Saturday, February 18, 2017

2ng nagkikil sa paagui kan Smart Padala, dakop sa Labo

LABO, CNorte 02/18/17 (BICOL STANDARD) - Biglang naglungsi an 2ng lalaki na nabisto sa pangaran na Allan Nano y Federico asin Michael Nano y Gaco, pareyong parakabod nin bulawan, kan sinda dakopon mantang nag-kokobra kan kantidad P980.00 sa Smart Padala sa public market digdi.

Nadakop an duwa sa paagui ni Joey Saman y Albo, security guard asin residente kan Brgy. Bautista sa banwaan na ini.

An mga suspechado suboot nagpamalo na kasaroan kan victima asin nagkikikil nin cuarta sa saiya, gamit an celphone.

Nagpadara an mga suspechado kan reference numer sa Smart Padala para digdi ihulog an cuarta.

Ipig-osip kan victima an nasambit na incidente sa pulis, kaya nadakop an duwang imbuelto sa pagkikil.

Dinara sa hepatura kan pulis an mga suspechado tanganing sangatan nin kaso.

DOLE: Call 1349 to report abuse on kids of OFWs

MANILA--The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is ready to accept calls 24/7 regarding abuses on children of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

With this, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III urged the public to report to DOLE Hotline 1349 any mistreatment of young Filipinos whose parents are working abroad.

“I am asking the public that if they witness or suspect that the child of an OFW is being abused, they should call our Hotline 1349 so we can ensure the safety of the child,” he said in a statement.

Citing the UNICEF’s National Baseline Survey on Violence Against Children: Philippines, Bello noted that children left behind by OFW parents are prone to abuses.

The labor chief said the reports that will be received by Hotline 1349 are going to be validated and investigated by DOLE, in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Department of Justice (DOJ).

“We have to protect these children. One way of protecting them is to report this to our Hotline 1349. We will investigate, and if necessary, rescue the child. Mahirap kasi na ang pinagtitiwalaan mo na mag-aalaga sa anak mo ay iyon pa ang mag-aabuso sa mga bata (It is unacceptable that the very people to whom OFWs entrust their children, would be the ones to abuse them),” Bello added.

He said the hotline is in line with the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte for government agencies to ensure that queries and concerns of the public are immediately acted upon. (PNA)

Akusado nin Qualified theft, nadakop sa Bula

BULA, CSur 02/18/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –Dinakop kan mga pulis digdi si Dexter Algura y Vasquez, taga Zone 4, sa Brgy. Balaogan kan banwaan na ini por medyo kan mandamiento de aresto hale sa jusgado.

Si Algura akusado sa sala ni Judge Evangeline Marigomen kan Branch 101 kan Regional Trial Court sa Quezon City sa kasong Qualified Theft.

An arrest warrant kontra sa akusado ipinaluwas kan RTC kan Enero 23, 2017.

Para sa temporaryong libertad kan akusado, an korte nag recomendar nin fianzang kantidad P40,000.00

Paghale sa hepatura kan pulis dadarahon si Algura sa Quezon City tanganing bistahan.

1.8-M students to take career assessment exam

MANILA--About 1.8 million Grade 9 students from public and private schools nationwide will take the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) on March 1 and 2.

The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Bureau of Educational Assessment (BEA), will lead the administration of the annual NCAE, with help from personnel of schools divisions nationwide.

The NCAE determines the learner’s aptitude and occupational interest in any of the Senior High School (SHS) tracks. Occupational interest is the learner’s preference in specific vocations and career categories.

The two-day exam also aims to guide the conduct of career guidance at the school level and to ensure the development of skills and competencies required for the world of work and career choices. (PNA)

Akusado sa panlupig, arestado sa Lupi

LUPI, Camarines Sur 02/18/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Yaon na sa poder kan pulis digdi si Guillermo Ajento Jr., y Arnaldo na inarestar huli sa casong Rape.

An suspechado, 20 anyos an edad, taga Brgy. San Jose, sa banwaan na ini.

Ipigserve sa akusado an duwang mandamiento de aresto na firmado ni Judge Jose Manuel G. Salumbides kan RTC Branch 56 sa Libmanan; an enot na kaso, Rape asin an ika duwa pagbalga kan Sec. 10 kan Art. VI kan R.A. 7610.

Sa kasong Rape mayong fianzang ipigrecommendar an jusgado.

Alagad sa casong pagbalga kan Sec. 10 kan Art VI kan R.A. 7610, may recomendadong fianazang P40,000.00.

Montehan sa Goa, sinakyada kan pulis

GOA, Camarines Sur 02/18/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) -- Maatubang nin casong pagbalga sa ley an 10ng mga lalaki na naripon kan mga pulis mantang nagkakawat nin sugal na “monte” sa banwaan na ini.

An raid sa sugalan ginibo sa Brgy. Bagumbayan, alas 7:20 nin bangui kan Febrero 15.

Sabi sa report, parte ini kan pinakusog na kampanya kan gobierno kontra sa gabos na klaseng ilegal na sugal.

Enot na nasampolan kan operasyon kan mga awtoridad iyo sinda: Rodolfo Adane y Descas, taga Brgy. La Purisima; Jun-Jun Atole y Ocquia; Aristotle Villamora y Sales; Jimmy Cleofe y Pacao, taga Brgy. Bagumbayan Grande; Alex Pilapil y Reyes, taga Brgy. Gimaga; Allan Manjares y Pagao, taga La Purisima; Roberto Francia y Parsa, kan Poblacion, Tigaon; Geronimo Valle y Piedad, Taytay; Mario Concepcion y Pares, Taytay; Mario Concepcion y Pares, Tagongtong; asin si Teofilo Atole y Rodriguez, barangay kagawad kan Bagumbayan Pequeno.

Sabi kan informante kan BICOL STANDARD haloyon nang makusog an sugal na ini digdi na dae natitingkog kan mga awtoridad.

Nakua sa lamesang pig-susugalan iyo an mga taya na cuarta na nagkakantidad P3,403.00; 41ng baraha; 3ng pidasong papel (reglahan); 32 na plastic chips; 3ng ballpen asin 1 itom na sadit na kahon.

An mga imbueltong persona sasangatan nin kasong pagbalga sa ley sa Illegal Gambling.

Mayon Natural Park eyed for UNESCO World Heritage List

Representatives from the National Commission of the Philippines to UNESCO, led by its Secretary General, Ms. Lila Ramos Shahani, trooped to the Albay Provincial Capitol earlier this week to meet with Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara to discuss the possible inclusion of the Mt. Mayon Natural Park in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Photo via Marte Navarez Gonzales
The World Heritage List, a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's International World Heritage program, aims to catalogue and preserve sites of outstanding importance, either cultural or natural, to the common heritage of humankind.

Proposed to be included as component sites for the Mt. Mayon Natural Park includes the Budiao and Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga, Sto. Domingo, Bacacay, Camalig, and Tabaco Churches, Lignon Hill, Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave, Quitinday hills, and more. (PGA-PIO, RCFernandez III)

TEACHER CORNER | Practicing positive discipline

by Maricris V. Albo
MT 1-Julian B. Meliton E.S.

Quoting the famous Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Simply, it means retaliation or revenge shall not bring any benefit and deeply cause division and harm.

Correlating it to Child Discipline, the quote also has a significant bearing. Basically, there are two (2) types of Child Discipline; one is the negative punishment were a child is being reprimanded when he or she has done something wrong. But, as time passed a positive one came into existence wherein children are being rewarded for doing something good and eradicating violence when the child has done something wrong but instead focusing more on counseling and advice-giving.

In a country like the Philippines where family-oriented values are deeply embedded, it has been common for parents to use the punishment system. Parents or guardians have several ways of punishing their child but the most popular and dominant is the whipping. The most commonly used object are slippers, piece of wood and belt. For some parents and guardians, they think that the best way for their children to learn from their mistakes is through enduring physical and emotional pain.

But studies suggest that there is a tendency for children who constantly receive punishment to be violent when they grow up. They may have the false narrative that they should seek revenge because they were constantly hurt by their parents and guardians. It could also be detrimental to parents and children relationships as feelings may sway apart causing hostility among children and parents. Exposure to violence can also bring harm to others as children may think that they experience is just normal and they may do it to other students or worse- to their teachers and authorities.

Also, children who grew from punishment usually have a low self-esteem, low self- respect and poor academic performance in school or even become worst parent themselves when they grow up.

Unlike punishment, positive discipline focuses more on values re-orientation. A calm approach toward children who misbehaved. Positive discipline works on the principle that there are no good or bad children, just good or bad behaviors. Parents and guardians let their children realize that what they did was not right. Positive Discipline teaches them lessons in handling problem in a calm and non-aggressive way. Some of the best benefits of Positive Discipline and better parent-child relationship and better recognition of positive values by children.

The government also took steps in order to minimize violence and child abuse among Filipino households. Known as the Republic Act no. 7610 or the "Special Protection of Children against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act." It provides special protection to children from all forms of abuse, neglect, cruelty exploitation and discrimination and other conditions, prejudicial their development; provide sanctions for their commission and carry out a program for prevention and deterrence of and crisis intervention in situations of child abuse, exploitation and discrimination. Also a proposed Bill known as Anti-Corporal Punishment Act of 2010, prohibiting all Corporal Punishment and all other forms of humiliating or degrading punishment of children and promoting Positive and Non-violent Discipline of children is in the Senate for approval as a law.

The children of today are more expressive, they want to be disciplined but not punish or hurt. Parents, guardians as well as teachers should adopt the Non-punitive Discipline or Positive Discipline. Their vital role is to guide their children to become productive citizen of the future. It is important for a child, even in his young age, to understand whatever mistake done should not be repeated. Let all children feel that the love, respect and acceptance that they truly deserve from custody and days to come.

34ng para sugal sa CNorte, dinarakop kan pulis

DAET, Camarines Norte 02/18/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) – Treinta y cuatrong (34) personas an dinakop kan mga pulis hale sa 8ng banwaan kan Camarines Norte na suboot imbuelto sa sari-saring sugal poon kan Feb. 15 hasta Feb. 17, 2017.

Enterong sinurod kan mga pulis an mga parasugal hale sa mga banwaan kan Talisay, Vinzons, Jose Panganiban, San Vicente, Labo, Basud, Capalonga huli sa bagong direktiba na maigot na ipaotob an ley kontra sa gabos na forma nin illegal na sugal.

Hale sa Talisay, an mga nadakop iyo sinda Dionesio Asis y Esperas, Felipa Primo y Carina asin Nazario Paitan y Zoilos na inabotan kan mga pulis mantang naka kainitan kan saindang pag tong-its sa Purok 4, Brgy. Poblacion, alas 2:00 nin hapon.

Pag alas 2:30, an pulis kan Vinzons nagsakyada sa Purok 4 asin dinakop mantang nagsusugal nin tong-its sinda Irene Vela Cruz y Oresca, Anna Vela Cruz y Pantoja asin Katrina Eleazar y Gabo.

An Jose Panganiban police naglansar nin siring na operation. Naabotan sa lamesa kan sugalan iyo sinda Anthony Referente y Agua, Randy Alboro y Novabos asin Domingo Referente y Agua, na tong-its man an pigkakasibotan, alas 3:00 nin hapon.

Sa San Vicente, rinipol kan pulis sa sugalan sinda Elmer Barrameda y Jardino, Marife Ferrer y Jardinero, asin Roberto Ralia y Dayap. Tong-its an kinakawat kan nasambit na grup sa Brgy. Silangan digdi, alas 3:07 nin hapon.

Sa ibong na lado, dinakop sa Labo an mga nagsusugal “pekwa.” An dinarakop na nagsusugal iyo sinda Raul Senis y Gonzales, Alfonso Forster y Baser, Jerson Quilas y Novabos asin Gerro Delos Santos y Obay, alas 3:35 nin hapon.

Afuera kan mga imbuelto sa “pekwa,” saro pang grupo na nagsusugal nin pusoy an nagkadarakop. Sinda iyo an minasunod: Norlito Mancenido y Dumlao, Rommel Ognita y Tabuso, Aser Salvanera y Cargonilla asin John Dasco y Gonzales.

Gabos sinda residentes kan Purok I, Brgy. San Antonio, sa banwaan digdi.

Sa Lydia Malvida y Cuevas, Melissa Rabatan y Purificacion asin Gil Malvida y Cuevas nadakop man na nagkakawat nin nin tong-its sa Brgy. Pinagwarasan, Basud.

Sa Daet, an mga nadakop sa illegal gambling iyo an minasunod - Rene Laborte y Yanto, Rolando Bacuno y De Leon, Salvador Bardon y Pieda, Anthony Aspe Zaleta, Jose Mago y Rellermo asin Eugene Calwing y Gutierez, na nag susugal nin cara y cruz (pull out).

An ultimong operasyon ginibo sa Capalonga, poco mas o menos alas 5:15 nin hapon, asin an mga nadakop na nagsusugal iyo an minasunod: Jose Olaguer Jr. y Lapisora, Elmer Caldit y Bepenosa, Arnulfo Merilla y Pacay, Mario Coderez y Robles asin Joel Juego y Juevez.

Naabotan sinda kan mga pulis na nagsusugal nin tong-its.

Base sa report, an gabos na mga naaprehendir na imbuelto sa illegal na pagsugal an sasangatan nin casong pagbalga kan ley.

An reklamo contra sainda an dinara na sa Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, para sa magkakanigong disposisyon.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lalaki, binadil sa Masbate, gadan

MANDAON, Masbate 02/17/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) – Binawian nin buhay si Jodito Roxas y Caaya, 41 años na taga Brgy. Ayat, sa banwaan na ini kan siya badilon kan suspechadong si Armado Dela Cruz, kasubagong alas 7:00 nin aga.

An victima nagbabakal nin pambahog sa saiyang mga ataman na hayop kan siya ranihan dangan badilon kan suspechado.

Sabi sa bareta, harane sanang maray an distancia kan parabadil sa victima kaini.

Pakatapos na mangyari an krimen, an suspechado nagdulag pasiring sa dae maaraman na direksyon.

Mayong makapag sabi kun ano an motibo ni Dela Cruz ta ginadan niya an victima.

Hinahanap siya ngonian kan mga awtoridad tanganing panimbagon sa casong pang gadan sa victima.

Manugang sinaksak kan panugangan sa Tabaco City

TABACO CITY 02/17/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – An panugangan man sana kan victimang si Rosemarie Bartolata, 33 anyos, may agom an suspechado na nagsaksay saiya sa laog mismo kan saindang harong.

An incidente nangyari kasuodmang alas 9:00 nin aga sa brgy. Bankilingan sa ciudad na ini.

Sabi kan imbestigador an causa kan krimen iyo an luma nang iwal kan famila.

Base sa deklarasyon kan victima, si Agustin Bartolata y Capel, 74 anyos, panugan niya, nag-agi sa saindang harong kasoodma.

An sabi kan victima, dae niya aram kun nata ta biglang naglaog sa saindang residencia an saiyang panugangan.

Maski mayong malinaw na pig ponan, bastang sinaksak na lang kan suspechado an victima.

Maray nganing sa takyag sana ni Rosemarie Bartolata nagtama an kutsilyo, asin dae man siya narugado kan lugad.

An suspechado dinara sa hepatura kan pulis asin sasangatan nin magkakanigong caso.

NPA asin Army, nagbakbakan liwat sa Albay

OAS, Albay 02/17/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Nagbungkaras na naman an mainit na bakbakan kan mga soldados asin rebeldeng miembros kan NPA kasubagong alas 7:20 nin aga sa Brgy. Nagas, sa banwaan na ini.

An bareta dapit digdi hale ki Brig. Gen Claudio Yucot, an commanding officer kan 901st Infantry Brigada kan PA, na nakabase sa Brgy. Villahermosa, Daraga, Albay.

Mayo pang malinaw na noticia kun may mga casualties sa mag-ibong na lado, mantang hastang sinusurat an baretang ini nagkakaigwa pa nin bakbakan.

An luwar kan encontrada nangyari sa Sitio Dawagan kan Nagas.

Bantog an nasambit na lugar na pirmeng aguihan kan mga rebelde.

Sulo, nangyari sa Legaspi City kasubanggui

LEGASPI CITY 02/17/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –Mayo pang pinaluwas na cuentada an Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) kun gurano an kabilogan na danyos sa sa nangyarig kasulo kasubagong alas 12:50 nin mag-omagahon sa Calazada digdi.

An mga bombero nagsabi na an kasulo nangyari sa harong na pig-eestaran ka mga empleado ni Wilfredo Asuncion y Zapanta, 48 anyos na residente kan P-2, sa kapareyong address.

Afuera kan nasambit na residencia, nagkanayap pa an kalayo sa kataid na harong na sadire ni Winefredo Marano y Escultura.

Pigtarabangan kan apat na fire trucks kan Legaspi City asin saro pang fire truck kan Filipino-Chinese Volunteer Group an pagsigbo kan kalayo.

Ipigdeclarar kan mga bombero na tapos na an kasulo ala 1:42 nin aga, ngonian na aldaw.

Pig hahalat pa hasta ngonian an iba pang detalyes kan imbestigasyon dapit sa bagay na ini.

Primerong viaje kan tren sa Bicol, 1 an gadan, 1 irido

LEGASPI CITY 02/17/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Saro tulos an nagadan mantang saro pa an irido kan sinda madagasan kan primerong viaje kan PNR sa rotang Naga-Legaspi kasubanggui.

An nagadan iyo si Omar Martinez y Rentoy asin an irido iyo si Gorberto Rentoy na pigbubulong ngonian sa Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) digdi.

Base sa nakuang informasyon hale ki Engr. Jose Florece, an pamayo kan PNP sa Naga City, nagpirit suboot an victima na magbaktas sa riles kan tren, mantang an ibang mga vehiculo nasa “full stop”, Brgy. Tuburan, Ligao City.

Nagadan tulos si Omar Martinez sa pinangyarihan kan aksidente.

Maroromdoman na poon pa Disyembre 2016 nagbabandillo na an PNR na mabwelta na an saindang operasyon sa rotang Naga –Legaspi, pakatapos na mahirahay an mga raot asin ralapa nang riles kan tren.

Alagad, kasuodma pa sana nadagos an pirang beses nang nabulilyasong pagbwelta kan saindang byahe sa Bikol. (May report hale ki Mark Kevin Arroco)

Mga parakabod sa CNorte, nag-aagrangay

Protesta kan mga minero sa Camarines Norte
Kua ni Romil Del Moro

DAET, Camarines Norte 02/17/17 (BICOL STADARD) –Nagpaabot nin maimbod na pakisumaro si Gob. Edgar Tallado sa makuring kamugtakan kan mga saradit na mga minero sa Camarines Norte na pinondo kan Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) kan Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) na magkabod sa 11ng mga banwaan sa provinciang ini.

An mga saradit na mga minero nagpaabot kan saindang inagrangay sa gobierno nacional na tugotan sindang magpadagos kan saindang naguimatan nang hanapbuhay, ta dakul na mga miembros kan saindang familia an magugutom.

Segun ki Tallado may mga pending applications sa DENR para sa small-scale mining. Alagad, an MGB an habo na magtao nin permiso digdi.

Mientrastanto, si Guillermo Molina, an director kan MGB sa Bicol nagpahayag na ipigimplementar kan saiyang opisina poon pa kan Enero 10 an kasuguan na pondohon an gabos na small-scale minining operations huli man sana sa mga nanotaran na mga pagbalga kan reglamento kan gobierno.

Nasambit ni Molina an dae pag-otob kan mga minero kan Executive Order No. 79, asin an Implementing Rules and Regulations kan R.A. 7076 na mas bisto sa apod na Small-Scale Mininng Act.

An tinamaan na entero kan nasambit na kasuguan kan MGB iyo an mga parakabod sa Paracale, Labo asin Jose Panganiban, na nanotaran kan nasambit na opisina na dagmang an nangyayaring ilegal na pagmina, sabi ni Molina.

“Mayo nin aprobadong Minahang Bayan sa Camarines Norte, na inaprobaran kan DENR secretary, susog sa recomendasyon kan Provincial/City Mining Regulatory Board,” sabi pa ni Molina.

Si Serafin Dasco, an presidente kan Samahan ng Magkakabod ng Paracale an nasa frentera ngonian sa pakikipaglaban kan mga saradit na minero.

Maroromdoman na kan sarong aldaw, labing 5,000 na tawo an nagmarcha pasiring sa atubangan kan Capitolyo Provincial kan Provincia para magpaabot kan saindang reklamo.

Sagkod ngonian mainit pang maray an isyung ini, mantang rinibong mga familia an namimiligrong magutom huli ta mayong pwedeng makuanan nin pagbuhay.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Suspect in Masbate rape-slay arrested

MASBATE CITY 02/16/17 (BICOL STANDARD) -- A 17-year-old girl from Cagay, this city was allegedly raped and killed last February 14.

Suspect in the Masbate rape-slay
(Photo courtesy of Jet Ramos)
The suspect was identified as Amador Dalanon, a resident of the same barangay and the uncle of the victim, based on information.

The girl went missing on February 14, but her lifeless body was only recovered earlier today in a muddy field.

The investigators would not, however, provide additional details as the probe is still ongoing.

The suspect is now detained at the Masbate City Police Station.

After the conclusion of the investigation, a criminal complaint will be filed at the City Prosecutor's Office, reports said. (With report from Jet Ramos)

Menor de edad linupigan, ginadan kan saiyang tiyoon

Kua ni Jet Ramos
MASBATE CITY 02/16/17 (BICOL STANDARD) Yaon na sa laog kan carcel digdi an lalaking suspechado sa paglupig asin paggadan kan menor de edad na babae, na sobrena kan suspechado.

An victima na itinago sa pangaran na Linda (bakong tunay na pangaran) nakua sa nakaloblob sa laboy asin mayo na nin buhay.

An mga imbestigador nagpapadagos pa kan saindang pagsiyasat sa pinakabagong incidente nin brutal na krimen na nangyari digdi.

An completong detalyes kan bareta ipapaluwas sa orog na madaling panahon, kun matapos na an imbestigasyon. (Jet Ramos)

Bicol International Airport bidding probed

Bicol International Airport perspective via Skyscrapercity

MANILA 2/16/17 (Bicol Standard) – The much-awaited implementation of the proposed Bicol International Airport (BIA) is expected to suffer another delay after Coop-Natcco Rep. Anthony Bravo assailed the impending award of the said project to JD Legaspi Construction and its partner, EM Inc.

“I received reports that the potential contractor which was post-qualified by the Department of Transportation Bids and Awards Committee has a reputation of not completing the projects awarded to it thereby wasting precious time and government resources,” Bravo said.

He added that JD Legaspi is not qualified to participate in government project after it has allegedly incurred violations of pertinent provisions of Republic Act 9184.

“Under Section 34.4 of the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 9184, JD Legaspi is no longer qualified to participate in government projects for incurring a negative slippage of at least 15 percent in one government project and at least ten percent in two or more infrastructure contracts,” he said.

It will be recalled that this project was started during the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, but remained dormant until the term of President Benigno Aquino III.

In an interview in December 2016, Rep. Joey Salceda lauded President Duterte’s immediate action for the release of Php700-million for the construction of the landslide facilities of the BIA, and the bidding out of P1.71-billion expansion of the airport.

Duterte was the principal guest during the groundbreaking rites late last year.

When completed, the international airport would enable the Bicol region to increase its foreign tourist arrivals to at least 1.25 million.

Paracale Fire Station denies neglect of duty charge

PARACALE, Camarines Norte 2/16/17 (Bicol Standard)--After a series of attacks hurled by netizens blaming the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) personnel for gross neglect of duty, BFP issued a statement saying the allegations were baseless.

Paracale fire
Photo via Thiele Vasquez
"Even before this tragic incident started, we have already initiated for the fire truck to be repaired. Incidentally, the fire broke out while the truck was still unserviceable.

The firemen made exception to the harsh criticisms that flooded social media, calling them names, which according to them were not really true.

It would be recalled that the fire razed nine houses to the ground and partially damaged four others.

According to the findings of BFP, the fire started in the house of Romeo Umerez.

Assistance was sought from the fire stations of the towns of Jose Panganiban, Labo and Vinzons to put out the fire.

Army official in Masbate vows decent burial for enemies

AROROY, Masbate--A top official of the Philippine Army’s 2nd Infantry Battalion here has identified Wednesday one of the four New People's Army (NPA) rebels killed in a clash with government troopers on Monday morning here in Barangay Pangle, Aroroy, Masbate, as a certain “Commander Jaypee.”

Lt. Col Red Cabanizas, commander of the 2nd IB, in an interview, said a scout platoon led by 1Lt. April John S. Del Rosario was conducting patrol operation in Barangay Pangle at 6:30 a.m. when the encounter with the government troops occurred.

Cabanizas said the government soldiers brought the bodies to the police station in Aroroy town.

“The dead rebels will be given decent burial,” he said.

Aroroy Mayor Arturo Virtucio has shouldered the funeral expenses of the communist guerrillas whose remains will be given a three-day funeral at the police station here while waiting for their families to claim the bodies.

“If no one claims (the bodies), it will then be buried,” said Virtucio.

It was the second reported encounter in the province following the termination of ceasefire agreement between the government and the Communist New People’s Army and the NPA, its armed wing, early this month.

On February 6, Cpl. Mark Alfred Repol of the 93rd Division Reconnaisance Company was reported by police authorities in the province as wounded in an encounter in Barangay Amotag, 21 kilometers away from the poblacion of Aroroy. (PNA)

3 Bicol provinces in priority list of hybrid rice technology project

The three Bicol provinces of Catanduanes, Sorsogon and Masbate have been included in the priority list of the Department of Agriculture’s six-year program to irrigate an additional one million hectares of rice fields for hybrid crop technology.

Department of Agriculture (DA)- Bicol Director Elena Delos Santos, in an interview at their regional office in Pili, Camarines Sur, said the program, which will begin this year, is in response to President Rodrigo Duterte’s goal to achieve a “target production yield of six metric tons per hectare to attain rice sufficiency” before his term ends.

She said by applying “climate smart” practices in agricultural production, the farmers could cope with changing climate and adverse weather conditions, among them the El Niňo phenomenon.

The goal is to achieve “inclusive, value-chain oriented and climate-resilient agriculture and fisheries sector through strategic investments in the priority commodity value chains,” said Delos Santos. (by Rhaydz Barcia, PNA)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Negosyanteng taga Camalig, dinakop kan pulis

CAMALIG, Albay 02/14/17 (BICOL STANDARD) -- Dinakop kasubago kan mga pulis si Adolfo Rubillos y Jimenes, 49 anyos na negociate na taga digdi sa banwaan na ini, huli sa inaatubang na 2ng casong estafa na bibistahan sa duwang sala kan Regional Trial Court (RTC) sa Ciudad kan Legaspi.

An sarong caso ni Rubillos yaon sa sala ni Judge Pedro R. Soriano kan RTC Branch 5, asin an saro yaon ki Judge Frank E. Lobrigo kan RTC Branch 3, pareyo sa Ciudad nin Legaspi City.

Nadakop an akusado sa Maharlika Highway kasubagong alas 12:45 nin hapon.

Dinara si Rubillos sa hepatura kan pulis para i-suko sa RTC na nag paluwas kan mandamiento de aresto kontra saiya.

UP honors DPWH Dir. Tagudando

LEGAZPI CITY--Engineer Reynaldo G. Tagudando, director of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Bicol, was honored along with 13 others with the “Gawad Oblation,” a special award to those who gave “extraordinary support” to the University of the Philippines during the incumbency of outgoing UP President Alfredo Pascual.

A post in social media said the awards, which were given for the first time, recognized UP alumni and friends for their “extraordinary service” in making “initiatives that have helped UP perform its leadership role in higher education and national development.”

Tagudando received the medal of recognition during the awarding ceremony at the UP-Professional Schools in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City on the first week of February.

Tagudando started work as general construction foreman in DPWH, which was then the Bureau of Public Works, in 1980.

Touted as the “highest honor UP can bestow upon its alumni and friends” the Oblation Award ceremony was headed by outgoing Pascual and UP Vice President for Public Affairs Edna Estifania Co. (PNA)

Akusadong parahabon damulag, arestado

PILI, Camarines Sur 2/14/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –Dinakop kan mga pulis si Fidel Penini Jr., y Apolinario, 36 anyos, residente kan Tinangis sa banwaan na ini huli sa mandamiento de aresto na pinaluwas ni RTC Judge Erwin Virgilio P. Ferrer kan Branch 33, sa Pili, Camarines Sur.

Si Penini, Jr. akusado sa kasong pagbalga kan PD 533 (Anti-Cattle Rustling Law) o paghabas nin baka o damulag.

Tinuklo an akusado kasuodmang ala 1:25 nin hapon.

Dadarahon kan mga pulis an akusado sa sala ni Judge Ferrer para isuko an akusado.

An kaso kontra ki Penini, Jr. may docket No. CC No. P5033.

Small-scale miners hold protest, hunger strike in Cam Norte

Small-scale miners hold protest, hunger strike in Cam Norte
(Photo by: Romil Del Moro/BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

DAET, Camarines Norte 2/14/17 (Bicol Standard)--Close to 5,000 small-scale miners flocked to the Provincial Capitol to protest the Cease and Desist Order issued by the DENR against gold panners in the towns of Labo, Jose Panganiban, and Paracale.

Headed by Serafin Dasco, the group went on hunger strike for the entire day.

According to Dasco, the government should recognize the small-scale miners sector.

They are also seeking for the approval of the permit for the Minahang Bayan.

The group was invited to air their gripes before the officials of the DENR in the Office of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

PHOTO | Gov. Bichara is ULAP prexy

A true testament of servant leadership which spans across cities, provinces and municipalities in the Philippines, Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara has been elected as President of the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP).


Buskay na puso

BUSKAY NA PUSO, saro sana sa kadakol na koleksyon nin mga buskay na maheheling sa Bicol Shell Museum sa Bagolatao, Minalabac, Cam Sur. (by Monica Basmayor)

Maisog na kampanya kontra sa sugal nagrangkada na sa Naga

NAGA CITY 2/14/17 (BICOL STANDARD) Ultimong rog-rog na mga sencillo bako nang salvado ngonian sa maisog na kampanya kan pulis kontra sa ilegal na sugal.

Bako nang naka-sentro sa ilegal na droga an target kan mga pulis kundi an nagkuriyat na ilegal na sugal, poon sa pusoy, cara y cruz o an inaapod na “pull out,’ o maging an jueteng na haloy nang nagkuriyat digdi.

Sa report ngonian na aga, pinonpon kan pulis an gabos na taya sa cara y cruz (pull out) na ginigibo sa Day Care Center Building, sa Brgy. Cararayan.

An solamenteng nadakop iyo si Hector Reverente y Resayaga, ta an iba pang mga kabale sa mga nagsusugal nakadurulag.

Bilang evidencia, dinara kan mga pulis an kantidad P260.00, na mga sencillo.

Kabale sa mga gagamiton na evidencia iyo an tulong pidasong takal na piso, na pigpapa-olanto kan mga nagkakawat kan nasambit na sugal.

Kakasohan si Reverente nin pagbalga kan PD 1602.

NPA pigpatakot an mga Army sa Libmanan

LIBMANAN, Camarines Sur 2/14/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –Nagpamate kasoodma an suboot mga miembros kan New People’s Army (NPA) sa paagui kan pagsurong sa Detachment/Patrol Base kan Charlie Coy kan 22IB, 9ID kan Philippine Army na nasa Brgy.Cambalidio digdi.

Nangyari ini kasubanguing alas 10:20 (Feb 13), sabi sa report na ipinadara sa pulis.

Pitong miembros kan rebeldeng grupo an naggibo kan pagprobar na pag-atake sa nasambit na patrol base.

Sabi kan Army, nagdurar nin limang minutos an pagpaputok kan mga NPA hale sa distansyang 150 hasta 200 metros, hale sa kinakamugtakan kan mga Army.

Naghale an mga rebelde pasiring sa direksyon na norteng sirangan harane sa Brgy. Villa Socoro digdi.

An nasambit na mga barangay nasa bukid na parte kan banwaan na ini.

Narotos sa grabeng kaburatan, binawian buhay

TABACO CITY 2/14/17 (Bicol Standard) – Pwedeng narotos huli sa grabeng kaburatan si Noel Catolico y Carillo, residente kan P6, Brgy. San Carlos digdi na nakuang mayo na nin buhay sa harong ninda.

Sabi kan pulis, si Catolico maghapon na nakipag-inoman sa saiyang duwang pinsan, poon alas 8:00 nin aga hasta alas 11:00 nin bangui.

Nadiscubre an malipot na bangkay kan victima kan tugang kan saiyang agom na babae, sa laog kan saindang residencia.

Love is generous

by Fr. Joey Gonzaga

Love does not seek its own interests; it is not self-seeking but other’s seeking. True lovers seek to love more than to be loved. Loving generously means loving freely, fully and really.


Indignation or irritation does not help because it provokes in us an interior hostility that makes us avoid people who irritate or annoy us. Pope Francis has this piece of advice: “Our first reaction when we are annoyed should be the one of heartfelt blessing, asking God to bless, free and heal that person.” (AL, no. 104)

Forgiveness seeks to understand other people’s weaknesses. Yet forgiveness does not cancel the obligations of justice.

If we are recipients of God’s unconditional love, we must in return become givers of love and mercy to others. This implies that we learn first to understand and forgive ourselves. As Pope Francis tells all of us: “We need to learn to pray over our past history, to accept ourselves, to learn how to live with our limitations, and even to forgive ourselves, in order to have the same attitude toward others.” (Amoris Laetitia, no. 107)


One does not truly love when he/she is happy while the other is suffering. Love rejoices at the good of others only when the lover sees the dignity of the beloved and values his/her as person and his/her good works.


To bear all things has something to do with the use of our tongue. It means “limiting judgment, checking the impulse to issue a firm and ruthless condemnation.” Instead of speaking about the weakness and faults of the other, it is better to focus on his/her goodness and strengths.

There is no perfect love. In fact, “love does not have to be perfect for us to value it.” (Amoris Laetitia, no. 113)

True love believes all things. It means that “love trusts. It sets free, it does not try to control, possess and dominate everything.” If a boyfriend tries to know every detail of what his girlfriend is doing to the extent of confiscating her personal phone and accessing her facebook account, this is an indicator that he does not trust and therefore does not truly love her.

True love encourages and deepens sincerity, honesty and transparency. For those who know that they are trusted and appreciated, they can be open and hide nothing. But, for someone who is always suspicious, jealous, judgmental, this person will tend to keep secrets, conceal his/her feelings and weaknesses and pretend to be someone other than he/she is.


Love does not despair realizing that the other person is capable of changing, developing and maturing.

When we love, we embrace the total person his/her past, present and future. When we fall into despair, we only consider the present. But, love has a future. And true love does not despair of the future.

Love endures all things. It means that “love bears every trial with a positive attitude.” True love does not give up, because God does not give up on us.

EDITORIAL | PNP: Pasaway Na Pulis?

Makulog sa payo pagdangogon an mga rimong-rimong kan mga tawo manongod sa mga nangyayari ngonian na imbuelto an mga pulis.

Nagbago na kuta an pagheling asin naglangkaw an respeto kan mga tawo sa nakaaging mga bulan ta naobserbaran kan kadaklan an karahayan kan mga inaapod sa Bicol na “Kasurog Cops.”

Mamundo sanang pag-atid-atidon na bigla na naman naraot an dangog ninda, sa atubangan kan mga nangyayari ngonian.

Pulis, iyo daa an hutok sa pagkidnap kan Koreano na si ki Jee Ick Joo.

Sa laog pa kan Campo Crame tinigbak.

Ano na ini!

An gabos na ipinaheling na karahayan kan mga kabado ninda dinigtaan sana nin nagkapirang mga raot an payo sa organisasyon.

Digdi sa Bicol, halangkawon an pagheling asin respeto ki Chief Supt Melvin Buenafe, an Regional Director kan PNP.

Mala ta mate kan saindang organisasyon an mayong huraw na suporta, tabang asin pag-anduyog kan saindang mga programa.

Maging sa kampanya kontra sa droga asin kriminalidad yaon an tabang kan mga civilian.

Kanugon talaga an pinaheling na pagmakulog asin sinceridad sa trabaho kan kadaklan kan kapulisan.

An saro sa mga na-iilawan ngonian iyo an nangyayari sa Isla kan Catanduanes.

Difisil na malingawan kan mga Bicolano na an pinakadakulang laboratoryo kan shabu duman nabungkalan kan mga awtoridad.

Ano dae lamang ini naparong kan mga pulis na haloy nang nakadistino duman?

Kan sarong aldaw may ipigbiklad na reklamo an mga taga Pandan, Catanduanes.

Nagkapirang mga pulis an imbuelto suboot bilang protector sa illegal logging.

An nagkapira, pinangaranan na asin ipigsumbong ki RD Buenafe.

Naghahalat an banwaan kan pagluwas kan katotohanan dapit sa bagay na ini.

Kun magdadanay an siring na mga illegal asin maka-orag na gawi ninda, madidigtaan nin orog an pangaran kan pulis.

Nawara na kuta an bansag na “PNP: Pinatay Ng Pulis.”

Aapodon guiraray sindang “PNP: Pasaway na Pulis.”

Monday, February 13, 2017


Prominent local TV personality Alfredo Imperial  Perdon (LEFT) hosts a weekly health talk show on GNN with Karmi Azur (RIGHT) to educate viewers on various health issues. Also in photo is Dr. Noel Tolentino, hepatitis specialist.

Harong nin maestra, sinalakat

DAET, CNorte— Sinalakat kan dae nabistong tawo an harong ni Mabel Milano y Orias, maestra na taga Lot 1, Block 41, Happy Homes Fairview II Subdivision, Brgy. Magang sa banwaan na ini.

Nangyari an krimen poco mas o menos alas 6:30 nin aga, kan Pebrero 12.

Base sa pagsiyasat kan pulis, rinangka kan parahabon an steel grills kan bukas na bintana, asin duman siya nag-agi paglaog sa harong.

Rinuskay na entero an mga gamit sa laog kan cuarta asin nalalay kan parahabon an kantidad P6,000.00 na cash, sarong unit nin Cherry mobile cellphone, asin sarong pidasong silver kwentas.

Nag-iimbestigar pa an mga awtoridad kan nangyaring krimen sa oras na sinusurat an baretang ini.

Tupada, jueteng, iba pa, aatoman kan pulis Naga

NAGA CITY—Aatoman kan mga pulis an pagdakop kan mga ipigbabawal na sugal. Kabale digdi an tupada, cara y cruz, jueteng, sugal sa baraha asin iba pa.

Ini an sabi ni SPO2 Toby Bongon, an parapahayag kan Naga City Police Office.

Ipinahayag ni Bongon na may bagong direktiba hale sa Campo Crame na nagsasadol sa mga pulis na maggibo nin mga programa para ipasunod an fuerza kan ley, orog nang may mga bareta na nagkukuriyat an mga ilegal na sugal.

Mientrastanto, piglinaw kan parapahayag kan pulis na sa laog nin nakalihis na pirang aldaw malinig an blotter kan pulis, afuera sana kan nagkapirang mga saradit na krimen na ipigpaparekord sa sainda.

Siring man, sa presente, an mga pulis nakacentro sa pagtao nin seguridad sa mga residentes kan Ciudad nin Naga.

Kabale sa saindang tinatawan nin atensyon an mga matawong lugar arog kan mercado publico, sa palibot kan mga eskwelahan asin mga matawong tinampo.

Base sa report, makusog man guiraray an ipigtataong suporta kan pulis sa Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, na iyong nasa printera kan kampanya kontra sa ilegal na droga.

“Maski na ngani nasa pagsuporta sana kami, yaon an tabang kan mga pulis sa gabos na oras sa PDEA,” sabi pa.

THE SUNNY PHILOSOPHER | No longer a forgotten paradise

DECADES ago, this sleepy Paniman village in Caramoan facing northern Catanduanes was a forgotten paradise. Not even its powdery white beach, the blue ocean in front of the village and the bloody piece of WW II history had drawn curious visitors.

The war drama involved a captured Japanese soldier beheaded by avenging guerrillas and buried where he was killed, near two shore batteries made of coconut trunks.

The village was torched by the Japanese at the start of the war. My lolo said that his pet dog, Jeff came back to his charred house after the invaders had left.

The villagers rebuilt their homes soon after the end of the war.

On a clear day, you can see the bluish mountains of northern Catanduanes from the village shore. As a boy, I often dreamed of crossing the sea to Catanduanes in a fast sailboat to experience the thrills of riding on the crest of giant waves.

The village has a natural attraction. A balikbayan from the US fell in love with it at first sight. “Wow, beautiful, magnificent”, he cried on getting off the jeepney.

A prodigal son, on a brief visit after 15 years absence, was excited. “Really wonderful sight”, he exclaimed.

I was the prodigal son.

Immediately after finishing high school in Caramoan, I packed my few belongings, bid my grandparents and my village goodbye and headed from parts unknown.

For over a decade, the village which had raised me up as a dreamer was a blur in my mind. I was too busy to think home.

Finally, the wings of fate brought me to Catanduanes and thence to Legaspi City where I have found a home.

My years of wandering have ended.

My village?

No longer a forgotten paradise.

The filming of the Survivor Series, shown worldwide, has brought spectacular pictures of the village as a paradise for adventure seekers.

Hordes of foreign and local tourists came, enriching the village coffers. The village now has a 24-hour power supply. Its over three- kilometer mountain road, abandoned for 50 years, has been paved.

Hotels and lodging houses, with hot and cold showers, have sprouted up. Most of the menfolk are employed.

Businessman Kekoy San Pablo, former Caramoan Vice- Mayor, said the richest village in Caramoan is Paniman.

Years ago, it was the most depressed.

Catanduanes cops under probe for 'hot lumber'

NAGA CITY 2/13/17 (Bicol Standard)—An order to investigate the alleged involvement of police officers in providing protection for persons engaged in hot lumber in the island province of Catanduanes has been issued by the PNP Regional Director Chief Supt. Melvin Buenafe.

In an interview by Bicol Standard, Buenafe promised a full dress investigation on the matter.

Jing Rima, a local broadcaster, called the attention of Buenafe after receiving reports that 150 pieces of narra flitches that were earlier confiscated were not turned over to the DENR and instead kept inside the quarters of the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC).

In her radio program Island Sandigan Reports, Rima said the modus operandi is to permit the transport of hot lumber allegedly in exchange for payment to the PPSC raiding team.

“Those who could not afford the ‘redemption fee’ are sent home freely and the illegal lumber reported as abandoned,” the report said.

Some pieces of confiscated flitches which were hidden under the beds and behind walls of the PPSC quarters were being kept allegedly to be used by the local chief executive for his projects, Pandan MPS Chief Sammy Realuyo told the DENR investigators.

Realuyo would not, however, turn over to the DENR the pieces of confiscated lumber, Rima said.

Furthermore, the report added: “Police officers and men in Catanduanes are accustomed to the practice of hulidap, where confiscared narra lumber is made into sala sets, furniture and other fixtures for their own homes, or sent as gifts by junior officers to ranking officials.”

Bicol Standard was not able to contact those named in this report for their side of the story.

Why I don't celebrate Valentines' Day

By Geezel Torres-Basmayor

When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day celebration was quite a big deal. A few days before February 14th, I remember myself preparing cards made out of heart-shaped cut outs or hand-painted white papers. I would give these cards to friends, classmates, and even teachers. The teachers would also ask us to write letters for our parents. We would even have simple programs in school. For me, Valentine’s Day was like Christmas or New Year. It was a day full of excitement, not just because I get to showcase my inner creative self but also, because I get to express my love for the people dearest to me.

But as I grew older, Valentine’s Day became more and more like a normal day. In fact, my boyfriend of eleven years (now, my husband) and I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. We just find celebrating it too commercialized and at some point pretentious. Plus, we hate the traffic in the metro and the fully-booked cafes and restaurants during this day. Call me cynical or what, but I just never understood the need to dedicate a day to telling someone you love him/her when you can do that each and every day you are with that special person.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against celebrating Valentine’s Day nor the people celebrating it. I know some friends who would go out of their way to plan the grandest candlelight dinner for the love of their lives. I find that sweet actually.

What I am saying here, though, is that I don’t think there’s a need for an official holiday to show affection to the one you love and adore. I definitely dig an intimate dinner in a fancy restaurant once in a while, but I don’t think I would appreciate that dinner if I’m seated in a crowded restaurant next to some other couples. I would also love to get some beautiful flowers but not on a day when all other girls would get one,too. I love spontaneity. I love surprises, too. These, I think, I wouldn’t get during Valentine’s Day. Girls are often expectant of surprises from their partners during this day just because the celebration of Valentine’s Day dictates so. Most boys, on the other hand, would feel the pressure of coming up with a brilliant plan to surprise their girls just because they are expected to do so. Don’t you think you will love the surprise even more when it comes on the most unexpected day?

I know that Valentine’s Day is all about love, but I don’t think overpriced bouquet of flowers, chocolates, cards, and dinner dates are the best ways to show that affection. Last night before I went to bed, I told my husband that I wasn’t feeling so well. Just this morning, I woke up with the smell of a brewed coffee and a kiss on my forehead. The husband whispered, “I hope you’re feeling better”. This, for me, is what love is about. As cliche as it would get, we should try our best to make each day a Valentine’s Day.

Resume peace talks, resume interim ceasefires

by Soliman M. Santos, Jr.
Naga City, 11 February 2017

The call to resume the peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) is only right and just because their scrapping by President Duterte was premature, even as the NDFP Panel Chief Political Consultant and Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) guru Jose Maria Sison says he understands him. But this call should be accompanied by another call to resume the unilateral interim ceasefires that were also prematurely terminated first by the CPP and New People’s Army (NPA) leadership for the NDFP (not the other way around) and then soon after followed suit by President Duterte for the GRP. This was the casus belli, as it were, or what triggered the downward spiral of this whole peace process. This prematurity we had already discussed last weekend in an article “Urgent Motion for Reconsideration of the Ceasefire Termination,” forgive the court case terminology of a MR.

To save and bring the whole peace process back on track should entail, to use court case terms again, a return to the status quo ante -- the situation before the breakdown in the process. That status quo ante was clearly one of peace talks accompanied by unilateral interim ceasefires up to the Rome Talks of last January 19 to 25. The “Joint Statement on the Successful Third Round of Formal Talks between the GRP and NDFP in Rome, Italy” is the best evidence of the prematurity that we are talking about. It is not the interim, repeat interim only, ceasefire that was premature but rather its termination. In the Joint Statement, it was in fact stated particularly that “The Parties note that their unilateral indefinite ceasefires remain in place.”

If only the peace process breakdown could be subject to a court injunction (like U.S. President Trump’s travel ban), the injunction would be to restore that status quo ante of unilateral interim ceasefires This is what would avoid a deterioration of the situation now that the dogs of war on both sides have been unleashed. This is what is needed as “a measure of restraint” (Sison’s words, akin to a court temporary restraining order or TRO) before it is too late -- before there can no longer be any holding back of the fighting which creates its own negative dynamic for the whole process, as experience has shown.

Some peace advocates no less, ironically say that “the absence of reciprocal, unilateral ceasefires should not unhinge our efforts for building peace.” But it has unhinged this process under President Duterte, if not himself also. Others say “Keep on talking even when there is fighting. But keep on listening as well.” But that’s very hard “amid the din and drone” of gunfire and explosions, whether from NPA landmines or Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) artillery shelling and aerial bombardment. These disrupt not just listening but the very business of living in the conflict-affected areas of the countryside.

Sison et al. cite at least 10 major agreements that have been sealed since the Ramos administration of 1992-98 despite the continued fighting. But only one of those is considered a substantive agreement, the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). That is only the first of four major substantive agenda items under the framework Hague Joint Declaration of 1992. Just one substantive agreement in nearly 25 years or one generation! That is already “untenable,” to use the CPP-NPA’s description of the unilateral interim ceasefires. Compare that to the two years from the 2012 Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro to the 2014 Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro in the peace talks cum ceasefire with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) during the Aquino administration.

We have precisely “been there, done that” already with fighting while talking for the most part of several decades of the GRP-NDFP peace process since 1992, more so if we count from the first round in 1986-87. It’s about time that we try talking and listening without fighting where the latter is understood to be for a reasonable interim period only of an estimated (by the CPP leadership and the NDFP Panel) two years or so to possibly work out comprehensive agreements on socio-economic and politico-constitutional reforms. The Rome Joint Statement indicated fair, if not good, advances on this. Indeed, as an NDFP partisan said, “the aim of the talks is not just to end the fighting but also to address the roots of the armed conflict.” But in the meantime, for a reasonable period, can the fighting (just this, not other forms of struggle) not be put on hold as a “specific measure of goodwill and confidence-building to create a favorable climate for peace negotiations”? This is not yet for the “end of hostilities and disposition of forces.” A mere interim ceasefire in this context is not “tantamount to the capitulation and pacification of the revolutionary people and forces.” AND at the end of that reasonable period, IF good faith negotiations still fail to achieve substantive reform agreements, THEN a return to armed struggle would be understandable or even justified, depending also on the circumstances.

It is fair, not only by the GRP but also by all peace-loving Filipinos, to raise a privileged question of sincerity about talking peace while fighting a war. As we had written a number of years back, why continue to fight a war if the peace talks are “successful” so far, especially in working towards comprehensive agreements on substantive reforms to address the roots of the armed conflict? Why suffer the loss of precious lives, including of thy comrades, in the meantime if these are going to be achieved? Or does the desire to continue armed struggle indicate an expectation or worse, an intention, that the peace talks will ultimately fail?

By the CPP-NPA’s termination of its unilateral interim ceasefire (followed suit by the GRP), it has in effect (or as intended?) preempted an interim bilateral ceasefire already scheduled for another meeting of the two ceasefire committees. One relevant simple question that nobody seems to be asking is: are both sides willing to reinstate the prematurely terminated unilateral ceasefires as an important “compelling reason,” or “key link,” or key gesture (as far as President Duterte is concerned), to reverse the premature announcement of an "all-out war" and the premature scrapping of the peace talks? The simple proposition is that it is only right and that all that have been prematurely done should be undone before it can no longer be undone.

ACT Bicol gets CSC accreditation

Photo via Antonio Tinio

LEGAZPI CITY 2/13/17 (Bicol Standard)--The awarding of the certificate of accreditation of Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Bicol from the Civil Service Commission was formally recognized earlier today at DepEd Regional Office 5 here.

Present during the formal awarding were ACT Bicol leaders and representatives from the six provinces of the region.

Said accreditation makes ACT Bicol the "sole and exclusive negotiating agent of the 50,000 public school teachers of the Bicol Region," according to Cong. Antonio Tinio of ACT Teachers Partylist.

With this, "ACT Bicol joins the ranks of ACT NCR, ACT Davao Region, and ACT Region 6 as accredited unions, representing 180,000 public school teachers nationwide," Tinio added.

Meanwhile, in his speech, ACT National Chairperson Benjamin Balbuena lauded the accreditation, saying that this will help protect the interests and welfare of the teachers.

4 rebels killed in Masbate encounter

AROROY, Masbate 2/13/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Four suspected members of the New People's Army are confirmed dead in a clash with the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) earlier today.

The encounter occurred at Barangay Pangli, this town, at around 4 a.m.

Twenty heavily-armed suspected rebels engaged in a firefight with the members of the 2nd Infantry Battalion based in Barangay Bacolod, Sitio Baclay in the town of Milagros.

At least five firearms were recovered from the site of the clash, the police said.

Army officers are in full alert due to the suspension of the unilateral ceasfire declaration by both camps. (With report from Jet Ramos)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tupada sa Legaspi City dinakop, 2 arestado

LEGASPI CITY 2/12/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Mainit pa ngani an abo hale sa natuprod na mga harong sa Victory Village, Brgy. 28, saro pang problema an nagbutwa sa pareyong lugar kan sakyadahon kan pulis an tupadahan as nasambit na lugar.

An intelligence group kan pulis may confirmadong informasyon na an nasamit na barangay iyo an pig gigibohan kan burolang, apisar kan wara man digding licensiadong bulangan.

Pinamayohan an raid sa tupadahan ni PSInsp Efren Paloyo, kasubagong alas 11:00 nin odto.

Inarestar tanganing kasohan nin pagbalga sa Cockfigthting Decree asin Illegal Gambling (PD 1602) iyo sinda Andres Chavez y Dalde, Raul Candelario y Lauriano, pareyo residentes kan nasambit na barangay.

An iba pang mga nagparticipar sa illegal na pabulang an marikas na nagtiripwasan padulag asin dae na nadakop kan mga pulis.

Duwang pambulang na manok, sarong pula asin alibuyogon an dinara kan mga awtoridad para gamiton na evidencia sa pag plantiar nin caso.

Sabi sa bareta, tinagbo kan mga pulis na nagsusultada kaya maribok asin nagsusuriyaw an mga parabulang.

Mayong nasambit na ibang mga pangaran na imbuelto sa tupada.

An sentenciador, lamesador asin an mismong nagpapadalagan kan tupada an dae nasambit sa baretang ini.

Holdupper na disarmaran, nakadulag sa Virac

VIRAC, Catanduanes 2/12/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) – Dae nadagos si plano ni “Alyas Tagalog,” na nagprobar kutang magholdup sa tindahan ni Merlita Sorrera kan siya madisarmaran ni Bobby De la Cruz asin an mga katabang sa tindahan.

Segun sa pulis si “Tagalog” may armas na calibre .38ng revolver, nakasuklob nin bonnet sa payo, jaket asin may gamit pang wig tanganing dae siya mabisto.

Segundo sana an nakalipas kan magdeclarar siyang “holdup”, natrinkahan tulos siya ni De la Cruz asin mga pagiriba, na yaon man sa tindahan.

Naagaw sa holdupper an badil na may laog nin 4 na bala, bonnet, pang itaas na t-shirt, camiseta, jacket asin an wig na gamit tanganing maitago an saiyang pagkatawo.

Idinagdag sa report na mayong naginibo an holdupper kundi an mag-pulospugos asin kan makabutas, suminakay sa saiyang motorsiklo, dangan nagrangkada padulag.

An direksyon niya pasiring sa banwaan kan San Andres, Catanduanes.

Hasta ngonian pighahanap pa si “Tagalog” kan mga awtoridad tanganing sampalingon nin caso.

Lalaki sinaksak, suspechado detinido sa Tiwi

TIWI, ALBAY 2/12/17 (BICOL STANDARD )  Maatubang nin caso kriminal si Joselito Labor y Celorico, 27 anyos na residente kan Brgy Gajo, huli sa sahot na pagsaksak niya ki Sammy Celorico y Carullo, kan kapareyong barangay digdi.

Base sa record kan pulis si Celorico bigla na sanang binansukan nin kutsilyo sa saiyang kagiriran kan suspechado.

Nangyari an krimen kasubagong alas 3:15 nin amay na pagkaaga.

Wak-wak an tulak kan victima kaya idinalagan siya sa Ziga Memorial District Hospital sa Tabaco City tanganing ipabulong.

Sa ibong na lado, si Labor pinasabot na kan saiyang mga derechos sa lindong kan Constitution asin ngonian nasa laog kan detention cell kan banwaan na ini.

Pig pepreparar na an caso na isasangat contra sa suspechado.

Estudianteng may caso sa illegal na droga, arestado

MASBATE CITY 2/12/17 (BICOL STANDARD ) – Nasa laog na kan detention cell kan pulis si Al Uduando y Judal, 23 anyos na residente kan Brgy. Nursery sa ciudad na ini pakatapos na siya dakopon kasuodmang alas 7:28 nin bangui.

Si Uduando may inaatubang na kaso sa Branch 46 kan RTC, sa sala ni Judge Teofilo B. Tambago.

An pigbalgang ley kan akusado iyo an Sec. 16 kan Art. II kan R.A. 9165 asin Illegal possession Possession of Firearms and Ammunitions, na may docket CC Nos. 17945.

Mayong pig recomendar an jusgado para sa saiyang temporaryong libertad.

Dadarahon an akusado sa sala ni Judge Tambago sa lunes para atubangani an akusasyon saiya.

Babaeng may epilepsy nakuang gadan sa Sorsogon City

SORSOGON CITY 2/12/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Nakuang naglalataw sa hararom na bobon an sarong babae na nabisto sa pangaran na Leria Lajada y Groyon asin mayo na nin buhay.

Susug sa report ni Brgy. Kgd Danie Labitag kan Brgy. Penafrancia West, hinagad niya an tabang kan mga pulis para mag-imbestigar kan nangyari.

Naaraman kan mga imbestigador na si Lejada residente kan Brgy. Penafrancis West District.

Nagluluwas sa report na may helang na epilepsy an babae.

An carculo kan mga awtoridad pwedeng nahulog sa bobon an victima kan siya atakehon kan saiyang helang mantang naglalaba.

An incidente nakaabot sa attensyon kan pulis kasoodmang alas 5:27 nin hapon.

Lola nabanga nin motorsiklo, binayaan sa tinampo

CASTILLA, Sorsogon 2/12/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Pig iimbestigaran pa kan pulis an aksidenteng nangyari sa Maharlika Highway, sa Brgy. San Isidro sa banwaan na ini na kun saen nabungoan an sarong babae na naglalakaw.

Nabisto an victima na iyo si Estrella Estropia y Fajardo, 72 anyos, residente kan Brgy. Milagrosa digdi.

An incidente nangyari kasoodmang alas 12:15 nin hapon (Feb 10).

Imbuelto sa aksidente an color azul na motorsiklo na mayong plaka.

Segun pa sa pag-siyasat an driver kan nasambit na vehiculo, en vez na tabangan an nabungo niyang gurang, orog pang pinaharorot an pig lulunadan na motorsiklo padulag.

An direksyon kan driver pasiring sa Ciudad kan Sorsogon.

Dinara sa Sorsogon Provincial Hospital an victima tanganing ipabulong.

An pulis nag-coordinar na sa Highway Patrol Group sa Sorsogon City tanganing mabisto asin madakop an nakabanga na driver.

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