Monday, January 22, 2018

Advisory on Suspension of Classes in all levels both public and private, January 23, 2018

Classes are suspended in the following cities/municipalities in Albay (until further notice), according to Gov. Al Francis Bichara:

1. Legazpi
2. Daraga
3. Camalig
4. Guinobatan
5. Ligao
6. Oas
7. Polangui

The following cities/municipalities where class suspensions are subject to the discretion of the mayors as per authority given by the governor are the following:

1. Rapu-Rapu
2. Manito
3. Jovellar
4. Pio Duran
5. Tiwi
6. Malilipot
7. Tabaco
8. Bacacay
9. Libon
10. Malinao
11. Sto. Domingo

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