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Catandungan Festival 2018: Celebrating 73 years of Independence

The Catandungan Festival is celebrated every October to commemorate the foundation anniversary of Catanduanes as a province independent from Albay.

The Happy Island of Catanduanes once again celebrates its identity shaped through history and by culture-Catandungan Festival 2018.

In its 73rd Foundation Anniversary, the province offers exciting and fun-filled activities in full colors which resemble the culture we foster over time.

Experience a rush of exhilaration as we give you another blast of our own brand of festival celebration.

The Happy Islanders invite you to witness our spectacle of talents, faith, beauty and culture which make up our identity as Catandunganons.


DILG: Ambush of cops in Camarines Sur shows the futility of talking to Joma

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) condemns the ambush of the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and her police escorts in Camarines Sur saying that such acts show the futility of peace negotiations with Joma Sison.

“We condemn the killing of three police officers during the ambush of a PNP convoy escorting FDA Director General Nela Charade Puno. This violent incident against government officials who are just doing their jobs is a pure act of terrorism that shows the futility of talking to Joma Sison,” says DILG OIC-Secretary Eduardo M. Año.

On Thursday morning, Puno's convoy, consisting of her main vehicle and two police vehicles, was passing through Barangay Napolidan in Lupi, Camarines Sur at around 9:10 a.m., when around 20 NPA rebels opened fire, resulting to the death of three police security escorts and the injury of three others.

Puno’s vehicle sped off as the assailants continuously shot the tailing police car.

"How can Joma expect to have meaningful peace negotiations when they are killing our police officers and ambushing government officials including the FDA head who was just there to attend a government event?," he asks.

Año says that Sison's new offer to resume peace talks is a clear attempt to relieve pressure from the NPA who are losing the battle in the mountains to government forces. "More than a thousand former rebels have since returned to the fold of the law and they are feeling the pressure. Peace talks are a way for them to regroup and strengthen their forces," he says.

The DILG Chief says that Sison’s new offer is a futile attempt to divert the people's attention from their foiled Red October plot to oust the Duterte administration.

"Sison wants to take the Filipino people for another ride. Now that their Red October plot has fizzled, now that they realize that there is no hope to oust this administration, they now suddenly want to go back to the negotiating table," he says.

Año, however, insists that there is no use talking peace if government forces and civilians are dying and if the rebel groups continue to commit lawlessness and pure acts of terrorism like the Camarines Sur ambush.

"Peace requires confidence-building measures, and the CPP/NPA/NDF has failed in this respect. They have only themselves to blame," he says.

If Sison and his minions are truly sincere, Año says the communist terrorists groups should stop all forms of hostilities, extortion activities and burning of construction or farm equipment and instead build mutual trust with the government to achieve genuine peace.

"When you offer peace with your left hand but shoot with your right hand like what they did to our policemen in Camarines Sur, that's the height of duplicity," he says.

“We in government are working double time to ensure peace and order in the country. Instead of talking to Joma, we will instead pursue localized peace talks as mentioned by the President because we will never give up on peace,” says Año.

“We will pursue localized peace talks in every region where there are communist rebels. Peace and order is our top priority and we will uphold these local peace talks until the last rebel lays down his arms,” he says.

'Not guilty,' sabi ni Atty. Isidoro sa caso sa mega shabu lab

MANILA (Bicol Standard) -- An dating acting regional director kan NBI Central Mindanao Regional Office na nag aatubang nin casong conspiracy to manufacture illegal drugs, sa nadiscubreng mega shabu lab kan 2016, nag sabi sa jusgado na "not guilty" siya sa sinambit na akusasyon kasubago.

Si Atty. Augusto Eric Isidoro detinido ngonian sa Makati City Jail poon kan Septiembre kasunod kan order kan Makati City Regional Trial Court.

An mega shabu laboratory nadiscubre kan mga awtoridad kan 2016. Nakua sa sinambit na lugar an kantidad P100 million na shabu asin ephedrine.

An mega shabu laboratory namumugtak sa Brgy. Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes, suboot pag rugaring ni Sarah Sarmiento. Pina arkila ini ki Angelica Balmadrid, na iyo suboot an kasaroan ni Isidoro.

Si Isidoro nag aatubang nin casong conspiracy to manufacture illegal drugs. Kabale sa akusasyon iyo an minasunod: Xian Xian Wang, Pido Bonito, Paolo Uy, asin Jayson Uy, na at large pa hasta ngonian.

An iba pang akusado, si Lorenzo Pinera II, kinasohan nin possession and manufacture of illegal drugs kaiba an limang ika pang akusado na at large pa ngonian, an mga Uys, Paolo Palisoc, Phung Yuan Estorco, asin Sheng Wang.

Sa mga akusado, solamente si Isidoro asin Pinera an naarestar asin ditinido sa city jail sabi ni Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Juan Pedro Navera, an pamayo kan DOJ Task Force on Illegal Drug Cases.

An caso pig dadangos sa sala ni Judge Selma Palacio Alaras, presiding judge kan Makati RTC Branch 62.

Suspects in killing of Sorsogon cop charged

Photo courtesy of PRO5
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) -- A case of Murder has been filed at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Sorsogon against three persons tagged in the killing of PO1 Michael Monte Villalobos of the Irosin Municipal Police Station.

The suspects were identified as Noel Galido Fumera, Jose Marie Estiller, and Renante Millares Delos Santos.

In a report sent by the PNP Bicol to the Bicol Standard, it was narrated that Villalobos was treacherously gunned down by two suspects armed with a caliber .45 at Mike Motorcycle and Spare Parts located at San Pedro, Irosin, Sorsogon at past 4:00 p.m. on September 20, 2018.

The Regional Office added that prior to the incident, Fumera, who acted as the lookout, pointed the exact location and direction of the victim to the two gunmen, Estiller and Delos Santos.

The gunmen casually approached the victim and subsequently shoot the unwary cop and vehemently carted away the service pistol of the wounded cop who was sprawling helplessly on the roadside after he was shot.

PNP Bicol said it will exert extra effort for the immediate arrest of the suspects.

SRP for rice in Bicol to be set this week

MANILA -- The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for both imported and locally-grown rice in the Bicol region will be set by the National Food Authority Council on Tuesday (Oct.23) , Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said last week.

This, he said, is in a bid to arrest profiteering by some traders.

Piñol said it was agreed that the SRPs could change depending on world market prices for imported rice and other factors affecting the Philippine rice market.

Piñol said the use of fancy names like ‘Senandomeng’, ‘Super Angelica’, ‘Yummy Rice’, and others will no longer be allowed.

Rice sold will only be classified as regular milled, well-milled, premium and special rice, he added.

State of calamity in Virac lifted

The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council (MDRRMC) hold a meeting for an update on the water crisis which recently affected Virac, Catanduanes. (Photo: LGU Virac)

VIRAC, Catanduanes (Bicol Standard) -- The state of calamity declared in the town of Virac  due to the lack of potable water supply has been ordered lifted by the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC), the Public Information Office of Virac confirmed this morning.

The town, it would be recalled, was placed under a state of calamity following the recommendation of the Sangguniang Bayan on August 20, 2018 due to the drought brought about by the southwest monsoon, which affected the province of Catanduanes.

Virac Mayor Samuel V. Laynes sought for help from the Philippine Red Cross, which immediately provided assistance by sending a water filtration system, water bladder, and water truck that could carry some 10,000 liters of water.

Since August 27, 2018, the Joint Watsan Operation of the Philippine Red Cross and the MDRRMO has brought no less than 515,000 liters of drinking water to thirteen barangays, including Calatagan Proper, Calatagan Tibang, Sogod Tibgao, San Isidro Village, Palnab Del Sur, Danicop, Hawan Ilaya, Palta Big, Palta Small, Palta Salvacion, Balite, Pajo Baguio and Pajo San Isidro.

In a meeting on October 18, PAGASA Virac head Juan Pantino reported to Mayor Laynes, the MDRRMC Chairman, that their agency has noted a substantial weakening of habagat and a signal of the start of amihan.

Pantino added that thunderstorms, easterlies, Intertropical Convergence Zones (ITCZ), Low Pressure Areas (LPA), Ridge of High Pressure Area (HPA), tail-end of the cold front, and typhoons should thus be expected starting this October up to March.

Former Bula, Cam Sur mayor charged in Sandiganbayan

Photo from Decena's Facebook account
MANILA (Bicol Standard) – Former Bula, Camarines Sur town mayor Benjamin Decena has been indicted for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act for his alleged failure to return a government vehicle after the expiration of his term in 2013.

The Ombudsman has recently filed with the Sandiganbayan the said case when Decena refused to turn over a Mazda Bongo that was issued to him as his service vehicle during his incumbency.

The Ombudsman said that Decena’s refusal caused damage and prejudice to the government as he misappropriated the property for his personal use and benefit.

Bail amounting to P50,000.00 was recommended for his temporary liberty.

The criminal charge, which was signed by former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales in March 2018, was reviewed by Ombudsman Samuel Martires this month.

Ex-NBI chief linked to Virac shabu lab to be arraigned today

Atty. Isidoro
File photo
MANILA (Bicol Standard) – Former Chief of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Region VII Atty. Augusto Eric Isidoro, who was linked to the mega shabu laboratory at Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes, will be arraigned today at the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 62, with Judge Selma Palacio Alaras as the presiding judge.

Isidoro is facing a criminal charge for violation of Republic Act 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, due to his alleged involvement in said drug lab.

Police reports said that the laboratory had the capacity to produce at least 100 million pesos’ worth of illegal drugs.

It will be recalled that this case was originally filed at the Virac Regional Trial Court, but was transferred to the Makati RTC upon request of the Department of Justice.

Isidoro is presently detained at the Makati City Jail.

Meanwhile, the other accused persons, namely Xian Xian Wang, Pido Bonito, Paolo Uy, and Jayson Uy, are still at large.

Lorenzo Piñera II, the caretaker of the property where the mega shabu lab was located, along with Paolo Uy, Jayson Uy, Paolo Palisoc, Phung Yuan Estorco, and Sheng Wang, will stand trial for Possession and Manufacture of Illegal Drugs.

THE SUNNY PHILOSOPHER | Funny stories, funny characters Or how the Filipino survives

Funny stories, funny characters
Or how the Filipino survives

THERE was a popular anecdote about a youth lying beneath a fruit-laden guava tree, his mouth watering but too lazy to pick the delicious fruit himself, so he opened his mouth waiting for the guava to fall. 

Who the youth was, people knew him well. The story of Juan Tamad, a simpleminded character in Filipino folk talks, is as old as your grandfather. In our town in Caramoan, he is known as Juan Osong, who is everybody’s friend. 

Most of his jokes have made fun of himself and the foibles of his friends. Call his jokes a harmless attempt to lighten his dark life. You know, he is very poor like Juan Tamad, his ancestor. 

Juan Tamad is long gone, existing only in the memories of old folks. But Juan Osong still lives in remote villages and the city’s back streets, making people laugh. Osong means a funny man. So you see, he lives up to his name. 

The destitute Filipino survives the harsh live because of his ability to laugh. He laughs a lot. No other individual has this gift. It is his way of keeping himself sane. 

The number of people committing suicides in this country is negligible because the Filipino has an outlet: laughter. He can laugh at his own misfortune. He is like the jilted lover who cries his pain in songs he writes. Or in several bottles of ginyebra. 

In Japan, suicides are reportedly common because the Japanese do not have the resiliency of the Filipino. The Filipino has the character of the pliant bamboo growing abundantly on the hillsides. 

Have you seen the bamboo in your backyard after a severe typhoon? It stands tall, unruffled by strong wind, while the sturdy trees nearby have been uprooted or their branches twisted, mangled or blown away. 

The Filipino has the character of the bamboo, bowing low when hard wind blows but standing again after nature’s wrath is over. And laughing at the disaster’s failure to defeat him. 

He loves anything funny. That is how he makes light of his life. Rib-tickling movies particularly appeal more to him because such movies makes him forget his foodless days. 

Vice Ganda’s movies have topped the income chart not only in the recent FAMAS because the movies tickle people’s ribs. The movie, Larawan, which earned several awards, was nowhere near the top. Moviegoers seemed uninterested in finely crafted serious films. 

That is no surprise. The dirt poor Filipino finds funny movies the anti-dote to his difficult life. If he were well-off, he would go for other kinds of movies. 

The rich which is only a minute fraction of the population are not tickled white by cheap movies. They are busy counting their money. The poor do. They love Juan Osong for what he brings into their lives.

CASE IN POINT | Certificate of nonforum shopping

Certificate of nonforum shopping
Certificate of nonforum shopping applies to natural and juridical persons. 

In Societe des Products, Nestle, S.A. v. Puregold Price Club, Inc., G.R. No. 217194, September 6, 2017, Carpio, J, the SC once again had the occasion to rule that the requirement of certificate of non-forum shopping is applicable to natural and juridical persons. 

In Zulueta v. Asia Brewery, Inc., 406 Phil. 543 [2001], it was ruled that the requirements under the Rules of Court involving the certification against forum shopping apply both to natural and juridical persons, to wit: "[t]he requirement that the petitioner should sign the certificate of non-forum shopping applies even to corporations, considering that the mandatory directives of the Circular and the Rules of Court make no distinction between natural and juridical persons." 

In Fuentebella v. Castro, 526 Phil. 668 [2006], it was likewise held that the certification against forum shopping must be signed by the principal party. In case the principal party cannot sign, the one signing on his or her behalf must have been duly authorized, to wit: "the petitioner or the principal party must execute the certification against forum shopping. The reason for this is that the principal party has actual knowledge whether a petition has previously been filed involving the same case or substantially the same issues. If, for any reason, the principal party cannot sign the petition, the one signing on his behalf must have been duly authorized." 

Juridical persons, including corporations, that cannot personally sign the certification against forum shopping, must act through an authorized representative. The exercise of corporate powers including the power to sue is lodged with the board of directors which acts as a body representing the stockholders. For corporations, the authorized representative to sign the certification against forum shopping must be selected or authorized collectively by the board of directors. In Eslaban, Jr. v. Vda. de Onorio, 412 Phil. 667 [2001], it was ruled that if the real party in interest is a corporation, an officer of the corporation acting alone has no authority to sign the certification against forum shopping. An officer of the corporation can only validly sign the certification against forum shopping if he or she is authorized by the board of directors through a board resolution or secretary's certificate. In Gonzales v. Climax Mining Ltd., 492 Phil. 682 [2005], the Court ruled that a board resolution authorizing a corporate officer to execute the certification against forum shopping is a necessary requirement under the Rules. A certification signed by a person who was not duly authorized by the board of directors renders the petition for review subject to dismissal. 

The authority of the representative of a corporation to sign the certification against forum shopping originates from the board of directors through either a board of directors' resolution or secretary's certificate which must be submitted together with the certification against forum shopping. In Zulueta, the Court declared invalid a petition for review with a certification against forum shopping signed by the party's counsel which was not supported by a board resolution or secretary's certificate proving the counsel's authority. This Court dismissed the case and held: "[t] he signatory in the Certification of the Petition before the CA should not have been respondents' retained counsel, who would not know whether there were other similar cases of the corporation. Otherwise, this requirement would easily be circumvented by the signature of every counsel representing corporate parties." Likewise, in Eslaban, it was held that a certification signed by counsel alone is defective and constitutes a valid cause for the dismissal of the petition. 

In Development Bank of the Philippines v. Court of Appeals, 483 Phil. 216 [2004], it was said that the failure to attach a copy of a board resolution proving the authority of the representative to sign the certification against forum shopping was fatal to its petition and was sufficient ground to dismiss since the courts are not expected to take judicial notice of board resolutions or secretary's certificates issued by corporations. 

Accordingly, the CA did not err in ruling that the petition for review should be dismissed due to the failure of Nestle to comply with the proper execution of the certification against forum shopping required by Section 5, Rule 7 of the Rules of Court.

THE PASSERBY | Prayer just a placebo?

Prayer just a placebo?

MANY of the so-called millennials think so. They say that prayer simply serves as a tool to calm them down, relieve them of some worries, but it hardly has any real effect. By that claim, they seem to mean that even with what they consider as their fervent prayer, life continues to go on. That is, with many of their petitions, dreams and desires unanswered and unfulfilled. 

This is, of course, regarding prayer from a wrong perspective. But in spite of that, I would readily reassure them that any placebo effect of prayer should not be belittled. For prayer to have a placebo effect is already a good and tremendous benefit, and should not be a reason or excuse to reject it. 

In fact, if only for its placebo effect, prayer should be resorted to always. Even doctors do that when the case they are handling cannot be cured so far by any drug that they know of. We should never ignore the importance of a placebo unless we use it to deceive ourselves and to justify the lack of due responsibility. 

But prayer, irrespective of whether it only gives us a placebo effect, is a necessity for us. It is the basic way of relating ourselves to God who is always with us, who always loves and cares for us. It is the first thing we do to correspond to God’s love and goodness for us. 

The important thing to remember is that we be always sincere in our prayer. It should come as consequence of our faith in God, of our love for him. It is our way of worshipping him who is actually everything to us, of thanking him for the many blessings we have received from him, many of them we may not even be able to account for. 

It is also our way of asking forgiveness for our sins as well as a way of making reparation for them. And, of course, prayer is our way of asking for some favors from God—and favors and requests we will never run out of. 

Prayer serves a lot of purposes. The only thing we have to remember is that we do it with utmost sincerity and humility. We should avoid just going through the motions of prayer. We should mean what we say in our prayer. We should, with our faith, feel a certain intimacy with God who is a father to us and who loves us always. 

To consider prayer as a waste time or that it simply serves as a placebo is to misunderstand prayer. Such misunderstanding can come about as a result of a certain mentality, so common nowadays among the young ones. It is the mentality of entitlement. It is to think that they do not have to do or work so much to be entitled to some benefits or advantage. 

This is now a big challenge. While it is true that  today’s generation enjoy more things compared to what the previous generations enjoyed, or that they know more things, etc., it does not mean that they are exempted from work and from prayer, especially those types that involve a lot of effort and sacrifice. 

In fact, given what they have and enjoy now, today’s generation should have a keener sense of  responsibility of growing more in the different virtues—hard work, justice, prudence, temperance, fortitude and many others. They should be aware of the dangers of complacency and self indulgence. They have to understand that these things can only spoil them if they do not do anything about them. 

They have to know how to make good use of their time and of the many conveniences the modern things are giving them. They have to have a keener sense of the spiritual and the supernatural, and avoid wallowing in the mud of the material and the transitory things. Thus, they really have to pray properly.

Fr. Cimagala is the chaplain of the Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE), Talamban, Cebu City. E-mail him at roycimagala@gmail. com.

GENTLE BREEZE| The Red Sweater

The Red Sweater 

We walk by faith, not by sight. 


John Croyle told the following story in Focus on the Family magazine: 

One day a father took his children for a boat ride. They were traveling downriver when suddenly, the motor stopped. When the father looked behind him, he noticed a red sweater tangled up in the propeller. Then his young son yelled, “Sherry fell in!” 

In horror the father saw his little girl entwined in the propeller of the boat. She was submerged just beneath the surface of the water, looking straight into the eyes of her father and holding her breath. He jumped into the water and tried to push the motor up, but the heavy engine wouldn’t budge. Time was running out. Desperately, the father filled his own lungs with air and dipped below the surface. Then he took a knife and quickly cut the sweater from the propeller and lifted his daughter into the boat. She was rushed to the hospital. 

When the crisis was over, the doctors and nurses asked the girl, “How come you didn’t panic?” 

“We’ll we’ve grown up on the river,” Sherry said, “and my dad always taught us that if you panic, you die. Besides, I knew my daddy would come and get me.” 

Children have such inherent trust in their parents. Teach your children to have this same simple faith toward God. 

Reference: God’s Little Lessons

Camarines Norte State College cited as 1st PWD-friendly HEI

Ms. Malyn Manalo (center), Disability Inclusion Officer of CNSC also received a plaque of recognition from the Provincial Government for her efforts in advocating disability-inclusive policies and programs that promotes the rights and welfare of the PWD sector in the province.

by Marjorie R. Garcia

The Provincial Government of Camarines Norte thru its Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) recognized the efforts of Camarines Norte State College (CNSC) for its commendable efforts and exceptional commitment to the inclusion and mainstreaming of Persons with Disabilities by implementing innovative and laudable programs intended to address the needs and encourage the advancement of its PWD constituents.

Gov. Jonah Pimentel led the conferment of 1st PWD - Friendly Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Camarines Norte held at CNSC Main Campus in Daet, Camarines Norte last September 10, 2018 as part of the 118th CSC Anniversary Celebration. Through the leadership of College President Dr. Rusty Abanto, CNSC have initiated the following disability-inclusive programs in the campus:

Formulation of “Make the Right Real” program targeted in alleviating the plight of persons with disabilities as its flagship commitment to the goals of the 3rd Philippine Decade of PWDs from the period of year 2013 to 2022;

Upgrading of existing and installation of new facilities such as ramps and toilets that complies with the standards of B.P. 344 (Accessibility Law) and conforms to the principles of Universal Design;

Conduct of research and extension activities that sought to promote the rights of the PWD sector and seeks to establish greater understanding on their situation;

Appointment of a Disability Inclusion Officer (DIO) that would coordinate and monitor the programs and services intended towards effective mainstreaming and inclusion of students with disabilities in the college.

Gov. Pimentel on his speech expressed his deepest admiration to the noble initiatives of CNSC and its vital role in providing affordable and quality education not only to the whole student population in the province but more so to its constituents who have disabilities.


Sir Tudok

Kan nakaaging taon, may nagsumbong sako 
Respetado kong propesora ko kaidto sa kolehiyo , 
Bitbit an bareta na gikan sa lima nyang amigo,
Na anas negosyante dyan sa lumang centro, 
Gabos daa nagsumbong sa panunudok kan sarong empleado.

Hinapot ko kun ano an ngaran kan pastidyong empleado, 
Huyom sana nanggad su nagin kasimbagan kan maestra ko; 
Kaya, su sabi ko, ‘Marhay pa, Mam. Hulaan ko.’

Ay ta! Kan may ngaranan nanggad ako, 
Nagburulakog su mata ni mam, sa pag-ngalas sako, 
Natu’dan ko daa an persona, sararoan, eksakto.
An sabi ko: ‘Mam, imat-imat ko tabi iyan kan yaon pa ako sa serbisyo. 
Dakol na ako nadangog kan saiyang iyan na gibo-gibo.’

Saka na nagdagdag pa nin palabras si mam: 
Na su limang negosyante sasaro sana palan su pigngangaranan, 
Iyo na idtong pigsambit kong pangaran! 
Nagtao pa sya nin detalyes sa mga ginibong kaoragan.

Bueno, sabi ko man, ‘Bako man sana sya an kabali sa pa-sistemenang iyan 
Grupo tabi sinda, mam!’ Pigsambit ko su iba pa na dapat man bantayan. 
Totoo po na kun sweldo sana an ginikanan, bakong bigla an saindang pagyaman.’ 
Nakakabwelo an mga kino, ta turog su basog na ikos sa ibabaw kan duyan.

FLASH | Ex-Mayor Andre Hidalgo killed in car crash

Andre Hidalgo
Photo grabbed from Facebook
NAGA CITY– The former mayor of Milaor, Camarines Sur, was killed in a road mishap at around 1 a.m. Monday at Barangay F. Simeon, Ragay, Camarines Sur.

Andre Hidalgo, 65 years old, who also served as former vice-mayor of Milaor town, was seated behind the driver.

He was not wearing a seatbelt when the accident occurred, the investigation revealed.

Meanwhile, incumbent Vice Mayor Senen Bermas, Vicente Claro, and driver Noel Caceres also suffered injuries and are presently receiving medical treatment at a hospital here.

The initial investigation said the Toyota Fortuner they were riding skid out of control on the slippery road and crashed into a tree.

The group was heading back to Milaor from Manila.

Meantime, the Local Government Unit of Milaor announced this morning that it will fly its flag on half mast due to the passing of its former public servant.

The former local chief executive has just filed his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for Sangguniang Bayan of Milaor last week.

He is survived by his wife, former Punong Barangay Josephine S. Hidalgo and their six children.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Naga City is Galing Pook 2018 awardee

A Barangay Literacy Worker (BLW) does her regular monitoring of the out-of-school children, youth and adults in the city.
MANILA — LGU Naga’s Barangay eSkwela-Barangay Literacy Worker (BLW) program was triumphantly adjudged one of the 10 outstanding governance programs during the 25th Galing Pook Awards which was held last October 11.

 During the awarding ceremony, Naga City was privileged to be accorded with one more recognition when its entry on accessible and sustainable health care program for PWDs was chosen as one of the 19 finalists from 152 entries that were submitted by different local government units across the country. 

The eSkwela-BLW program is a comprehensive approach to promote education for out-of-school children, youth, and adults (OSCYAs) in partnership with the Department of Education and the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

 Ernani Suron, head of Education, Scholarship, and Sports Office, said the program, which offers ICT-enhanced educational packages under the Alternative Learning System, operates thru the Barangay eSkwela centers which were established in the city’s 27 barangays.

Mayor Bongat, in his presentation before the Galing Pook National Selection Committee, said: “To supplement the efforts of the Barangay eSkwela program, the Barangay Literacy Program was introduced to bring together dedicated literacy volunteers at the barangay level to undertake literacy mapping and organize learning groups to encourage OSCYAs to enroll and/or re-enroll in ALS or to formal schooling.”

Galing Pook finalist Comprehensive PWD Rehabilitation Program with focus on Community-Based Rehabilitation Approach works as the city government’s facility for implementing its sustainable and accessible health care agenda for persons with disability.

In an interview, Dr. Vito C. Borja, city health officer II, said the program intends to improve the quality of life of PWDs and their families by allowing them to meet basic needs and ensuring inclusion, participation and access to health and social services as well as education and livelihood programs.  “It introduced home-based patient management and therapy services as its main innovation,” he says.

Naga, along with 5 other cities (Navotas, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Tagum and Valenzuela) and four trend-setting municipalities (Del Carmen in Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte; Bindoy, Negros Occidental; Loboc, Bohol, and San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte) rounded up the top 10 LGUs.

The awardees, who met Galing Pook’s criteria for responsive, effective, empowering, innovative and sustainable governance as well as local government leadership, presented a new brand of innovative programs on literacy and education, land occupancy, community safety and security, environmental protection and conservation, cultural heritage perpetuation, and healthcare (With report from Jason Neola, CEPPIO)

EDITORIAL | Teacher Mhai: Modern-day Bicolana heroine

This weekend, the body of 23-year-old slain DepEd Albay teacher Maylene Durante was laid to rest.

Her death last week struck a chord in the hearts of many, especially since Teacher Mhai, as she was fondly called by her pupils and loved ones, was the picture of a model educator.

An undoubtedly contemporary heroine, Teacher Mhai would often recount her countless sacrifices only to realize her dream of helping the Filipino youth in a far-flung elementary school in the town of Pioduran, Albay, even though it meant living far from her husband and kids who were in Polangui town.

Apart from the long and perilous travel on unpaved pathways to the site of Oringon Elementary School, Teacher Mhai had to make do with a dilapidated classroom and school facilities.

But instead of complaining as many in her distressing situation are wont to do, she would find joy in making the most of what she had.

Pictures on her Facebook account, for instance, showed that her classroom, which had soil for its flooring, was decorated by Teacher Mhai with pink chairs and pink curtains, if only to make it more comfortable and conducive for learning for her beloved pupils.

Those who were under her care and tutelage also attested to her extraordinary diligence in teaching, which brightened the atmosphere in her classes.

Meantime, her friends and relatives recalled her perpetually jolly disposition and helpful ways.

And if these were not enough, police investigators said that in the last moments of her life, Teacher Mhai could have sacrificed her own safety for the welfare of the two pupils who were accompanying her in her sleeping quarters.

Indeed, there are no words to express how much of a shame it is that the world had to lose Teacher Mhai, especially in a senseless killing allegedly perpetrated by someone whom she personally knew.

As it is, the world has too few people who are willing to dedicate their hearts and souls to not only enduring the hardships that teachers have to deal with, but also to seeing the bright side in the dire circumstances.

We thus salute and thank Teacher Mhai—a modern-day Bicolana heroine who deserves to not only get recognition for her actions, but also to find genuine justice.

Further, we hope her death will not be swiftly forgotten, but inspire change in education policies, and even bring to the fore a review of the juvenile justice system.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

NIA inaugurates P74-M pumping station in Camarines Sur

Ricefield in Bicol
Bicol Standard file photo
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – No less than 1,728 farmers and their families in Camarines Sur stand to benefit from a new P74-million pumping station of the Libmanan-Cabusao Pump Irrigation System (LCPIS) inaugurated by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) on Oct. 11 in Awayan, Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

“The newly-inaugurated pumping station has four units of brand-new 250 HP diesel engines and pumps which will irrigate 2,195 hectares of farmlands,” Director Ramon Bogacia, Regional Manager of NIA Bicol said.

At least ten barangays in the town of Libmanan, and two barangays in the town of Cabusao will be serviced by the pumping station, he said.

The LCPIS was originally constructed in the early 1980s under the Integrated Area Development Program of the Philippine government.

Back then, it was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

“The original pumping station had four units of electrically-driven engines and pumps. However, in 1998, the electric engines were replaced with diesel engines, of which only two remain operational today,” Bogacia explained.

Among the six provinces in the Bicol region, Camarines Sur has the largest potential irrigable area of 123,700 hectares.

As of June 2018, NIA has already irrigated a total service area of 77,043 hectares in Camarines Sur, attaining 62.28 percent of irrigation development.

The new pumping station of LCPIS is projected to add to the percentage of irrigation development in the province.

“NIA as the lead government agency mandated to develop all possible sources of water for irrigation remains dedicated to its mandate of providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable irrigation service to the Filipino farmers through the construction, rehabilitation, restoration, and maintenance of irrigation systems nationwide,” the regional manager added.

Friday, October 19, 2018

DOH launches Mental Health Fair, Congress

LEGAZPI CITY--The Department of Health in Bicol strengthened its response to mental health by tying up the launch of the 2nd Mental Health Fair and the 6th Mental Health Congress with the theme “Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World” at the Embacardero De Legazpi Convention Hall last October 11.

A total of more than 700 participants comprised of students, health workers, non-government organization, senior citizens, and other stakeholders attended the event which tackled the topics regarding mental health, particularly in adolescents, and the prevalence of substance abuse in youth. 

According to Dr. Melissa Paulito Mariano, from the Department of Psychiatry, in general, problematic pattern of use of the Internet / computer can be considered as internet addiction disorder. Mariano stated that poor real-life social or peer dynamics prompts teenagers’ excessive use of the internet. She also noted that people who develop addiction have higher risk to development mental disorders. 

Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. Elham Mae Bocalbos also shared that 50% of teenagers consider lack of understanding from family or peers as the main factor contributing to their depression. But on top of that, she mentioned that there is an emerging depression caused by using social media and dubbed it as “Facebook Depression” wherein users feel the lack of acceptance from online peers. 

Bocalbos added that if depression is not left in check, it may add difficulties in learning, impair relationships, or even lead to suicide. She discussed the symptoms of depression of an individual comes in the form of constantly feeling fatigue, lack of concentration, having trouble sleeping, sudden loss or gain of weight due to unusual appetite, anhedonia or the inability to feel pleasure, and surging feelings of guilt or worthlessness. 

Bocalbos urged the participants to take note of these symptoms or red flags to prevent matters from escalating. She suggested that they talk to an individual if they notice a symptom of a depressive behaviour. People can also encourage them to seek professional help when necessary.

A public consultation on the implementing rules and regulations of the National Mental Health Act was also conducted under the supervision of Frances Prescilla Cuevas, National Program Manager of DOH. 

To end, OIC Regional Director of DOH CHD Bicol, Dr. Napoleon Arevalo reiterated the importance of talking and not hesitating to seek help. He also assured that the DOH would strengthen its campaign and advocacy to destroy the stigma on mental health. Arevalo also added that despite DOH CHD Bicol being the model of mental health care in the Philippines, it would continue to look for ways to upgrade its services.//NSAU

CBSUA president aspirants bare plans

Top photo: Alberto N. Naperi, Bottom: Engr. Henry A. Mabesa, Jr.
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – The two aspirants for the presidency of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) were presented to the public at the CBSUA Auditorium in Pili, Camarines Sur Thursday morning.

They were Engr. Henry A. Mabesa, Jr. and Alberto N. Naperi, who both presented their vision, mission, and development goals for CBSUA.

Mabesa, a bio-systems engineer, and a faculty member of CBSUA, stressed the importance of recognizing CBSUA as an agricultural university.

His development goals include: sustained quality and excellence in instruction, innovative research and development programs, viable resource-generation programs, quality facilities and infrastructure, and good governance and efficient management system.

Meantime, Naperi, the SUC Vice President II of Sorsogon State College, said he wants CBSUA to be the regional center for agricultural development.

Naperi batted for recognized curricular programs by the stakeholders and by the industry, increased faculty experts and focus on research publication and utilization, student-centered and friendly service delivery approach to open opportunities and increase productivity, institute community-based extension projects that reduce poverty incidence, and the strengthening of general administrative services and simplified processes to complete projects with integrity.

A public forum, where members of the university community were allowed to ask questions that concern their sector, followed the presentation of candidates.

A candidate for the presidency, according to the requirements, must be a natural-born Filipino citizen; must not be less than thirty-five (35) years old and not more than sixty-one (61) years old at the time of application for the position; must be a holder of an earned relevant doctorate degree from a reputable higher education institution; must have proven track record as administrator of a tertiary level institution whether in public or private, for at least five (5) years; and must not have been convicted of any administrative offense or of any crime involving moral turpitude.

CBSUA, a state university in Camarines Sur, has its main campus in the municipality of Pili. Other campuses are located in the towns of Pasacao, Sipocot, and Calabanga in Camarines Sur.

Albayalde visits ambush victims in Cam Sur

Photo: Bicol Standard

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) -- Police Director General Oscar Albayalde called for a Command Conference at the Camarines Sur Provincial Police Office Friday morning to identify possible lapses which led to the death of three police officers and injuries in four others in Lupi, Camarines Sur on Oct. 18.

In a closed-door conference attended by the chiefs of police in the towns that were in the route taken by the convoy of Food and Drug Administration Director General Nela Charade Puno to Daet, Camarines Norte, he directed each to narrate the sequence of events.

Also in attendance at the conference were PNP Bicol Regional Director PCSupt. Arnel Escobal, PSSupt. Reynaldo Pawid, OIC of the Camarines Sur Provincial Police Office.

After a four-hour meeting, Albayalde proceeded to the Multi-purpose Hall inside the Camarine Sur Provincial Police Office grounds to pay respect to the fallen cops.

He personally conferred the Medalya ng Kadakilaan (Posthumous) to the fallen cops.

The three officers, SPO1 Percival S. Rafael, PO3 Carlito S. Navarroza, and PO1 Ralph Jason D. Vida, were rendering route security to Director General Puno while on board a PNP Patrol Vehicle along Maharlika Highway portion of Sitio Castilla, Baranga Napolidan, Lupi, Camarines Sur when the incident occurred.

“Their courage and supreme sacrifice are clear manifestations of the highest form of service and deep devotion to their sworn duties as police officers worthy of praise and pride by the Philippine National Police,” the commendation reads.

He also had a brief meeting with the immediate members of the family of the victims and assured them of the full support coming from their organization.

Meanwhile, the families of the victims called upon President Rodrigo Duterte to help them find justice.

Albayalde later headed to the Mother Seton Hospital in this city to visit the other injured victims.

As of press time, it could not be ascertained who the principal target of the ambush was.

A continuous pursuit operation is still ongoing to trace the whereabouts of the perpetrators.

Photo: Bicol Standard

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cops pursue Cam Sur ambush suspects

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – The Philippine National Police is conducting a continuous pursuit operation to apprehend the suspects in the ambush of police officers by alleged rebels earlier today in Napolidan, Lupi, Camarines Sur.

In an interview with the Bicol Standard, Police Supt. Venerando Ramirez, Spokesperson of the Camarines Sur Provincial Police Office, said the PNP received a directive from the higher headquarters to provide security escort to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director General Charade Puno.

The suspects, he said, could have been waiting in the vicinity several hours before the ambush since the investigators discovered signs that they cooked their food in the area.

It will be recalled that SPO1 Percival Rafael, one of the cops killed, was also the investigator of Lupi Municipal Police Station.

Rafael talked to the media just yesterday about the murder of Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) member Teodoro Adaptante, who was killed inside his house at Barangay Alanao, Lupi, Camarines Sur the other day.

Suspected rebels were also tagged in said killing.

Members of the rebel group have not issued a statement of their alleged involvement.


PDEA seeks surprise drug test for 2019 polls bets

MANILA -- The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Thursday proposed the conduct of a surprise drug test for aspirants in next year's mid-term elections.

“Wala naman plano. Bigla lang pumasok sa utak ko. (The drug test) should be surprised, otherwise, we are not doing (it) properly. It doesn't serve the purpose. Mas maganda surprise drug test sa lahat ng kandidato (There is no definite plan. It just entered my mind. The drug test should be surprise, otherwise, we are not doing it properly. It doesn’t serve the purpose. It would be better if there would be a surprise drug test for all candidates),” PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino said in radio interview.

“Hindi ko pa alam kung legal or not. Kung ako tatanungin, mas gusto ko yung ganun (I am not sure yet if this is legal or not. If you ask me, I would rather it happens),” he added.

In a related development, the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) encouraged aspiring candidates to submit to a mandatory drug testing once they are elected.

DDB Regulation No. 13, series of 2018, provides for the establishment and institutionalization of drug-free workplace policies in all government offices, including the conduct of authorized drug testing for local officials and appointive public officers.

This covers all appointive public officers in all offices, including all constitutional bodies, departments, bureaus, and agencies of the national government, government-owned and -controlled corporations, state and local universities and colleges, and elective officials of local government units.

Any personnel found positive for use of dangerous drugs will, at first offense, will be charged with grave misconduct and may be dismissed from public service.

Heads of agencies or local chief executives who fail to formulate or implement a Drug-Free Workplace Policy within two months after the effectivity of the Board Regulation will also be penalized under Section 32, Article II of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 or Republic Act No. 9165.

A prison term of six months to four years and a fine ranging from PHP10,000 to PHP50,000 would be imposed on any person found violating any regulation issued by the Board.

“As civil servants, we must lead by example of living a healthy and drug-free lifestyle. We cannot expect the Filipino people to be drug-free if we, ourselves, are involved in these substances,” DDB Chairman Catalino Cuy said in a statement on Wednesday.

Board Regulation No. 13, series of 2018, supplements an existing regulation on a one-strike policy among government officials and employees through establishing clear protocols to ensure that the government remains drug-free.

The regulation was signed on Aug. 30 and took effect on Oct. 6 after publication in three newspapers of general circulation. (PNA)

3 cops killed, 3 others injured in Cam Sur ambush

Photo courtesy of PNP
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – Three Philippine National Police Security Escorts detailed to Food and Drug Administration Director General Charade Puno were killed while three others were wounded in an ambush incident along the national highway of Lupi, Camarines Sur at around 9:10 a.m. Thursday. 

The Camarines Sur police said that killed in action were SPO1 Percival S Rafael; PO3 Carlito S Navarroza; PO1 Ralph Jason D. Vida while wounded were PO1 Jonathan P Perillo; PO1 Ruby S Buena; and PO1 Rodolfo F Gonzaga.

The same were on board a PNP marked vehicle en route to Daet, Camarines Norte, where Puno was scheduled to attend a Consumer Awareness Advocacy and Collaboration Activity.

The suspects are believed to be more or less 20 members of Communist Terrorist Groups (CTG).

Puno, meanwhile, was unharmed in the incident.

Route security personnel from 1st Camarines Sur PPSC were able to immediately respond to the area and retaliate, thereby suppressing the enemy and preventing further damages or casualties, the Camarines Sur Police said.

The wounded personnel were immediately brought to Bicol Medical Center here for treatment.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Use money wisely, UltraLotto 6/58 winners told

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) General Manager Alexander Balutan has advised the two lucky winners of the P1.1 billion to use their money wisely and productively even as he congratulated them for bagging Sunday night draw the UltraLotto 6/58 jackpot prize after nine elusive months.

“Like I always say, having a huge money, especially winning millions of pesos can change your outlook in life, lifestyle and priorities. Mind your priorities. Don’t lose yourself. Keep something for yourself and for your family. Don’t become one-day millionaires. Spend your money wisely,” Balutan said.

This is the second time this year that two people won the Ultra Lotto 6/58 prize. Last February 16, two winners shared the P331-million prize.

“I would like to congratulate our two lucky winners. The winning combination was 40-50-37-25-01-45 and they were brought at the following outlets: Lucky Circle Corp., in SM City Tahao Road, Legazpi City, Albay. Bet type: Self pick, system 9 and Ma. Myra C. Locando, Limbauan St., Brgy. H, Borongan, Eastern Samar. Bet type: Self pick, standard,” Balutan announced.

Apart from the two jackpot winners, 100 bettors will each get P169,930 for hitting five winning combinations correctly.

Balutan reminded all lucky winners to keep their tickets, sign it, as whoever holds the winning ticket is the winner.

“That’s why we always tell our customers to keep their tickets. You might now win the six winning combinations, you can still get five to three winning numbers correctly,” he said.

He said the public may follow the official social media page of his office at for updates.

“When claiming your prize, bring two valid identifications cards. Show the winning ticket to the prize claim section of the Accounting and Budget Department. After the ticket has been validated, the Treasury department will issue a cheque indicating the amount won with the winner’s name. The winner can now go to the LandBank of the Philippines to encash the cheque or he/she can pen a bank account for safekeeping purposes,” he added.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Gov Cua: Mayong problema kun si PCI Espedido distino sa Catanduanes

Gov. Cua

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) -Mayo nin naheheling na problema si Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua sa nagluwas na bareta na madidistino sa saindang provincia an controversial na si Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido. Ini an saiyang enot na pahayag sa intrevista kan mga miembros kan media.

Sabi ni Cua dai dapat tawan nin maraot na kahulugan an siring na desisyon kan Philippine National Police (PNP), orog na kan mga nagpapalakop nin mga opinyon sa social media.

Inako kan gobernador na enot pa kaini, nagpadara siya nin surat ki Bicol PNP Regional Director Arnel Escobal para maghagad nin listahan kan mga pangaran na pwedeng pag pilian kan magiging bagong provincial director kan pulis sa saindang provincia.

Mientrastanto, sa parte ni Espenido dai man dapat ikahadit kan mga tawo an saiyang presencia, ta maski pa igwa siya nin mga inaatubang na asunto sa jusgado, dai pa nin desisyon kun siya may sala o mayo sa akusasyon.

Hastang sinusurat an baretang ini, dai pa ma sierto kun anong pwesto an saiyang pupugolan sa Catanduanes.

Si Espenido may rangong Chief Inspector, asin an kaipohan na magpugol kan pwesto bilang PNP Provincial Director, dapat P/Superintendent o P/Sr. Superintendent.

Maroromdoman na an Catanduanes naging controversial kan enot na mga taon nin huli sa pagka discubre kan Mega Shabu Laboratory sa Brgy. Palta Small, sa banwaan kan Virac.

An nasambit na caso pig dadangog pa ngonian sa jusgado.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

SB Member kan Placer, binadil, gadan

MASBATE (Bicol Standard) - Sarong miembro kan Sangguniang Bayan kan Placer, Masbate an binadil, gadan kasubagong alas 9:30 nin aga, sa Brgy. Katipunan, sa banwan na ini.

An biktima nabistong iyo si Antonio De Ocampo y Mabuti, na residente kan Brgy. Daraga, digdi.

Segun sa pulis, si De Ocampo nakalunad sa motorsiklo kaiba si Michael de Ocampo y Rodrigo, na residente kan kapareyong barangay, kan bigla sindang paputokan kan dai nabistong mga lalaki.

Si Michael Angelo De Ocampo pig bubulong ngonian sa Cataingan District Hospital.
Base sa report na nakaabot sa pulis kan Placer, binantayan an biktima kan mga suspechado, kaya dai siya naka defensa kan saiyang sadire.

Pakatapos kan krimen, an mga suspechado nagsakay sa pump boat tangani na magdulag.

Alagad, may report na nag conducir nin hot pursuit operation an mga awtoridad tangani na madakop an responsable kan krimen.

8-month preggy woman arrested, admits stealing

Stock image
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard)— A 28-year old woman who is eight months pregnant is now in the custody of the police after she was positively identified in a CCTV footage as the person involved in the theft of cellphones, here.

The investigators identified the suspect as Aileen Lamrana.

During the police interrogation, Lamrana admitted that she was forced to engage in the illegal act of stealing because she badly needs money due to extreme poverty.

Among the evidence presented against her was the CCTV footage from a lawfirm establishment where she was seen giving intructions to a three-year old male child to get several bags which were left unattended.

The suspect admitted that at least seven cellphones were stolen by her in separate operations.

At press time, Lamrana is still in the police custody waiting for the filing of the cases against her.

She told the authorities that she is asking for forgiveness for the crimes that she had committed.

Continued water supply in Partido Area assured

MANILA —The Governance Commission for Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation under the Office of the President ensured the public that there will be no disruption of the Partido Development Administration (PDA)’s operations, such as its water distribution services, pending the finalization of its disposition by the Privatization and Management Office.

It further clarified that the memorandum that abolished the PDA does not order the stoppage of the water distribution services.

“PDA shall guarantee and safeguard the continuous supply of water to its covered communities until disposition,” the letter of the Governance Commission reads.

Said letter, dated October 8, 2018 was addressed to Mr. Jimmy V. Deleña, PDA Chairperson; Mr. Ramon F. Fuentebella, PDA Administrator; Atty. Gerard L. Chan, Chief Privatization Officer; Benjamin Diokno, Secretary, Department of Budget and Management; Eduardo M. Año, Department of Interior and Local Government Officer-in-Charge; Jay Daniel R. Santiago, General Manager, Philippine Ports Authority; Francisco B. Verdejo, Jr., Acting Secretary to the Sanggunian, Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Province of Camarines Sur; Miguel Luis Villafuerte, Governor, Province of Camarines Sur; Jeci A. Lapuz, Administrator, Local Water Utilities Administration; Nelson Bueza, Garchitorena Municipal Mayor; Delfin Pilapil, Jr., Lagonoy Municipal Mayor; Marilyn Cordial, Caramoan Municipal Mayor; Raquel Lim, Goa Municipal Mayor; Evelyn Fuentebella, Sagñay Municipal Mayor; Antonio Chavez, San Jose Municipal Mayor; Sandy Ondis, Siruma Municipal Mayor; Pamela Rinah Fuentebella, Tigaon Municipal Mayor; and Ruel Tuy, Tinambac Municipal Mayor.

The same were invited to attend an urgent conference on October 22, 2018 at the Office of the Governance Commission in Makati City pursuant to the monitoring functions of the Governance Commission on the disposition of assets and implementation of the abolition of the PDA per Memorandum Order No. 29.

The PDA Board was also reminded of its obligations under M.O. No. 29 to ensure the following: preservation and maintenance of the assets of the PDA, and assistance to the PMO in the disposition of said assets; settling of the liabilities of the PDA; issuing the Notice of Termination to all affected officers and employees of the PDA within 60 days from the issuance of this Order; maintenance of a minimum number of personnel necessary to preserve and maintain the assets of the PDA, and assistance in the liquidation of its corporate affairs; settling the retirement and/or separation benefits of affected officers and employees of the PDA; and performing other acts necessary to implement the abolition of the PDA.

Friday, October 12, 2018

PCI Espenido assigned in Catanduanes

Police Chief Inspector Jovie R. Espenido

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) -- Police Chief Inspector Jovie R. Espenido will be assigned in the island province of Catanduanes, Police Regional Office 5 Information Office Chief Inspector Malu Calubaquib confirmed to the Bicol Standard.

This is based on a memorandum dated October 11, 2018 from the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management of Camp BGen Rafael T. Crame in Quezon City, signed by Police Director Lyndon G. Cubos.

Prior to this, Espenido was assigned at Police Regional Office 10 as Police Chief of Ozamiz City.

It will be recalled that Espenido occupied the limelight in 2016 when he served as Police Chief of Albuera, Leyte when town mayor and drug suspect Rolando Espinosa was killed inside the Provincial Jail.

Espenido's new assignment was received positively by netizens, as he was known to be an strong anti-drug crusader during his previous stints.

Calubaquib also informed the Bicol Standard that as of this writing, Espenido is still abroad while on leave.

Dating hefe kan PNP sa Ligao City, kabale sa 'drug matrix'

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) -- Pig confirmar kasuodma ni P/Chief Inspector Malu Calubaquib na an saro sa limang sinambit ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte na kabale sa "drug matrix," dati mananggad na hefe kan pulis sa Ligao City.

Si P/Supt Lorenzo Bacia, enot nang hinale sa pwesto kan PNP nin huli kan nakasapog an saiyang pangaran sa transaction sa illegal na druga.

Mantang pig iimbestigaran si Bacia, matinir siya sa PNP National headquarters sa Kampo Crame.

Nagpahayag ni Calubaquib na mayong hotahot an maisog na kampanya kan pulis contra sa saindang tawohan na imbuelto sa mga illegal na aktibidad, orog na an dapit sa illegal na droga.

Pig confirmar pa niya (Calubaquib) na hinale na managad sa pwesto an sinambit na opisyal.

Brazil, para alkalde kan Bula

BULA, CSur (Bicol Standard) -- Si Atty. Felix Brazil, dating consejal kan banwaan na ini an nag file na kan saiyang COC, asin nagkakandidatong alkalde kan banwaan.

Segun sa pahayag ni Brazil, tinawan siya nin bendisyon kan saiyang partido, an Kusog Bicolandia na mag lansar kan saiyang kandidatora sa nasambit na banwaan.

Naglalaom an abogado na makakakua siya nin dakulang suporta sa saiyang banwaan sa maabot na pirilian.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bicolanos urged to invest in tourism

The Long Beach Area of San Vicente in Palawan was selected as one of the first Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zones (TEZ) of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority. (Photo: TIEZA)
NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – “The Bicol region is full of tourism enterprise opportunities,” Department of Tourism (DOT) Bicol Regional Director Benjamin Santiago said during the Naga leg of the Tourism Enterprise Zone Forum spearheaded by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) on October 11 at the Avenue Plaza Hotel here. 

The roadshow, which was in partnership with the Department of Tourism Region V and the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, reached out to investors around the region and informed them about the investment opportunities offered in Tourism Enterprise Zones (TEZs).

A Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) is an area of at least five (5) hectares in size and is in one (1) contiguous territory with historical and cultural significance, environmental beauty, or existing potential integrated leisure facilities within its vicinity.

Fiscal and non-fiscal incentives such as the six-year income tax holiday, 5% gross income taxation, tax and duty free importation of goods and services, capital investment and equipment, transportation equipment, lease of land to foreign nationals, employment of foreign nationals, and foreign currency transactions, among others, will be available to tourism enterprises, as provided under R.A. 9593.

“It is an opportune time for Bicolanos to consider investing in tourism, which is one the sunshine industries and is an indispensible element of the national economy,” Santiago stressed.

“Tourism must be harnessed as an engine of socio-economic growth and cultural affirmation to generate investments, foreign exchange, and employment,” he said.

The Regional Director added that in the region, many areas have the potential to be Cultural Heritage Tourism Zones, Health and Wellness Tourism Zones, Eco-Tourism Zones, General Leisure Tourism Zones, and Mixed Use Tourism Zones.

He urged both the public and private sector to work with the government in strengthening the Philippine tourism industry.

Present during the forum were various local and foreign chambers of commerce, developers, tourism enterprises, consultancy/law firms, tourism associations, and other tourism related establishments around the region.

Teen allegedly involved in slay of Albay teacher charged with Murder, Attempted Murder

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) -- Charges of Murder and Attempted Murder have been filed through inquest proceedings against the minor who was allegedly involved in the slay of Albay teacher Mylene Durante y Veras, and the stabbing of two pupils.

These were docketed under INQ-I8J-00058 on October 11, 2018 at 9:35 AM at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Albay, Ligao Sub-Office, Ligao City, the Albay police said.

It would be recalled that a stabbing incident transpired at the Principal’s Office of Oringon Elementary School, Brgy. Oringon, Pioduran, Albay at around 11 p.m. of October 9, which led to the death of Durante.

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