Naga City 2050 visualization tilt launched

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) -- The City Government of Naga has launched a competition for architecture students to present their visualization of the city in the year 2050.

Mayor John G. Bongat and Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion said that this is part of the city's 30-year Sustainable Urban Development Plan (SUDP), 2021-50 pursuant to City Ordinance No. 2016-038.

The contest is open to all architecture students from Naga City or those studying in universities or colleges in the city. They can participate as an individual or a group of 3-5. Each entrant may submit as many entries as they want.

The contest covers five of the Sustainable Development Goals which comprise the plan: Sustainable Housing and Urban Settlements, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Infrastructure, Sustainable Center of Urban Governance, a Resilient City of Happy People, and Sustainable and Integrated Resource Management.

Each entry shall revolve around the theme "Maogmang Naga: A Sustainable Metropolis by 2050." Among others, it should reflect Naga's response to the challenge of anchoring sustainable urban development within the Metro Naga area, attaining equitable socio-economic growth that benefits all, developing resilient urban settlements and communities amidst climate change, and preserving its role as center of Bicol arts and culture.

An entry must contain the following: a scrapbook containing a writeup about the entry printed on long size bond paper and at least five drawings--one for each of the five themes. Each of these drawings will be laid out or printed on a half-cartolina paper; and a digital 3D photorealistic rendering of the drawings in video format.

The last day of submission of entries is on May 4, 2018, while the public presentation, judging and awarding of winners is on May 9, 2018.

P50,000 and a certificate awaits the first prize winner; P30,000 and certificate for the second placer; P20,000 and a certificate for the third placer; and three consolation prizes (P5,000 and a certificate each).

Entries and other clarifications may be submitted to the City Planning and Development Office, Rm 208, 2/F City Hall, Juan Miranda Avenue, Naga City 4400.