Mayon agri damage estimated at P73-M

by LMTanguin

GUINOBATAN, Albay -- By January 25, 2018, the initial cost of damage reported by Che Rebeta, Provincial Agriculturist, during press briefing with PAG-ASA and PHIVOLCS has an estimation of Php 73,345,150.00 cost of damage in rice and in terms of coconut, vegetable and fruit crops, it is as well greatly affected with high value of cost.

As February 6, 2018, the total production loss in rice crops with 5, 750 farmers affected, is Php 160,496,550.00 cost of damage. Leaves and tillers of rice parts were affected by ash fall. Affected areas were Tabaco City, Sto. Domingo, Malilipot, Legazpi City, Daraga, Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao City Polangui, and Oas.

Albay Fruit Bearing has Php 1,076,250.00 and assorted vegetables/rootcrops has Php 19,814,070.00 cost of damage with 3,268 affected farmers. In terms of corn production, 773 farmers were affected and the cost of damage is worth Php 3, 417,109.00. Farms that were within the vicinity of the 8km and 7km danger zone were totally damaged by heavy ash fall that results to burning of fruits and leaves. Tabaco City, Sto. Domingo, Malilipot, Legazpi City, Daraga, Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao City, Polangui, and Oas are the affected municipalities. Abaca has Php 478,000.00 cost of damage with 105 barangays affected coming from Camalig, Guinobatan, and Ligao City.

A total cost of Php 185, 281, 979.00 production loss was recorded.

In the Fisheries Sector, a grand total of Php 532, 000.00 cost of damage were reported on the different municipalities. In Libon, partial harvest of mangrove was done to prevent stocks mortality. Tilapias from Oas have bruises wound on their skin caused by the ash fall in the area. Skin deformities and skin bruises also remarked in Guinobatan and Legazpi City. Some areas were abandoned due to forced evacuation in Legazpi City and Sto. Domingo. Emergency harvest was conducted in Tabaco City. A sum of 336 fisherfolks and 38 private fishpond owners were affected by the Mount Mayon’s activities.

Despite the damage caused by Mount Mayon, the Provincial Government of Albay and Provincial Agriculture Services in partnership with Department of Labor and Employment, offered livelihood options to the affected farmers. They were given trainings on food processing and provided procured seeds and inputs sponsored by DA Secretary Manuel F. Piñol. Inputs includes 250,000 meters plastic UV film, plastic mulch, and bamboo slats, 25,000 black twine, and 1,000 bags of organic fertilizer.

They were also given options to do beauty care services on the evacuation centers which includes manicure and pedicure. Training and Distribution of Tunnel Type Green House to 500 Vegetable Farmers Affected By Mayon Volcano Eruption is still ongoing to the different municipalities of Albay.

Governor Al Francis Bichara instructed them to conduct assessment to the affected areas and give them updates of damage reports. PAS also provides rehab planning after eruptions. “Ang office kasi namin is post eruption. Hindi pwedeng nag eerupt mag aassess kami”, Engineer III Dindo Padilla added.

The Department of Agriculture also let the affected farmers avail soft loans wherein there’s no need to pay it for 3 years. They also conducted training in protected crops management wherein farmers can avail facilities from the DA of devices to protect their crops. This is also in coordination with Provincial Agriculture Services.