Teacher's Point of View

By: Franklyn D. Vargas
Rawis National High School
Young Educator

Let me share with you the 10 steps to a very successful life. I’ve heard this from Bo Sanchez’ Fulltank and somehow it became my guide in achieving whatever it is that I am destined to do. Are you ready? Step 1 - you got to ask what you want. You have to know what you want to achieve and pray for it. Ask for His ultimate guidance. Step 2 - You got to act. Step 3 - Act again. Step 4 - Act again. Step 5-9: Act on it. Step 10 - Did I say you got to act? My dear graduates, I have a very simple message to all of you. Many have lost the drive to reach their goals. Many have given up their dreams. Why? At some point in our lives we had that beautiful dream and overwhelming goals to achieve. It all seemed attainable. May it be to help our hardworking parents someday. To become that brilliant lawyer, doctor, teacher, engineer, and even hav- ing a shot at show busi- ness, gusto makaartista, makaabot sa wow- owee. Those dreams… But why do people fail? Because they failed to act on their dreams. They failed to make that very first step that could have been the start of it all. You know some- times people are stuck in a job for like 10 years, a job they never wanted, a job they hated everyday but they chose to mis- erably remain because they don’t want to start looking for a new one, the job that they’ve been longing for a very long time. What went wrong? They never acted on it. Do not give up because you are afraid to fail. The measure of success may I tell you is not having millions in your bank accounts, although it isn’t bad to have that. I would love that. The measure of success is having that nice big smile after a long day at school even after your sanity has almost been drained by students like you. My success is being a teacher, an educa- tor, by doing what I love to do most, magturó. I would like to take you back to the time when Franklyn was a student in this very institution, Im- maculate Heart Heart of Mary School-Bacon. A son of a fisherman, parasira. Si mama, sa balay sana, minsan naglalabada minsan, nagtatabang kay papa magtinda ki sira. Parehong daeng natapos. Napaparong ko pa hasta ngonyan an grabeng pagtios. Pero pareho kan parong kan pagtios, inambisyon ko na maparong an tagumpay. We never had the chance to choose our family. But we certainly have the chance to choose the path to take. I am lucky to have a loving family which made insufficiency a lot bearable. You see, you can actually make these almost hopeless situations work for you. I had the advantage from everyone, I’ve known poverty before I’ve learned my ABCs. Nata ta matumang ka pa sa magurang kun grabe an tinitios ninda urualdaw? It makes no sense. Nata mapaagom o maagom ka tulos kun aram mong matios pare- ho kan saimong inagi- han? We need to learn from hardships, trials and misfortunes. It is the avenue to best edu- cate yourself because you’d never want to be in the same situation ever again. Importante na may kanaramon sa mga inagi- han na bakung maray na sitwasyon ta nakaaram kang itanos o tumanos. One thing that I am most proud of, pwede maghambog? I’ve loved everything about study- ing and learning. I never wasted all the opportu- nities to learn because I knew, at a very young age, education will change my life. I graduated as val- edictorian in this school, Batch 2002, pwede ma- ghambog? I’ve had the chance to study in college under City scholarship Program and I focused on finishing college like I am aiming for bullseye eve- ryday! Pwede magham- bog? Sorry wala pala sa Marian Core Values an paghambog. I am overly blessed because these values are my guiding light to all those hardships. Nata pwede ko ihambog? Ikuruhaw? Because dreams do come true. When we believe in ourselves, that is, believing in our strengths while recognizing our weaknesses, we can con- quer the world. Not in an instant but I know in God’s perfect tim- ing, we can do anything. Dear students, my aspirations made me love the right things, Do not be tempted to take shortcuts and the easy way because they often mislead to wrongful decisions. . I assure you, though it’s a long-exhausting trip, it’s worth it. Just remember this, in all that you do, put your heart to it. Learn to gather your confidence and strength in knowing that you are doing the right things with the best intentions. Surround yourselves with the right people. What do I mean by that? Find your mentors. It is important that you are guided by the best influences from friends and family. The right people are not usually boring, it only means that you have the same goals and aspirations. I am fortunate to have found some men- tors in this institution. To where I am going or more of what I will become in the future may still be un- certain, God knows, I might be destined to be an artista. But you know what, success is relative. I am an educator, I am happy to be one. If there are other things that my heart desire, I will not fail to act on it whatever the outcome may be. To end, I have al- ways believed in the brilliance of this genera- tion. K to 12 focuses on the individual capac- ity of young students to develop their utmost potential. It challenges your ability to dig with- in yourselves, your in- nermost desires. Your dreams are yours to make alone. I would like to remind you that your future does not depend on what majority of your friends want, your parents’ desire and your girl/boyfriends’ wish. DAE KI- NOKOPYA AN PAN- GARAP. INI DE- SISYON SEGUN SA SAIMONG PAGMATI, KAKAYAHAN NAN PAGTUBOD. KUN AN GUSTO MO MAGING PARAOMA O PARASIRA, DAENG MAKAPUGOL SAIMO TA KUN IKA PIRITON NA MAGING INHINYERO PERO TAMBAY PALAN, TAMA AN SAIMONG DESISYON. My point dear students, the universe has no imperfection as its Creator, it is so balanced that it rewards your passion and hard- work but indifference to those who fail to – ACT!