minutos an naka-agi, an mga paciente an idinalagan sa hospital sa Naga City.

Marikas man si pag responde kan Disaster Risk and Reduction and Management office kan Libmanan, kaya sa paagui ni Noel Hara, an Operation Commander kan opisina, napadara tulos nin emergency team sa lugar na pinangyarihan kan aksidente.

Mientrastanto, an saro sa mga biktima iyo an sarong omboy na naka-apon pa ngani sa tinampo nin huli sa kusog kan aksidende. Naheling kan mga nagsapod sa aki na si saiyang lalawgon igwa nin mga saradit asin kapidasong salming, na hale sa mga nadisgraciang vehiculo.

Mantang sinusurat an baretang ini, an nagkapira sa mga nakalunad sa mga nadisgraciang awto an binubulong sa hospital.

An aksidente iyo an nagdara nin grabeng traffico sa lugar kaya inabot nin amay na odto antes na makalusot an byahe hale sa Manila palaog sa Naga asin an kasabatan na mga vehiculo na resulta kan nagubot na trapiko sa lugar kan aksidente.

An pulis nag iimbestigar pa kan sinambit na incidente hastang sinusurat an baretang ini.

Schools urged to emphasize lead safety in Brigada Eskwela

A waste and pollution watch group exhorted the country’s public elementary and secondary schools to make lead safety part of the annual Brigada Eskwela on May 28 to June 2.

In line with Department Order No. 4 issued by Education Secretary Leonor Briones in January 2017, the EcoWaste Coalition urged school heads to ensure full compliance to the “mandatory use of lead-safe paints in schools.”

DepEd issued the said order at the request of the EcoWaste Coalition, an advocate for lead-free school, to prevent and control children’s exposure to lead through the ingestion of lead-contaminated paint chip, dust and soil in the school environment.

In December 2017, Briones issued Department Order No. 64 detailing the minimum performance standards and specifications for DepEd school buildings. “Paints materials must be independently certified lead-safe paints/coatings,” according to the said order.

“We laud Education Secretary Briones for her steadfast commitment to promote a lead-safe school environment for Filipino children as contained in Department Orders 4 and 64, series of 2017. Strict compliance to these orders is crucial to stop the entry and use of lead-containing architectural, decorative and household (ADH) paints in all schools following the completion of the three-year phase-out for such paints last December 2016,” said Thony Dizon, Chemical Safety Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.

“The effective enforcement of these orders will also help in reducing the creation and dispersion of lead-tainted paint chip, dust and soil from the Brigada Eskwela school cleanup and renovation activities that children may ingest or inhale,” he added.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, “the most common lead hazards in schools are lead-based paint, lead dust and contaminated soil.”

Exposure to lead can permanently damage the brain and the central nervous system, impair growth and development, and cause learning and behavioral problems, the EcoWaste Coalition warned.

“As there is no safe threshold for lead exposure, we need to pay serious attention on eliminating preventable lead pollution sources such as lead-containing paints in our homes, schools and communities,” Dizon said.

“D.O. 4-2017 is by far the most important lead poisoning prevention directive made by the DepEd complementing the Chemical Control Order for Lead and Lead Compounds issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources,” he said.

According to D.O. 4-2017, the use of independently certified lead-safe paints/coatings is mandatory to all painting and/or repainting works of school facilities, furniture, fixtures, learning materials and tools and equipment.

The said D.O. also applies to paint-coated goods or products directly procured by the school as well as those sourced by other means such as through individual, group, corporate or local government donations.

To drum up awareness and compliance to the ban on lead-containing ADH paints, the EcoWaste Coalition will distribute posters to Metro Manila schools announcing the phase-out of such paints.

During the week of the Brigada Eskwela, the EcoWaste Coalition will deploy a roving team targeting Quezon City schools to promote compliance to D.O. 4-2017.

SM launches 60th anniversary celebrations

SM launched its 60th Anniversary celebrations by lighting up the iconic Mall of Asia globe, and with it, starting off a series of exciting 60 themed visual attractions, fun experiences, and interactive activities for its customers from May to October in SM malls nationwide.

The SM story began in 1958 when founder Henry Sy, Sr. opened the first Shoemart store in downtown Manila, introducing exciting new merchandising and retailing concepts. At that time, Mr. Sy, who has been honored as the Father of Philippine Retail by the Philippine Retailers Association, thought that if he could sell a pair of shoes to every Filipino, he could be a successful man.

In the 1960s, Shoemart expanded its shoe store chain and became one of the pioneers in the new urban centers in Makati and Cubao.

In the seventies, Shoemart evolved into a department store, becoming SM, which has been synonymous with one-stop shopping excitement. SM positioned itself for growth in the 1980s, expanding its department store chain and venturing in the supermarket and appliance business.

1985 saw the opening of the first SM shopping center, SM City North EDSA. It was a time of a major political and economic crisis, but the mall was an instant success, paving way for the so-called malling phenomenon in the Philippines. Malls became part of the Filipino lifestyle, places where families and friends could shop together, dine together, and have fun together in world classurroundings.

Today, SM has close to a thousand retail stores, and 70 malls in the Philippines, and 7 malls in China.

Through its property arm, SM Prime Holdings, SM has also become a leading developer of residential condominiums in Metro Manila, where residents could live like a star at affordable prices.

Mr. Sy always believed in tourism as a catalyst, and with that, built destination malls like the SM Mall of Asia. Through SM Hotels and Conventions, the company now owns and operates world class hotels, a state of the art arena, convention and exhibition centers, and premier beach and mountain resorts.

In the finance area, the acquisition of Banco de Oro in the 1980s enabled SM to provide better cash management services to its suppliers and retail banking services to its customers. Today, as the country’s largest bank in terms of resources, deposits, and loans, BDO has made finance inclusive for millions of Filipinos.

Through SM Foundation, SM reaches out to communities with its educational, health, and livelihood training programs aimed at making farmers self-sufficient. Through SM Cares, SM has undertaken environmental programs by building green spaces in its malls, as well as sustainability efforts, trash to cash recycling, and disaster risk reduction programs. It has also make going around the malls easier for those with difficulties through PWD program.

Iwal kan nadaog na Kapitan asin Vice Mayor sa Albay huli sa droga, urog na naglala

ni Vince Villar

Guinobatan, Albay – Urog na naglala ang dingkilan kan nadaog sa pagka Punong Baranggay asin incumbent Vice Mayor sa banwaang ini huli sa isyu kan iligal na droga na nag ugat sa pagpapaluwas kan narco list kan PDEA.

Ini matapos na magpa blotter sa Guinobatan Municipal Police Station si dating Kapitan Roland Mijares kan Brgy. Bubulusan kung saen pig aakusaran kaining si Vice Mayor July Tingzon an nasa likod kan mga huma sa buhay na naririsibi niya sa ngonyan.

Segun sa sumbong ni MIjares, duwang banggi na suboot na narereparo niya an riding-in-tandem na pabalik balik sa luwas kan saindang residensiya.

Nagtutubod si Mijares na si Tingzon an nasa likod kaini huli sa expose niya na imbwelto man an bise alkalde sa iligal na droga.

Andam suboot siya na patotoohan ini sa paagi kan pagluluwas na maninigong ebidensiya.

Sa suhay na intrivista kay Vice Mayor Tingzon, tinawan doon kaini na wara siyang kakayahan na magpagadan nin tawo o manakot gamit an riding-in-tandem huli ta siya ngani mismo an pirming solo sana naglalakaw asin warang bodyguard.

Ipiglinaw ni Tingzon na an pagkauyam saiya ni Mijares an haluyon na puon pa kan siya Municipal Councilor pa sana man kan taong 2005.

Segun kay Tingzon, pina imbestigaran niya suboot an Bubulusan kan panahon na ito huli sa rampanteng illegal logging.

Taong 2014, pigkwestyon man si Mijares kan Commission on Audit kun napasain suboot an mga bagas na dapat kuta relief sa mga naapektaran niyang residente.

Taong 2016 kan pigraid kan mga kapulisan an residensiya kan nasabing Kapitan huli kan isyu sa droga.

Sinahutan suboot ni Mijares si TIngzon na iyo an nagpasugo na i-raid ini.

An pinaka latest suboot na nadagit si Mijares kay Tingzon, iyo an sinabi niyang 95% kan mga nasa listahan kan PDEA na taga Guinobatan (10 Kapitan, 12 Kagawad) an totoo.

Tinawan doon ni TIngzon na an pinagbasehan niya suboot iyo an bilang kan mga naaraman niyang nagsurrender sa Oplan Tokhang kan PNP.

Digdi suboot nadagit nin maray si Mijares, urog na kan nadaog ini sa pagka Kapitan, kun kaya nagpuon ng akusaran kaini an Bise Alkalde na imbwelto sa droga.

Sa Presente, tulo ng Drug Test Result hali sa Regioanl Crime Laboratory, PDEA, asin DOH an ipinaluwas ni Tingzon sa publiko, kung saen ipinapahiling na negative siya sa droga, ngani patunayan na mali an akusasyon saiya ni Mijares na naggagamit siya nin droga.

Nagtutubod si Tingzon na pulitika an dahilan kan isyung ini huli ta an nasa likod suboot ni MIjares iyo an opisyal man sa munisipyo na muya siyang rauton huli ta may plano siyang kalabanon sa 2019 Local Election.

Dae na nginranan kan Bise Alkalde kun sisay na opisyal ini, alagad sinabing nasa Narco List man ini kan PDEA.

Miyentrastanto, kinumpirma ni Tingzon na sa 34 na mga nagkandidatong sa Brgy Election na nasa Narco list kan PDEA asin PNP, 14 digdi an nanggana, 22 an nadaog.

Sa 10 Kapitan na nginaranan kan PDEA, 7 an nanggana, 3 an nadaog, kabale na suboot si Mijares.
Habang sinusurat an baretang ini, wara pa nin komento si Mijares sa mga pahayag na ini ni Vice Mayor Tingzon.

Monday, May 21, 2018

May darang P3.4 M na druga, tinoklo kan PDEA sa Bicol

LEGAZPI CITY 5/21/18 (BICOL STANDARD) An haloy nang binabantayan na supplier nin shabu sa Bicol, nadakop na kasubagong alas 3:30 nin hapon sa Brgy. Puro, digdi.

Segun sa report kan Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency sa Bicol, si Myla Panuncio, taga Pasay City, an nahulog man guiraray sa kamot kan mga awtoridad sa paagui kan tarabang na grupo kan Regional Special Enforcement Team asin PDEA.

Nakua sa saiyang poder an 500 gramos nin shabu na carculadong may valor na P3.4 milliones.

Si Panuncio haloy nang nasa listahan kan mga ahentes kan PDEA ta siya an sinasahotan na nagdidistribuir kan illegal na druga sa rehiyon.

An shabu na nakua sa saiya nasa laog kan dakulang plastic bag.

Idinagdag sa bareta, makusog an pagtubod kan PDEA na afuera sa Bicol, imbuelto pa siya sa pagdara kan illegal na druga sa ibang lugar.

Pig titipon pa kan mga ahentes kan gobierno an ibang informasyon mapadapit saiyang operasyon.

DOLE Bicol to host 4th National Career Advocacy Congress

Legazpi City – With the theme “Preparing for a Digital Ready Workforce”, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Region V is the host of the 4th National Career Advocacy Congress (NCAC) which will be held at The Oriental Hotel in Legazpi City, Albay, Bicol Region on May 24-25, 2018.

Said Congress aims to examine the trends and labor market implications of Fourth Industrial Revolution as digital revolution characterized by the use of technologies for communication and economic purposes, jobs are beginning to transform, and new job categories are starting to emerge, posing the risk of job displacement and mismatch.

NCAC organized by the DOLE- Bureau of Labor and Employment (BLE) in cooperation with the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) Working Group member-agencies (i.e. Commission on Higher Education [CHED], Department of Education [DepEd], Department of Science and Technology [DOST], and Professional Regulation Commission [PRC]), is held biennially which serves as an avenue to exchange ideas and good practices when it comes to career guidance.

This two (2)-day event will focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, specifically on its risks and opportunities, shifts in occupational patterns on different employment levels, transformations in skills requirements, and implications to education/training sector.

Nearly 400 participants nationwide are expected to attend the big event. National government agencies (NGAs) that will participate include DOLE, CHED, PRC, DepEd, DOST, TESDA.

As such, there will be a number of panel discussions and presentations as well as open fora during the two-day event. Topics for the first day include: Future of Work and the Evolving Workplace: Global and Regional Perspectives, Technological Change and Its Impact on Education and Labor Market Information, Philippine Policies and Interventions – Developing the Future Workforce (National Perspectives – Government and Industry). On the second day, there will be a panel discussion about the latter and The Role of Career Guidance in Shaping the Future Workforce.

Further, resource speakers are Mr. Christopher Watson, Senior Advisor for East and the Asia Pacific of US Department of Labor and Employment; Dr. Lee Sang Hyon, Director of Korea Employment Information System; Mr. Justin Wood, Head of Asia Pacific & Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum; Dr. Pablo A. Acosta, Senior Economist, World Bank.

Meanwhile, registration is still on-going to all interested participants specifically, Career Counselors, Advocates and partners in Career Guidance and Employment Counseling.

Lalaki binadil sa saindang harong, todas

MASBATE (BICOLSTANDARD) Tinuyo sa saindang harong si Resttot Peralta y Balasa, 31, dangan binadil kan dai nabistong lalaki, sabi sa report kan pulis.

An incidente nangyari, alas 6:00 nin aga (Mayo 21), sa Brgy. Asid, Masbate City.

Malinaw sa natipon na mga evidencia na determinado an criminal na todason si Peralta nin huli ta tama kan bala na pinatadom sa saiyang lawas.

Segun pa sa report posibleng hararom na maray an rason kun tano ta tinapos an buhay kan biktima, sabi kan mga imbestigador.

Hastang sinusurat an baretang ini, mayo pa nin nagugunong informasyon na pwedeng maging dalan para mabisto an criminal.

Nagpapadagos an imbestigasyon kan mga awtoridad.

70 anyos na gurang nalamos sa dagat

MERCEDES, CNorte –Sarong70 anyos na para sira na taga Purok 1, Barangay Tacad, Basud, Camarines Norte an nakuang mayo nang buhay, naglalataw-lataw sa dagat sa tungod kan Barangay San Roque, digdi.

Ini an naka-abot na report sa pulis nagsasabi na poco mas o menos alas 4:00 nin aga, (Mayo 19) kan naheling an bangkay kan biktima.

Sabi sa enot na report, an bangkay kan gurang naheling ni Lito Estrella y Villamor, na naglalataw sa dagat na saiyang na-agihan mantang naka sakay sa motor sa dagat.

Iginilid an bangkay sa baybayon asin siya nabisto kan saiyang mga partidaryo.

Nagsabi an mga paryentes kan gadan na naglawod an biktima tangani na maghanap nin sira naka sakay sa sadit na baroto, na nalubog man.

Idinampal sa parte kan Marcedes, Camarines Norte an bangkay kan biktima nin huli sa makusog na sulog kan dagat.

An gadan pig bibilaran ngonian sa funeraria asin hinahalat na sana an post mortem examination antes siyang ipalubong.

CAFGU binadil sa Sorsogn kan NPA, gadan

LEGAZPI CITY – (BICOLSTANDARD) An mga miembros kan New People’s Army (NPA) an sinasahotan na nagbadil, gadan, ki Eduardo Embile, dating miembro kan Civilian Armed Forces Georgraphical Unit (CAFGU) kasuodma, sa pwerang barangay sa Bulusan, Sorsogon.

Sabi sa report na nakaabot sa pulis, si Embile, na taga Barangay Barbara, sa banwaan kan Bulusan naglalakaw papuli sa saindang harong kan siya badilon kan mga rebelde.

Hale sa baylehan an biktima kan siya hipaan kan mga NPA sa Sitio Taisan, Barangay San Vicente, sabi ni Sr. Insp. Maria Luisa Calubaquib, an spokesperson kan pulis sa Bicol.

Nagsapo nin mga lugad an biktima, an pinaka grabe iyo an tama nin bala sa saiyang payo, na iyo an saiyang ikinagadan.

An saiyang bangkay nakua sa guilid kan tinampo na naka dapla asin nagkakarigos sa saiyang sadireng dugo.

Mientrastanto, sabi kan pulis igwang iwinalat na surat sa irarom kan saiyang T-shirt, na hale sa Celso Minguez Command kan NPA

Naka firma sa surat an pangaran na Ka Samuel Guerero, CMC-BHB Sorsogon, sabi pa sa report.

Sa guilid kan saiyang bangkay nakua an duwang baseyo nin bala kan calibre .45ng badil.

Alkalde kan Albay igot sa kampanya kontra sa droga

LEGAZPI CITY (BICOL STANDARD) –Tanganing patuyayan na mayo sindang problema sa pag gamit nin illegal na droga, inoyonan ni Alkalde Gemma Ongjoko an desisyon ni Vice Mayor July Tingzon asin Punong Barangay Roland Mijares kan Bubulusan, Guinobatan, Albay na bulontaryong magpa drug test.

Pig confirmar kan alkalde na nagrani saiya si Vice Mayor Tingzon para pahimutikan an mga allegasyon dapit digdi.

Igwa man ni siring na pahayag si Punong barangay Mijares, mapadapit sa pareyong issue.

Nag paglinaw an Alkalde kan magbungkaras na an bareta na dakula nang maray an numero kan mga drug users asin drug dependents sa saindang lugar.

Na “suba” sa online store, nagreklamo

NAGA CITY –BICOLSTANDARD) Sa pagmawot na makakua nin dakulang discuento sa pagbakal nin materiales sa construction, si Rodney Edbert Llaneras y Barcelona, empleado kan Gaudencia Corporation an “nasuba” (swindle) nin kantidad P244,630.70 kan saiyang kaolay nag pabistong konektado sa OLX.

Nag sumbong si Llaneras sa pulis, na kan sarong aldaw (Mayo 16), nagheling siya sa internet, ta mabakal nin mga cabilla sa OLX online store sa pagtubod na mas barato an presyo digdi.

An saiyang nakaolay iyo an babae na nagpabisto sa pangaran na Cara Crisostomo, na suboot konektado sa OLX asin an tindahan iyo an C.D Valle Enterprises na may address na AH26, sa Barangay Cruz na Daan, San Rafael, Bulacan.

Pakalihis nin dikit na orolay sa internet na kumbensir si Llaneras na nag order kan saiyang mga kaipohan na steel bars.

Sabi kan biktima, kan Mayo 17 na hapon, binayadan tulos niya an bilog na kantidad kan pig order na materiales, sa paagui kan pag diposito nin cuarta sa East West Bank sa San Francisco Branch, digdi.

An account name na saiyang binayadan, Cecilla Valle na may account No. 20000307 41152.

Ihinulog an bayad apag 4:07 nin hapon, asin naverificar na nakua na si bayad na cuarta, alas 5:49 nin hapon, kan pareyong aldaw.

Mientrastanto, pakatapos na makahulog kan cuarta, asin pinaisi an kaolay na nagbayad na sinda sa banko, dai na naaapodan si numero kan telephono sa katransaksyon.

Siring man, tulos pina delete si account number sa OLX asin dai nakokontak sa Facebook an kaolay.

Hasta ngonian mayo nin informasyon kun sisay an saindang binayadan kan sinambit na cuarta na pambakal nin cabilla.

An Gaudencia Corporation may opisina sa Jacob St., Bagumbayan Sur, digdi.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Negosyante, sa Masbate, hinipaan sa dalan, binadil

MASBATE CITY (BICOL STANDARD) Binadil asin may tama nin bala an negocianteng si Ely Bustamante y Lander, 41 anyos, residente kan Barangay Umabay Exterior, Mobo, Masbate.

An krimen nangyari sa National Road, sa Barangay Kinamaligan digdi, alas 10:57 nin aga (Mayo 16).

An duwang suspechado dai pa nadadakop kan mga awtoridad hasta ngonian.

Naluluwas sa report kan pulis na an biktima papuli sa saindang harong, nakalunad sa kolor abohon na Toyota Altis, hale sa Barangay Sta. Maria, Mobo, Masbate.

Hinipaan siya kan duwang suspchedo asin binadil nin nagkapirang beses, mantang an mga suspechado naka lunad sa motorsiklo na mayo nin plaka.

Maswerteng an tama kan bala sa biktima sa saiyang walang takyag sana, kaya nakalibre sa kagadanan.

Dinara si Bustamante sa Masbate Doctor’s Hospital para ipabulong.

Mientrastanto, nakua sa pinangyarihan kan krimen an 16 capsula hale sa calibre .45 na badil

Nag iimbestigar pa hasta ngonian an mga pulis para aramon kun ano an motibo kan mga criminal.

Solterong naki bayle sa Calabanga, binadil, gadan

CALABANGA, CSur (BICOL STANDARD) An makuring tama nin bala sa lawas ni Marvin Baldemoro y Legardo, na taga Barangay Burabod an saiyang ikina gadan, mantang nasa kaorogmahan sa Barangay Camuning digdi.

An mga imbestigador nagsabi na an biktima yaon sa baylehan kan diya dinukol nin lalaki na may armas na badil, dangan pinaputokan.

An incidente nangyari, mag omagahon kan Mayo 16, sa sarong benefit dance sa nasambit na lugar.

Nin huli sa tama nin bala, idinalagan pa si Baldemoro sa Bicol Medical Center (BMC) sa Ciudad nin Naga para ipabulong.

Alagad, dai na siya naka aguanta asin pig declarar kan doctor na dead on arrival.

Dai aram kun ano an motibo kan pag gadan saiya.

An sabi, pig probaran pa siyang kaolayon kan mga nag agap sa saiya, para aramon kun sisay an nagbadil, pero dai na kayang magtaram kan biktima.

Nagpapadagos an imbestigasyon kan bagay na ini para maaraman an kag gibo kan krimen.

Nag bilar sa gadan, nakuang gadan

VINZONS, CNorte (BICOLSTANDARD) Mayo talaga nin posibilidad na mabuhay an sarong lalaki na nakuang malipot nang bangkay nin huli sa tama nin bala sa saiyang daghan sa Manlucungan sa banwaan na ini.

An pangaran kan gadan iyo si Celencio Jerico, 55 anyos an edad, lagartong binadil sa daghan kan dai pa nabibisto na criminal.

Segun sa report nan aka abot sa hepatura kan pulis, ultimong naheling na buhay an biktima na pasiring sa sarong gadan, para siya magbilar.

Sa nasambit na bilaran, siya nakipag inoman pa sa nagkapirang kahampang na mga lalaki sa lugar.

Si Arnel Moya, na residente kan lugar harane sa pinangyarihan kan incidente an nagsabi sa pulis na nakadangog siya nin makusog na putok nin badil, na pwedeng iyo si ikinagadan kan biktima.

Nadiscubre an bangkay ni Jerico, kan magliwanag na an aldaw, na nagkakarigos nin dugo nin huli sa bala na nagtadom sa saiyang daghan.

An pulis nag sugo na magkaiwa nin autopsy sa bangkaw kan biktima.

Hastang sinusurat an baretang ini mayo pa nin informasyon kun sisay an responsabble sa pag gadan kan biktima.

Sekyu sa Libmanan, nakuryente, gadan

LIBMANAN, CSur (BICOLSTANDARD) Maitom na an lawas asin mayo nan in buhay an security guard na nakadistino sa sarong eskwelahan sa banwaan na ini.

Naaraman kan mga nag imbistar kan nakuang bangkay na an biktima iyo si Roman Morandarte III, 40 anyos, na nag tatrabaho bilang guardia sa Ezer Christian School, Inc. digdi.

Sabi sa report na ipinaabot sa pulis, an nakadiscubre kan bangkay ni Morandarte iyo an administrador kan eskwelahan na si Genel Delfin, kan mag report siya sa trabaho.

An sabi, an gadan, afuera kan pag guardia, nagpintura kan atop kan escuelahan.

May senyal na nakadoot an saiyang lawas sa linya kan kuryente na nakaladlad harane sa atop kan edificio, asin iyo an naging mitsa kan saiyang kagadanan.

3ng lalaki irido kan magburulagtig an truck na piglunadan

CARAMOAN, CSur (BICOL STANDARD) -  Tulong lalaki an irido kan makasabat nin aksidente an truck na saindang pig lunadan na pasiring kuta sa Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

An driver kan truck iyo si Aldwin Rodavia, 27, nagsapo nin mga rungas sa lawas, mantang an duwang pahinante, na iyo sinda Gerry Gorobat, 38 anyos, asin Ryan Sanchez, 31 anyos, pareyo irido, nin huli sa aksidente.

Sabi kan mga imbestigador, an truck naburolagting kan mawaran nin control kan manibela an driver na si Rodavia mantang nagdadalagan sa tinampo sa Barangay Antolon, sa banwaan na ini.

Segun sa deklarasyon kan driver, mayo dai na niya nabawi an manibela kaya dagos nang nagbaliktad an truck

An truck hale sa Ciudad nin Naga pasiring sa Caramoan.

May karga ini nin limang barel na pano nin crudo; limang kabaong asin 373 na sari saring klase nin softdrinks, na enterong naula sa tinampo kan mangyari an aksidente.

Afuera kan mga rungas asin pasa sa man laen laen na parte kan lawas kan mga nakalunad sa truck, sabi sa report mayo man nin napeligrohan na iba pa.

Pig iimbestigaran pa kan mga awtoridad kun marikas an padalagan kan driver kan saiyang pig mamanehong vehiculo, ta sa lugar na pinangyarihan, parate nangyayari an disgracia sa tinampo.

Monday, May 14, 2018

PIODURAN, Albay: “Shooting” incident, pig iimbestigaran

PIODURAN, Albay 5/14/18(BICOLSTANDARD) –Nag iimbestigar pa an mga awtoridad sa incidente nin pambabadil sa Brgy. Cuyaoyao, digdi kasubagong poco mas o menos alas 7:20 nin aga (Mayo 14).

Segun sa pulis si Nilo Morco y Soria, 55 anyos, Punong barangay sa Cuyaoyao, Pioduran, Albay dinulok an sarong nag ngangaran na Ambo asin an saiyang kairiba.

Kan hinapot ni Kap Morco y Soria kun “nga sisay kan Ambo”, nagsimbag si Ambo na “nga tao ko kan”.

Sa siring na pangyayari, sinabihan kan Kapitan si Ambo na dai maghiro.

Alagad an saro nindang kaibahan na may pangaran “Madela” na taga Barangay Nablang Bulod, Pioduran, Albay an nahelingan nin sukbit na badil sa saiyang habayan.

Tinakma suboot ni Kap. Morco an badil sa habayan ni Madela, pero sinuntok siya sa saiyang pandok.

Kan narisa kan bikrima na pig gagaw-daw na naman ni Madela an saro pang badil sa likod kan saiyang lawas, binadil na ini kan biktima para defensahan suboot an saiyang sadire.

An ginamit na badil yaon ngonian sa poder kan mga awtoridad.

Mientrastanto, si Kap Morco asin an iba pang mga imbuelto digdi an yaon ngonian sa hepatura kan pulis para imbestigaran.

Nagpahayag an mga awtoridad na magibo sinda nin hararom na pag siyasat kan incidenteng ini sa nasambit na banwaan.

LUPI: Babae tinamaan nin bala mientras nagtuturog

LUPI, CSur –5/14/18 (BICOLSTANDARD) –Sarong babae na residente kan Brgy Bel Cruz an pig bubolong ngonian sa Bicol Medical Center (BMC) pakatapos na tamaan siya nin “stray bullet” sa saiyang walang takyag.

An incidente nangyari kasubangui (Mary 13), poco mas o menos alas 11:00 nin bangui, mantang an biktima nagtuturog na sa laog kan saindang residencia.

An biktima iyo si Agnes Bonita y Lolo, 33, may agom, residente kan Bel Cruz, digdi.

Sabi kan imbestigador ngonian sanang aga naka abot sa sainda an informasyon sa nangyaring ini.

Enot na idinalagan sa Ragay District Hospital an biktima.

Alagad, ibinalyo sa Bicol Medical Center sa Naga City, tangani na matawan siya mabulong.

Hastang sinusurat an baretang ini dai maaraman kun sisay an nagpaputok nin badi na nakadisgracia ki Bonita.

Dai man aram kan biktima kun anong claseng bala nin badil an nagtaka sa saiya.

Brgy Kgd sa Masbate, binadil kan Kapitan sa Placer

MASBATE 5/13/18 (BICOL STANDARD) - Maswerteng nakalibre sa kagadanan an sarong barangay kagawad asin sarong para rigaton nin sira na sinurongan sa saindang harong kan mga armadong suspechado.

An incidente nangyari sa barangay Katipunan, Placer, Masbate, kasubangui.

Base sa despacho kan pulis si Barangay Kgd. Alfon Pahilino y Metran, 36 anyos, asin Donald Pahilino y Metran, 41 anyos, tinuyo sa saindang residencia kan suspechadong si Francisco Jesus Racaza y Conde, Punong Barangay kan Brgy. Katipunan, Placer, dangan binadil sinda.

Afuera ki Racaza, may duwa pa siyang kaiba na dai nabisto an mga pangaran sa pag surong sa harong kan mga victima.

An sabi, an mga victima yaon sa luwas kan saindang harong kan mag abot an mga suspechado na nakalunad sa puti na Mitsubishi L300, na may plate No. AXA 2572.

Igwa man sindang sukbit na badil na calibre .45 asin M16 Armalite rifle.

Pag-baba sana sana ni Racaza sa awto na piglunadan pinutokan na tulos an mga biktima na maswerte na dai tinaam, kaya naka kutipas padulag.

Nagpadara tulos nin mga tawohan an RSOTG katabang an pulis kan Placer, na iyo an nag arestar ki Francisco Racaza.

Nakua sa lugar na pinangyarihan kan krimen an 4 na baseyo nin bale kan calibre .45, asin 7 na capsula para sa Armalite rifle.

Segun sa mga imbestigador, an causa kan krimen iyo an matindi na ralaban sa politika kan mga nasambit na tawo.

Nagpapadagos pa an pag siyasat kan incidenteng ini.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

RAGAY: 2 army nagadan sa encounter

NAGA CITY – 5/13/18 (BICOL STANDARD) Duwang soldados an nagadan sa halipot na encontrada sa mga suspechadong miembros kan New People’s Army sa banwaan kan Ragay, Camarines Sur ngonian (Domingo), sabi sa report kan pulis.

Segun sa despacho na hale ki Col. Ferozaldo Paul. T. Regencia, an parapahayag kan 9th Infantry Division kan Philippine Army, duwang sepadong encontrada an nangyari sa Ragay. An enot na baradilan nangyari poco mas o menos alas 8:30 nin aga, sa Barangay Salvacion asin nasundan tulos kan saro pang baradilan sa Barangay Patalunan, alas 10:20 kasubagong aga.

An duwang soldados nagadan sa baradilan sa Salvacion, sabi ni Regencia.

Mientrastanto, nakiolay an mga awtoridad na ipa-isi ngona sa familya kan mga nagadan, antes na ibuyagyag an saindang completong pangaran.

Mientrastanto, an Ragay yaon sa Category 2 sa election hotspots sa election lokal sa aga.

An mga barangay na considerado sa lindong kan Category 2 iyo itong mga lugar na mainit an riribalan kan mga kantidado; igwa nin estorya nin mga kariribohan na may koneksyon sa election, o igwa nin confirmadong presensya nin mga armadong grupo.

Idinagdag pa sa report na ipinaisi sa mga awtoridad na sa lugang na pinangyarihan kan encounter, igwa nin mga ibinugtak na kandidato sa barangay asin Sangguniang Kabataan election an mga NPA.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lalaki na may sukbit na badil arestado

SORSOGON CITY - Sarong lalaki an inarestar kan pulis pakatapos na maheling siyang may darang badil na may bala na pig issue kan US Army, kasuodma sa Ciudad kan Sorsogon.

An suspechado iyo si Jerry Enteria, 47 anyos, residente kan Irosin, Sorsogon.

Na alarma an mga residentes kan Barangay Bibingcahan, kasuodma na alas 12:00 nin mag-omagahon, sabi sa report na pinadara sa police.

Dinakop kan mga pulis si Enteria asin nakua sa saiyang poder an badil na M11911Ai na pig issue kan US Army, sarong USA 45 auto bullets, 4 na 45 auto bullets asin 2ng 45 auto fired cartriges cases.

Pig aaram pa ngonian kun pano nagkaigwa kan siring na pistol asin mga bala an lalaki na nadakop kan mga awtoridad.

Kakasohan si Enteria nin pagbalga kan RA 10591, na bistado sa apod na Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act asin pag lapas sa Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines.

1 Army gadan, 3ng CAFGU irido sa ambush sa Libmanan

LIBMANAN, CSur--Sarong miembro kan army asin tulong CAFGU an nalugadan sa ginibong ambush kan mga miembros kan NPA sa Libmanan, Camarines Sur kasuodmang hapon.

Sabi ni Col Paul Regencia, an para taram kan 9th ID kan Philippine Army, an ambush nangyari sa may boundary kan Barangay Malinao asin Pag Oring Nuevo, kasuodmang alas 4:45 nin hapon.

An mga soldados pig destino sa lugar paga magtabang sa pag mantinir kan katuningan sa gigibohon na election kan barangay asin SK sa Lunes, sa nasambit na lugar.

Sampulong mga NPA an naghipa sa mga soldados, asin nag gamit nin improvised explosive devise sa agihan kan mga army.

Nakipag badilan an mga army na nagdurar nin 15 minutos.

Sabi pa ni Regencia na pwedeng may tinamaan man na mga rebelde sa nasambit na baradilan.

An Barangay Pag-Oring Nuevo an saro sa 18ng barangays sa Libmanan, Camarines Sur na pig babanwayan ngonian kan mga awtoridad ta yaon ini sa Category 2, bilang election hot spot sa maabot na pirilian.

An lugar consideradong nasa Category 2 election hotspot kun igwa nin makusog na ralaban an mga kandidato, igwa nin estorya nin kariribokan sa panahon kan election, o may presencia kan mga armadong grupo asin may peligro sa buhay kan mga tawo.

2 banwaan sa Masbate, mainit an ralaban

MASBATE CITY – Nagpahayag kasuodma an Regional Special Operations Task Group sa Masbate na makuri an ralaban kan mga politico digdi, orog na sa duwang banwaan na igwa nin mga minahan.

Segun ki P/Supt. Frande Echaluce, an parataram kan RSOTG digdi, mansay na maray an mainit na ralaban kan mga lokal na opisyal sa Aroroy asin San Fernando, an duwa sa mga banwaan na mayaman sa bulawan.

Base sa report, ngonian pa sanang election sa barangay, an mga darakulang politico na gustong magkandidato sa duwang banwaan an nagpoon nang magpakusog kan saindang fuerza, sa paagui kan pag suporta nin mga kandidato sa barangay, na iyo an pwede nindang makatabang sa 2019 election.

Nin huli kan siring na sitwasyon, nakabantay na entero an mga tawohan kan Commission on Elections (Comelec) asin an mga pulis, para maibitaran an pagkaigwa nin madugong comprontasyon.

Pig lalaoman kan mga awtoridad na magiging mainit an ralaban, kaya nagtaltag sinda nin dugang na fuerza na mamantinir kan seguridad kan mga tawo, nin huli kan pirilian.

Mga Bikolano inangat kan PACC makipagtabang laban sa corruption

LEGAZPI CITY –  Inangat ni Commissioner Greco Belgica, spokesman kan Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) an publiko na makipagtabangan sa sainda, sa paagui kan pagsumbang kan mga official kan gobierno na imbuelto sa corruption.

Sabi ni Comm. Belgica, igwa nin tagamang premyo sa informante na kabaeng kan kantidad na 25% kan total na mababawi na kantidad, na hale sa hinabonan na cuarta kan imbueltong opisyal.

Nagpaluwas nin asigurasyon si Belgica na itatago an pangaran kan masumbong, kaya mayo sinda na dapat ikahandal sa pagsumbong kan anomaliya.

Itinao niyang ehemplo an pagsumbong kan pangaran kan mga politico na makiki-sawsaw sa maabot na pirilian sa Barangay asin sa Sangguniang Kabataan, orog na si mga lantadan na magamit nin fuerza asin curate para pabotohan an saindang manok na kandidato.

An sabi ni Belgica, kaipohan sanang magtipon nin mga evidencia siring kan retrato, affidavit na pwedeng ipresentar sa Commission on Elections, antes kan pirilian.

Kun mapatunayan na nagbakal nin boto an kandidato, tangani na botohan sa election, pwede sindang ma-disqualify bilang kandidato o elihidong opisyal.

Sinadon kan nasambit na opisyal kan PACC an publiko na makipag tabangan sainda para sa malinig na pirilian asin maibitaran dagos an corruption sa gobierno.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Japan grants Sorsogon town P4.1-M fund for learning center

By Joyce Ann L. Rocamora

MANILA -- The Japanese government, through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), has provided a municipality in Sorsogon province a PHP4.1 million grant, it was learned Thursday.

According to the Japanese Embassy in Manila, the grant covers the construction of a two-storey, two-classroom learning center, with furniture and equipment, that would provide a proper and safe learning environment to approximately 950 students in Magallanes.

The town has a high incidence of drop-outs and out-of-school children, largely due to poverty.

To resolve the issue, the local government implemented an educational program called the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

However, the only available building to hold classes in is in poor condition, with its leaky ceiling expected to collapse anytime. It also lacks learning materials and training equipment, compromising the learning process and the safety of the students.

Last Tuesday, Manabu Yasukawa, the embassy's first secretary, attended the turnover ceremony on the “Construction of Community Learning Center in the Municipality of Magallanes, Sorsogon”.

The ceremony was also attended by Magallanes Mayor Augusto Manuel Ragragio, members of the Municipal Council, Department of Education Division Office officials, and the project’s beneficiaries.

An estimated 2,895 residents who are willing to avail of the free education program stand to benefit from the project once it is done.

Japan, as the country’s top Official Development Assistance donor, launched the GGP in 1989 for the purpose of reducing poverty and helping various communities engaged in grassroots activities.

At present, 533 grassroots projects have been implemented under the initiative. (PNA)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Namfrel seeks volunteers for May 14 polls

By Ferdinand Patinio
MANILA -- The National Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel) is looking for volunteers for the May 14 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections.

The election watchdog group, which was recently accredited by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) together with Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting as its citizens’ arm in next week’s polls, urged the people to take part in the poll activities.

“Namfrel has issued a general call for volunteers to observe the Barangay and SK elections this month,” the group said in an advisory.

Their work will involve observing in the barangay, where they are registered to vote. They are also required to commit to be non-partisan throughout the election process.

Volunteers will be guided by an observation manual for each step in the election process. They also need to fill out observation forms in the manual, and send back to Namfrel.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer observer should sign-up at

Applications will be accepted until Thursday. (PNA)


Monday, May 7, 2018

Salceda launches P100-M pilot tech-voc training program in Albay

MANILA -- Albay pilots this school year a PHP100-million technical-vocational training program under the newly implemented Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (UAQTEA) or Republic Act 10931. The program, which targets 6,300 youth beneficiaries, focuses on the tech-voc aspect of the new law.

Albay Second District Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda, the principal author of RA 10931, recently launched the pilot program in Albay. He said the program aims to address the “diverse range of skills and learning styles” of his youth constituents, some of whom may not avail of the free four-year standard college courses. The pilot program targets some 8,300 student beneficiaries.

RA 10931, he explained, was designed to highlight not only the free four year college courses, but also technical-vocational education, which was not given equal focus previously, even with the Technical Vocational Education and Training or TVET program in effect.

He said his pilot program aims to improve, maximize and enhance the services of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in Albay, the Daraga Human Resources Development College, the Daraga Community College — as pilot institutions — and later on all other accredited LGU-run tech- voc schools in the province, under the UAQTEA.

The lawmaker said his office has allocated 5,000 slots for Training for Work Scholarship (TWSP) with a budget of PHP25 million; and 1,500 slots for the Special Training for Employment Program (STEP), with PHP15 million, administered by TESDA. Another 1,800 slots will also be allocated by June, with a budget of P54 million for the free TVET under RA 10931.

Salceda said giving special attention to the tech-voc aspect of the UAQTEA will allow the country’s educational program to address the emerging global trend that seeks to bring back and revitalize technical-vocational training in schools. Citing recent findings on global educational trends, Salceda said the focus on vocational training is hinged on the fact “that people have a huge and diverse range of different skills and learning styles.”

An article published by Forbes Magazine titled Why We Desperately Need To Bring Back Vocational Training In Schools notes that “Not everyone is good at math, biology, history and other traditional subjects that characterize college-level work… And not everyone goes to college.”

The latest figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that only “about 68% of high school graduates (in the US) attend college; this implies that over 30% of them end up with neither academic nor job skills.” The same report said “almost 40% of students who begin four-year college programs don’t complete them, which translates into a whole lot of wasted time, wasted money, and burdensome student loan debts.” Salceda noted that the Philippines may share the same predicament, and free technical-vocational training would effectively address the issue.

Salceda formulated the UAQTEA based on the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education program he carried out when he was Albay governor for nine years before he returned to Congress in 2016. He subsequently filed the free college tuition bill that became RA 10931. Now Albay stands to benefit from that pioneering effort, with an initial batch of 30,000 enrollees under UAQTEA for the current school year. Of this number, about 17,000 will enroll in state universities and colleges (SUCs) and another 12,000 in local universities and colleges (LUCs).

“Free tuitions and miscellaneous fees in state-run universities and colleges, as well as TESDA-accredited technical vocational schools is no longer a dream. I am humbled to have been the principal author of its enabling law,” Salceda said.

There are 112 SUCs and 78 LUCs presently accredited by CHED and about 122 technical vocational institutions accredited by TESDA in the country. (Johnny Nuñez/PNA)

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