“Tangod ko, Linig ko” drive makes evacuation centers in Sto. Domingo clean

STO. DOMINGO, Albay--As one enters the Bical National High School in Salvacion here, one would notice the clean surroundings of the evacuation shanties inside the vicinity. At the side are well-maintained vegetable plots which were prepared by evacuees Alicia Gaberia and Rosemarie Rodriguez from Barangay Lidong. Pechay and string beans are already sprouting.

Department of Agriculture-Bicol Camp Management Team members Ben Banares and Ramon Buenconsejo assisted Gaberia and Rodriguez in transplanting them.

The vegetable seeds came from the Quick-Response intervention of DA-Bicol during the visit of Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol last January 29.

The same situation may also be observed in Salvacion Elementary School where the surroundings are clean and well-maintained.

According to Myrna Virtus from San Isidro, they are keeping the evacuation center clean because “saro ining paagi na magbalos nin tama ta pinadagos kami digdi sa eskwelahan ninda (this is one way to repay because we were welcomed to stay here in their school).”

In San Andres Resettlement Area, Grade 2 Teacher Azucena Boragay of Fidel Surtida said that her students religiously make their temporary learning site (TLS) clean and tidy.

Thus, “Tangod ko, Linig ko” drive is alive in the evacuation centers.

Barangay Nutrition Scholar of Fidel Surtida Analiza Balbin and Volunteer Noli Balderama said that “Tangod ko, Linig ko” drive is a way to teach the residents specifically the evacuees to take care of the environment aside from it keeps them away from sickness.

Keeping the evacuation centers clean is a responsibility being shared by friends Evelyn Batalla, Jeanetter Espinas, and Susanna Balderama of barangay Lidong.

“Maski wara cash-for-work, ipapadagos mi an paglinig kan samuyang center ta garo man sana ini samuyang harong sa panahon nin pagtuga kan Mayon (Even if there is no cash-for-work, we will continue to clean our evacuation center because this is our home in times of eruption of Mayon),” quipped Balderama. (jaysonmgonzales)