China to bring a million tourists, investors to Legazpi

by Sally Atento-Altea

LEGAZPI CITY–At least one million tourists and investors from Hengyang, China are expected to boost Legazpi City’s tourism and agricultural industry.

“The Hengyang municipality of China is expected to bring at least one million tourists every year and help boost the city’s agricultural industry,” City Mayor Noel Rosal said.

In a recent dialogue with Hengyang Vice-Mayor Gong Xueye and other officials at the Oriental Hotel in this city, Rosal noted the good relationship of Legazpi and Hengyang as key for long-term agreement that will serve as open windows for opportunities to uplift the lives of people from both localities.

Rosal added that the one million tourists expected from Hengyang are also potential investors who will help boost the city’s local economy through increased business activities.

Xueye, on the other hand, expressed his anticipation to go back to the city, noting the beauty of Mount Mayon, the exciting Lignon Hill and the relaxing ambiance of the city boulevard.

In the dialogue, the local governments of Legazpi and Hengyang shared their best practices in the implementation of programs on tourism and agriculture to address and sustain the increasing number of tourist arrivals and improvement of agricultural productivity.

Hengyang is a historically significant city, renowned as the 'Bright Pearl in Southern China'. It is also known as 'Wild Goose City' since it is considered as the resting area of flocks of wild geese flying south for the winter.