IN NAGA CITY | Bar attendant stabbed to death, 2 others injured

NAGA CITY 01/21/18 (Bicol Standard)--A supervisor of a bar in Naga City was stabbed to death, while two waiters were injured after they refused to take the order of a bottle of beer as the establishment was about to close for the night.

The suspects Leo Angelo Bas y Creo, Carlo Franco Bas y Creo, and Aaron Paul Bas y Creo, Bonita alarrivaed at Vape Bar at Barangay Sta. Cruz at around 3 a.m. Sunday, the report said.

They ordered one bottle of Jumbo Red Horse Beer and were told that it would be their last order for the night, per bar regulation.

However, on or about 5 a.m. the above-mentioned suspects wanted to order another bottle of beer but the waiter, Joshua Francisco of Zone 5, Barangay Mabolo, declined to take their order.

Angry, the suspects, Leo Angelo and Carlo Franco tried to choke the waiter.

They were pacified by another waiter, Aladino Fernandez of Zone 1 Concepcion Grande, Naga City.

At this juncture, Aaron Paul stabbed supervisor Jeric Recasio inside the comfort room of the bar.

The suspects immediately fled but were chased and cornered by Aladino Fernandez in front of E-Mall at Elias Angeles St.

The suspects, who had a knife with them, stabbed Fernandez on the left and right arms.

Jeric Recasio, on the other hand, was rushed in a private tricycle going to Naga City Hospital but perished on the way.

Recasio was declared Dead on Arrival at about 5:35 A.M. of the same date, by his attending physician, Dr. Azuero Baeza.

The Investigator-On-Case together with PO2 Pandoy, PO1 Robles and PO1 Velitario proceeded to the place of incident, leading to the arrest of the suspects, Leo Angelo Bas and Carlo Franco Bas. Aaron Paul Bas managed to escape along with the above-mentioned female companions.

At the Bicol Medical Center, the two victims saw and positively identified and pinpointed the suspect, Aaron Paul Bas, to be the same person who stabbed them.

PO2 Pandoy went after the suspect and immediately put him under arrest.

Back at the place of the incident, a customer told the police that while the commotion was happening, the two female companion of the suspects, Bonita Dela Cruz, 33 years old, married, of San Felipe Naga City and Lorna Tiaba, of legal age, of PeƱafrancia Naga City allegedly took the backpack of the victim, Jeric Recasio, containing personal belongings such as cellular phone, tablet, and wallet containing cash of undetermined amount.

As of this writing, the suspects have been  apprised of their Constitutional rights and are presently under the custody of Naga City Police Office custodial facility for proper disposition.

The Investigator-On-Case is now preparing the necessary documents to file a formal complaint against the suspects.