Saturday, February 4, 2017

Gov Cua: I have no knowledge of the shabu lab in Virac

Catanduanes Gov. Joseph Cua
Photo: Gov. Cua's Facebook page
VIRAC, Catanduanes 2/4/17 (Bicol Standard) – Provincial Governor Joseph Cua vehemently denied neither knowledge nor participation in the mega shabu laboratory that was discovered by police authorities in the town of Virac last year.

This denial was issued by Cua due to the filing of a complaint in the Office of the Ombudsman by the Edralyn Pangilinan, the common-law wife of Larry Que.

Que, it will be recalled, was murdered by still unidentified persons here, allegedly because of the column that was published in his local newspaper that pointed to Cua and Mayor Samuel Laynes’ alleged knowledge of the said laboratory.

The Provincial Chief Executive claims that the reason for the filing of the Ombudsman complaints is nothing but politics.

Cua added that the complainant was accompanied by several local media personalities when she filed the complaint at the Office of the Ombudsman.

Both Cua and Laynes, the complaint said, were remiss in the performance of their official functions as heads of their Local Government Units, hence they are blamed for the mega shabu laboratory construction.

Que, the publisher of the local tabloid was the alleged author of the column that criticized both Cua and Laynes.

Meanwhile, Cua also took notice of the “almost orchestrated disinformation campaign in the social media,” claiming that he did not attend the meeting that was called by President Rodrigo Duterte last month discussing the proliferation of illegal drugs.

As evidence of his attendance, Cua had posted in social media his certificate of appearance that was issued by Malacanang to prove his presence in the said meeting.

No abduction in Naga City – CD Munez

NAGA CITY 2/4/17 (BICOL STANDARD) — “The stories about the alleged abduction of children are all concoctions. 

There is no truth to much-publicized reports which when verified were primarily on hearsay. They were simply products of wild imaginations – possibly influenced by the popular television prime time show 'Ang Probinsyano.'"

These were the statements given by Naga City Police Director Julius Munez in an interview by BICOL STANDARD.

Munez pointed out that the alleged victims were children who were not under the care of their parents. In fact, all of the alleged victims were under the protection, custody or care by their guardians only.

In the same interview, Munez meticulously explained that at the outset of their investigation, they were already entertaining doubts of the veracity of the reports that have initially filtered in the pages of the social media outlets, particularly Facebook.

“We did not immediately rule out the possibility that the abduction stories were either jokes, or simply incredible stories and lies,” he said.

“Our immediate response to the issue was to compose a team of good investigators tasked to gather up to the smallest details of the alleged crime and then boldly tackle the issue. Then, they were directed to monitor all those allegedly named or involved, the victims and their guardians or parents," he said.

“At least, despite the negative reports which admittedly had taken toll on the peace and order condition of the city, it also generated a positive result," he said.

“Thus far, we have noticed that the parents, guardians and other school stakeholders have become more involved in ensuring the security of minors”, he said.

Also, Munez added that Naga City is a peaceful place, unlike other places in the country.

“Security is everyone’s concern. It is a shared responsibility. I do believe that the residents will be vigilant as ever, especially with these reports," he said.


Friday, February 3, 2017

PDEA to tap state agencies, barangays in fight vs illegal drugs

LEGAZPI CITY, Feb. 3 (PNA)--The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) will tap other government agencies and barangays that would serve as “force multipliers” to fight the illegal drug trade in the country.

“PDEA will make adjustments in filling the gap left behind by the PNP by tapping other government agencies and the barangays as force multipliers to help in the national anti-drug campaign as provided by law,” said PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña in a statement sent to its Bicol office.

He said the scheme aims to fill the gap left by the different de-activated anti-drug units of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Lapeña said even as the PNP is prevented from conducting anti-drug operations, it would maintain close coordination with PDEA on all drug-related matters, such as gathering, processing and validating of anti-drug information, and monitoring of drug personalities, including self-confessed drug users and pushers who voluntarily surrendered nationwide.

He said that other law enforcement agencies like the National Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Customs will continue to conduct anti-drug operations.

“Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are likewise in the fold to reinforce anti-drug operations in hostile territories and mountainous areas, particularly during marijuana eradication operations,” said Lapeña.

PDEA has reiterated its call for the creation of anti-drug abuse councils nationwide in order to hasten efforts against illegal drugs in communities and to promote involvement of local barangays in the suppression of drug trafficking and abuse.

“It is imperative that every barangay, as the first line of defense, must be self-policing and self-reliant against dangerous drugs,” he said.

Lapeña stressed that PDEA is not fighting a lonely battle as it is bringing the fight to the grassroots level.

“We need everyone to follow our lead, get involved and contribute in the best way possible,” he said. (PNA)

President Duterte ends ceasefire with CPP- NPA

COTABATO CITY, Feb. 3 (PNA) -- President Rodrigo Roa Duterte announced Friday the end of the government ceasefire with the Communist Party of the Philippines and its military wing, the New People’s Army, effective midnight of Friday (Feb. 3), reiterating that the rebels are asking too much for the past several months his administration has been talking peace with them.

The President’s declaration came after the NPA announced on Feb. 1 its own lifting of a unilateral ceasefire with the government after the Duterte administration allegedly failed to release all political prisoners and the pullout of government troops in communities in the countryside.

“I have walked the extra mile. Wala akong hangarin kundi kapayapaan pero kung ayaw talaga ninyo, wala akong magawa na dyan,” the President told the crowd as he led the switch-on ceremony of the first-ever PHP 5 million prototype solar powered irrigation system in remote Barangay New Janiuay in M’lang, North Cotabato.

The solar irrigation project would benefit some 500 poor Christian and Muslim farmers in Janiuay village in M’lang and the near environs.

Apart from his declaration of lifting the ceasefire with the communist rebels, the President made clear that he would never talk peace with terrorists, in apparent referral to the Maute terror group operating in Butig, Lanao del Sur.

“However, with Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation front, I am ready to talk federalism,” he said.

“Believe me, there would be no peace in Mindanao kung di nyo ibigay ang federalism. You will break the country,” the President said referring to “the people in Manila”, refusing to amend the 1986 Constitution.

The President then addressed soldiers during his speech to take their positions and stay alert against NPA attacks.

“Maglaban na lang tayo for the next 50 years. Pag dinis-appoint mo ang military at pulis, baka madisgrasya ako,” he stressed.

The President said the series of recent NPA attacks has cost lives of military and police troopers.

“I have lost many soldiers during the last 48 hours,” he said.

He then called on state forces, “ Go back to your camps, clean your rifles and get ready for battle.” (PNA)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

3rd abduction incident reported in Naga City

NAGA CITY (BICOL STANDARD) -- “We remain focused on this problem. Rest assured that your police officers are working doubly hard regarding these reports,” Naga City Police Director Sr. Supt. Julius Munez told the BICOL STANDARD this morning.

Munez said that apart from the two previous alleged cases of abduction, another incident was brought to the attention of Police Station No. 3 last night.

The father of the alleged victim informed the police, he said.

Based on the story of the father, a 13-year-old student of Camarines Sur National High School (CSNHS) was forcibly taken along Penafrancia Avenue at around 3:55 p.m. yesterday.

The father-informant said that the alleged victim was pushed into a van.

She was brought to a place, which she could not recount, at Canaman, Camarines Sur, where she was dropped, for an unknown reason.

It was around 6:15 p.m. when the child was able to return home to Tabuco, Naga City, from Canaman, the father said.

As stated by the alleged victim, she rode a jeep from the said nearby town and boarded a tricycle to get home.

Consolidating reports

Police operatives here have been investigating stories of the three reported abduction incidents.

Munez, however, would not reveal the details of their initial findings for fear that it could affect the progress of their investigation.

Initially, he confirmed that they are working round-the-clock to discover the truth regarding these alleged abduction cases.

He also clarified that they are now consolidating the reports that they have gathered since the first day of the investigation.

There seems to be a pattern in these cases, Munez said, although he would not give additional details at press time.

Request for police assistance

As these developed, Munez said that due to the lingering issue, at least five preschools and elementary schools have requested the deployment of policemen in their areas.

“We have deployed more policemen on foot patrol to man sensitive areas,” Munez added.

He also mentioned to the BICOL STANDARD that they are looking into the issue of an orchestrated destabilization effort against the police.

He made no mention, however, of any person or group of persons who may be behind said effort.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

THE SUNNY PHILOSOPHER | Live longer, make love

SOMEONE, an old friend from Catanduanes years back, dropped by Bicol College graduate school one Saturday morning to see me. Finding me nowhere, he scribbled a note which he entrusted to the guard: “You are working too hard, my friend,” he said.
I was teaching in the graduate school and editing the Bicol Collegian, a publication for professionals. 

I was younger and in the pink of health. The small pains experienced by aging men were alien to me.
However, it was good reminder. I must not overwork myself.

The book, Management by Humor, whose author’s name has escaped me, talked about several top Japanese executives who died on after the other with seemingly mysterious ailments.

They were busy people.

Alarmed, Japanese health authorities conducted an investigation into the cause of the mysterious deaths of what appeared to be healthy people. The inquiry was aimed at preventing another tragedy.

Result of the inquiry? The cause was stress. And the recommendation? People in stressful work should laugh more often and make love more often.

In Japan, if you are a bank manager, you are expected to think of your job even when you are asleep.

Laughter is medicine, we all know it, pounded into our heads by people who have known its healing power.

Another article said that because of the busy schedule of Japanese businessmen, they enjoy their free time to the hilt, staying in parties until the wee hours of the morning.

Laughter and enjoyable sex are the best antidote to stress. It is the combination that has lengthened my years. I am now a senior with more years to enjoy life.

This experience of more days and more rising sun to witness has been summed up in a seashell with the inscription, you may live to a hundred years, given to me by a graduating PhD candidate. You see, I was the chairman of the panel when she took the final oral defense of her dissertation.

I have the seashell at home as a souvenir.

Giving bent to one’s passion makes the days in perpetual sunshine. A senior who was featured by Julius Babao in his TV program said he loves to play the flute because it was his passion.

He is seen daily at a street corner not far from his two-storey house playing flute and mistaken for a beggar. The small change dropped into his box, he uses to buy candy and other small things for needy children.

The man said he learned to play the flute from his father. He has brothers and sisters but has no family of his own.

Naga City cops probe alleged kidnapping of minors

NAGA CITY 2/1/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –“We are still in the process of validating the information that has been reported and forwarded to us. But, thus far, we can only say that there is nothing wrong if we are all vigilant in attending to this kind of report that has filtered into social media.”

This was the statement of Naga City PNP spokesman SPO2 Toby Bongon regarding the information on the alleged kidnapping of minors here that went viral on social media.

“According to our COP, Sr. Supt. Julius Munez, it is better if appear to be over-acting, than be complacent regarding the report that unidentified persons have tried to abduct two minors here,” Bongon said.

It will be recalled that last January 21, the Women’s Desk here, received a report regarding a minor who was allegedly forcible abducted from Julian Meliton Elementary School. He was however, set free after an hour.

Allegedly, the child overheard the abductors saying that “the abducted minor was unhealthy,” Bongon said. He was later released at the Almeda Highway, at Brgy. Concepcion Pequena here.

The plate number of the white van used in the alleged abduction was not known.

Separate incident

In a separate incident on January 26, PNP Naga again received a report that a student of Naga Hope Christian School was also forcibly taken by seven unidentified men. The incident transpired near Metro Mall, along Panganiban Drive, a busy area here.

The victim, a 15-year old male student, told the police that he was on his way home, when two male persons approached him and forcibly pushed inside a black van that was parked along the highway.

He said, the alleged abductors held him by the collar of his shirt and forced him to get into the van.

The alleged victim declared that while inside the van, he was able to extricate himself from the abductors and forced his way outside the vehicle. As a result he suffered several bruises on his body.

At first, one of the seven abductors boxed him in the different parts of his body making him momentarily unconscious.

He declared further that when he regained his consciousness, he saw some pieces of medical apparatus, similar to the one that are being used in the hospital.

He was brought to the hospital for medical attention before reporting to the police the said incident.

It was also reported that he was able to escape his abductors and find his way to Magsaysay Avenue.

Afterwards he went home to the house of his aunt in Cararayan.

Another missing kid?

SPO2 Bongon added that an 11-year-old boy was also reported missing by his mother.

The mother, who showed the police several photos of her son, said he did not return home since Sunday.

Additionally, she told the police that her son was enrolled at the Tabuco Elementary School, although her residence is Balatas here.

Yesterday, however, the mother told the police that she was informed that his son was in the house of his grandmother in Minalabac, Camarines Sur.

15 Pili officials in hot water?

Mayor Tomas Bongalonta

PILI, Camarines Sur – Mayor Tomas Bongalonta Jr. has labelled the complaints filed against him in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur and the Ombudsman as purely politically-motivated.

“Si Rudel Divinagracia an nasa likod kayan,” Bongalonta told the BICOL STANDARD in an interview yesterday.

He (Bongalonta) expressed that it is public knowledge in Pili that municipal Councilor Rudel Divinagracia is behind these complaints.

“Divinagracia is mad at me because I issued an order to stop the holding of cockfights every Monday at the Pili Cockpit. I have only permitted cockfighting every Sunday,” he said.

The cockpit in Pili is allegedly partially owned and managed by Divinagracia, reports say.

Meanwhile, Bongalonta stated further that he had also issued a directive to remove the name of Divinagracia in the application for permits by tricycle drivers and operators issued by LGU because it is not required in the municipal ordinance.

Reacting to news reports regarding the administrative and criminal complaints that were filed against him, Bongalonta said, “Mayo man problema yan.”

“Yes, I acknowledge that brangay kagawad David O. Olaguera of New San Roque is a job order employee of Pili. He is my driver and bodyguard. There is nothing wrong with that because it is allowed. What is prohibited is employing Punong Barangays,” he clarified.


As regards Punong Barangay Yolanda M. Berina of New San Roque, Bongalonta claims that he was surprised when he learned that she filed the said complaints.

“Dae ko man kaiwal yan. Nagpoon naghinanakit siya pakalihis kan bagyong si Nina. May dara siyang lista kan mga partially damaged asin totally damaged na harong. Pero, an gusto ni niya dagdagan an lista. Maski si bako man totally damaged gusto niya paluwason totally damaged an harong,” Bongalonta said in the interview.

“Nagkulog an boot niya kan magduman sa New San Roque si Vice President Leni Robredo pakalihis kan bagyo. An pigdumanan asin kinaolay ni VP Robredo si Kagawad Olaguera. Bako siya. Poon kaito nagkaigwa nang problema,” he added.

Graft and corruption complaint

In summary, Bongalonta said that he is not alarmed by the complaints and believes that they are simply politically-motivated.

In addition, Bongalonta hinted that 15 top officials of the capital town will face a criminal complaint for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act and Violation of the Omnibus Election Code.

He claims that he has a copy of the complaint, but declined to give the full details.

BICOL STANDARD was promised a copy of the said legal controversy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fisherfolk rescue 8 tourists, 2 crew members in Caramoan

CARAMOAN, CSur—All eight passengers including the two crew members of MB Camline, a motorboat that ferries island-hopping tourists here were rescued by the local fisherfolk, the members of the Coast Guard assigned said.

The said motorized banca capsized while negotiating the big waves on their way to Matukad Island from the coastlines near Brgy. Paniman, here.

The passengers, the report said were tourists who wanted to see for themselves the internationally-popular coastlines of Camamoan Peninsula.

The accident occurred at atount 10:30 in the morning on January 28.

“The waves was big enough to swallow the small motorized banca. The wind was so strong because of the Northeast monsoon,” a fisherman narrated in an interview.

The members of the Philippine Coast Guard assigned in the area said that all the eight passengers and the two crew members are in safe condition already.

Village chief killed in drug raid

NAGA CITY—Punong Barangay Arturo Bisenio of Sta. Teresita, Baao, Camarines Sur was pronounced dead after he allegedly resisted and attempted to fight the police in a drug raid last Monday.

The combined police operative from the Regional Intelligence Division V, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency V, Police Investigation and Detective Management Section, Provincial Police Office of Camarines and the Baao Municipal Police station conducted a simultaneous operation which led to the said incident.

According to Police Chief Inspector Maria Luisa Calubaquib, spokesperson of PNP Region V, the intention of the operatives was to serve a warrant of arrest at Barangay Sta. Teresita, Baao, Camarines Sur when they encountered the said village chief.

The police operation was launched at 4:00 a.m. of January 30, 2017.

The targets of the police were the residences of Barangay Captain Arturo Bisenio, Jonathan Sinfuego, Larry Gallarte, John Mark Lolo, Jeonard Oliquino and a certain Oliquino alyas Uday.

Bisenio, who was the lone casualty, was pronounced dead by the attending physician when his body was brought to the hospital.

2 harong sinalakat sa Daet

DAET, CNorte—Duwang magkasuway na incidente nin pagsalakat an nangyari digdi sa magkasunodan sanang aldaw.

An enot na victima iyo si Ariel Nievarez y Miranda, taga Block 7, Lot 51, Holiday Homes Subdivision, Brgy. Lag-on.

Sabi kan mga imbestigador an linaog kan mga parahabon an residencia ni Nievarez sa pag-oltanan kan oras na alas 8:00 hasta alas 11:00 nin aga kan Enero 28.

Naglaog an mga parasalakat sa paagui kan pag-rangka kan grills asin 3ng dahon kan jalousie sa bintana.

Kan nakalaog na an parahabas, kinua kaini an Sharp 32 LED TV na kantidad P28,000.00.

Mayo pang suspechado sa krimen.

Mientrastanto, linaog man kan mga parasalakat an residencia ni Joei Velasco y Calayo sa Block 7, Lot 17, Kahel Street, Greenland Subdivision, Brgy. Alawihao digdi.

Mayo suboot na tao sa harong kan maglaog an parahabon.

An mga nawara sa nasambit na residencia iyo an 32 inches na Sharp Aquos LED TV na nagkakantidad P15,000; asin 2ng pidasong silver bracelets na kantidad P1,000.00.

Rinangka kan parahabon an kandado sa likod na parte kan harong sa paagui nin paggamit nin tabak asin grass cutter.

Arog kan enot na incidente, mayo man guiraray nin suspechado hastang sinusurat an baretang ini.

Mag-agom binadil, babae gadan

CALABANGA, CSur—Sinurongan sa laog kan saindang sadit na harong, dangan binadil an mag-agom na Alfredo asin Carmen Aguilar, na residente kan Zone 4, Brgy. Sabang, sa banwaan na ini.

Susug sa report kan pulis nangyari an krimen poco mas o menos alas 7:20 kan fecha 29 kan Enero.

An mag-agom na Aguilar nagkakakan kan saindang pamanguihan, kan sinda pa-arak-asakan nin badil.

Tulos nagadan si Carmen sa laog kan saindang harong, huli sa mga tama nin bala hale sa calibre .45ng badil.

Mientrastanto, si Alfredo igwa man nin tama sa saiyang lawas kaya idinalagan sa Bicol Medical Center para bulongon.

Hasta ngonian yaon pa siya sa laog kan sinambit na hospital.

Mayo pang ideya an mga pulis kun sisay si duwang personang parabadil sa mag-agom na Aguilar.

Nagpapadagos pa an imbestigasyon kan casong ini, sabi kan pulis.

Pulis pondo sa pagtokhang

NAGA CITY 1/31/17 (Bicol Standard)—Mapondo ngona an pulis sa pagtokhang, sabi ni Bicol PNP Regional Director Chief Supt Melvin Ramon Buenafe.

Ini bilang pag-otob kan kasuguan ni Pres. Rodrigo Duterte na kaipohan enoton kan pulis an paglinig kan mga pasaway sa saindang ahensiya.

Sabi ni Buenafe, apisar kan siring na kasugoan, higot man guiraray an saindang pakikipagtabangan sa Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) na iyo na an mayormenteng maasikaso kan mga problema sa ilegal na droga.

An bagong pagboot nagpoon kan magluwas an reports sa media na ginagamit kan ibang pulis an tokhang sa illegal na mga transaksyon, kabale an extortion.

Si pagkidnap asin paggadan kan Koreano an nagratak kan maray na dangog kan programa kan gobierno sa illegal na droga.

Mientrastanto, magiging sibot an pulis sa 7ng clase nin krimen, arog kan Robbery, Murder, Homicide, Rape, Carnapping, Theft, Physical injuries, asin sa internal cleansing sa sainda mismong opisina.

Piglinaw man niya na kun igwa nin mga walk-in na mga surrenderers, na naghahagad nin tabang na magpromisa na dae na sinda magamit nin illegal na droga, ini i-poproceso man guiraray ninda.

An mga masunod na aldaw asin bulan i-tatagama kan pulis sa mga programa sa community relations, pagpatalubo kan grupong Kasurog laban sa Droga asin an Bicol Region Against Drugs (BRAD).

PHOTO | Abaca man

ABACA MAN. Twenty-four year old Jimson Vargas of Solong, San Miguel carries what may be his last bundle of abaca fiber after Typhoon Nina swept the island province of Catanduanes late last year. Catanduanes is a major producer of abaca fiber in Bicol. (PHOTO: JINKY TABOR)


Garbage debate heats up

NAGA CITY—Effective February 2017, the Naga City dumpsite at Barangay Balatas will be closed after the expiration of the 10-year extension period.

This is according to Engr. Joel Martin, chief of the Naga City Solid Waste Management Office in a media interview.

The garbage issue has again taken center stage as members of the city council have started to deliberate on the P200-million budget for the new sanitary landfill.

Over the weekend, Mayor John Bongat appealed to the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod to expedite the deliberation on the budget as it still remains on the table.

Bongat expressed that he has already received several reminders from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) regarding the illegal operation of the open dumpsite.

The Ombudsman, on the other hand, had issued a stern warning against local officials who would not abide by Republic Act No. 9003 or the Ecological Waste Management Act of 2000.

Earlier, Wilfredo Prilles, the City Planning and Development Officer said that until now, they have not decided on whether to recommend a three-hectare or a five-hectare sanitary landfill.

In an interview with BICOL STANDARD, City Councilor Lito del Rosario said they are focused on solving this problem because they have been receiving numerous complaints on the stench of the garbage, which is becoming a health hazard.

This is compounded by the fact that the DENR has been issuing warning regarding the open dumpsite’s closure, del Rosario said.

A major concern was raised, however, by City Councilor Julian Lavadia, Jr. regarding the wisdom of spending P200 million on the landfill, which would only last for 62 months.

Broadcaster sues Cesar Barcelona

LABO, Camarines Norte 1/31/17 (Bicol Standard)—A criminal complaint for violation of Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code, otherwise known as Immoral Doctrines, Obscene Publication and Exhibition and Indecent Shows was filed against Cesar Barcelona y Espeso by broadcaster Michael A. Dolera on January 6, 2017.

In the said complaint, Dolera said that Barcelona violated the said law “when he instructed his men and allowed his Isuzu Elf Truck with installed LED TV screen to be used publicly and jointly to exhibit via television, indecent and immoral acts, scenes or shows of nude men and women in sexual positions, with no other purpose but to promote and satisfy the market for lust and pornography to public view.”

The complainant said this occurred on April 23, 2016.

In his sworn affidavit, Dolera said that on the said date, between 5:30 to 6:00 p.m., he saw a group of people showing a video, which he considers as obscene, on a big TV screen.

Said television was mounted on a white truck bearing plate number AAA 9439 in front of LCC Supermarket at Barangay Pena here.

Together with several other persons, they were able to watch the video of a naked person, allegedly Governor Egay Tallado and another woman, whose identity is allegedly unknown to him.

Dolera also stated that during the said occasion, Bernie Alaon, a municipal councilor of this town was present. It was he (Alaon) who took the initiative of asking the operator of the video to stop showing it to the public since it contains obscene footages.

It was also Alaon who requested PO3 Ronald Abejero to stop the showing of the video. The police officer, thereafter, brought the persons in-charge of the video to the police station.

The cops identified said persons in-charge Romeo Ibana y Gapoy, Aries Babala y Feliciano, Janica Concordia, Jay-Ar Gacho y Bachaen, Domingo Magtallo y Briones and Cesar Barcelona.

The complainant further said that during the investigation in the police station, while Alaon was giving his statement, Barcelona arrived. Barcelona admitted that he is the owner of the truck where the LED TV was installed.

Furthermore, during the inquest investigation of this case, the Provincial Prosecutor dismissed the complaint against Barcelona for lack of sufficient evidence, after he (Barcelona) told the investigator that he is not the owner of the truck.

It was only on August 24, 2016 when Barcelona, through his counsel, filed a Motion to Release the vehicle with the Regional Trial Court of Labo, Camarines Norte. He admitted that that he is the owner of the vehicle where the alleged obscene video was shown.

The admission of Barcelona that he is the owner of the subject Isuzu truck is the main ground used by the complainant.

Dolera further informed the Provincial Prosecution Office that he is willing to adduce more evidence to attest to his claim that the respondent violated Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code.

Barcelona, it will be recalled, is the father of Dr. Cathy Barcelona-Reyes, the former Representative of the 1st District of Camarines Norte. She was also the opponent of Gov. Edgar Tallado in the last election for governor. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Pili mayor faces raps

Mayor Tom Bongalonta

PILI, Camarines Sur 1/31/17 (Bicol Standard)— Twin complaint-affidavits were executed by Yolanda M. Berina, Punong Barangay of New San Roque here against respondents Mayor Tomas P. Bongalonta, Jr. and David O. Olaguera.

The first complaint-affidavit is criminal in nature, hence, it will be filed with the Ombudsman.

The second complaint is an administrative case that will be filed with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur, which has jurisdiction on the matter.

As alleged by Berina, Bongalonta violated the pertinent provisions of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (R.A. 3019), specifically Section 3 (e) the said law.

This was when, as town chief executive, he appointed David O. Olaguera, as his personal driver/security, knowing fully well that the latter is an elected member of the Sangguiang Barangay of New San Roque, hence is appointment is against the law.

The complainant quoted Section 7 of Art. IX of the 1987 Constitution, which prohibits the appointment of Olaguera in any capacity and to any public office or position during his tenure as an elected member of the Sangguniang Barangay.

The said prohibition was clearly transgressed by Bongalonta, she said.

Berina also believes that Bongalonta and Olaguera are both liable under the said provision of the Anti-Graft Law and the 1987 Constitution.

Meanwhile, a separate administrative complaint will be filed against the same respondents with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur.

Furthermore, the complaint-affidavit narrated that Mayor Bongalonta has given unwarranted benefit or favor to Olaguera when he authorized the payment P7,500.00 to him as his salary for his service per month.

“Bongalonta is presumed to know the law and his gross ignorance thereof does not excuse his violation. This is especially because as Municipal Mayor he is charged with implementing the law,” the complainant added.

The said complaint-affidavit was notarized on January 25, 2017.

Political persecution issue

In a related development, Camarines Sur Vice Governor Fortunato “Ato” Pena has issued a vehement denial that he has a hand in the alleged plan to subject Mayor Bongalonta to administrative suspension by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

He told the members of the media that he is not the complainant, nor has any knowledge or participation in the preparation of whatever complaint against Bongalonta.

“You can refer to the official records of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and verify the said issue. There is a private complainant. If ever, it will be heard by a competent committee who will recommend whatever course of action that the body will make. As far as I am concerned, I have no involved in this complaint,” Pena said.

Meanwhile, this political development was further fuelled by Vice Governor Pena’s confirmation over a radio broadcast that he is considering running for mayor of the capital town.

If this happens, he will slug it out with Bongalonta.

Preventive suspension

In the complaint-affidavit that will be filed with the Sangguniang Pananawigan, Berina prays for the issuance of a Preventive Suspension against Mayor Tomas B. Bongalonta, Jr., and respondent barangay Kagawad David O. Olaguera, pursuant to Art. 127, Rule XIX of the Rules and Regulations implementing the Local Government Code of 1991.

If after due hearing on the merits, and the respondents are found guilty as charged, the most proper disciplinary action for each of the offenses of Gross Negligence, Serious Dishonesty, Grave Misconduct and Conduct Prejudicial to the best interest of the service, as may be determined by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

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