Ombudsman Morales sacks Mayor Gaite

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales has ordered the dismissal of town mayor Melquiades Gaite from office, due to the allegedly anomalous lease contract agreement for the lease of the public market.

NEDA OKs 5 multi-million projects for Bicol

At least 5 big-ticket projects in the Bicol region are part of the 55 flagship projects that the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) aims to complete or break ground by 2022.

Drink responsibly

Ano an pag-inom kan nakakaburat na inumon (alcoholic beverages) maraot o kasalan?

Boarding house sa Naga, target kan mga mahabon

Pinatanidan kan pulis an estudiante asin residentes digdi na dai imaging aliwalas sa saindang mga gamit sa tahaw na nagkapira nang incidente nin harabonan na an mayor na victima iyo an mga boarding houses.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

4 na tulak nin shabu, dakop sa Maogmang lugar

NAGA CITY 1/26/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Enterong sinururod kan mga pulis an mga tawo na suspechadong imbuelto sa ilegal na droga, sa paagi nin mga buy-bust operation.

An mga nadakop kasubanggui iyo sinda: Eric Montierro y Ventocilla; Emerson Canaveral y Robles ; Amando Valle y Imperial asin si Alex Puse y Bersabe.

Natuklo sinda kan mga pulis sa buy-bust operation sa laog kan Room A-5, Zamgem Traveller’s Inn, sa Brgy. Bagumbayan Sur digdi.

Katuwang kan mga miembros kan Naga City police an mga tawohan kan Criminal Investigation and Detection Team (CIDT) sa saindang operasyon poco mas o menos alas 6:40 nin banggui kan Enero 25.

Nakua kan mga awtoridad sa mga suspechado an apat na sachet nin shabu, kantidad P500.00 na ginamit na paon na cuarta, asin an kantidad na P6,000.00 na boodle money.

Mientrastanto, ipinahayag kan imbestigador na naarestar na si Alex Monterro asin Alex Puse mga surrenderer sa Oplan TOKHANG.

Alagad, susug sa saindang report, nagpapadagos pa guiraray kan lantadan na pagpabakal nin droga.

Si Emerson Canaveral, sa ibong na lado, yaon man sa Drug Watchlist kan Camaligan, Camarines Sur.

THE SUNNY PHILOSOPHER | The man, Lito Tuanqui

A COUPLE of times, I chanced upon Lito Tuanqui at the Estevez Memorial Hospital in Legaspi City.

Accompanied by his wife, he was there to see his doctor. I was there to see mine. Both of us are seniors, going through small pains in the body once in a while.

The small pains are normal, part of the aging process. Lito and I have the antidote. We look at the pleasant side of life: watching the beautiful sunset, listening to the cry of songbird, savouring the gentle touch of a sea breeze.

Call it living full life. When you make use of your senses – hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste – which God has given you, you avail yourself of a part of paradise which others have ignored.

The most precious things in life are free. They are there for the taking. The lovely sunset, the giant waves pounding the surf creating light mist around, the chirping of birds, these are free gifts of nature. Their effects on people are hypnotic.

When I was 4th year high school in the Bicol town of Caramoan, our history teacher, Mr. Culvera shared with us secrets for slow aging and long life.

“If you want to stay young as late as ever, look for something beautiful everyday either a peaceful mountain lake, dancing flowers during windy days, clouds sailing like galleons in the sky on moonlit nights, “he added.

To us, dreamy eyed youngsters, his words were full with wisdom.

Of the life lessons that I learned from our high school teachers, it is this that has stayed with me. Despite my years, I could feel most of the vigor in my youth would not desert me.

Lito seems to have his own secrets for an enjoyable life. Each time we meet at our favourite coffee shop, he is there smiling. It is as if he is there in a perfect world; no worries, no sickness, no pains.

But despite his benign appearance, he is tough inside. He had fought against the nasty naming of roads and bridges. He lost some, he won some. To him, it was a good fight.

Hen Governor Forbes Street was renamed Don B. Erquiaga Street in honor of a pioneer educator in Legaspi City, Lito rejoiced. He was one of those who fought for the change of name. Don Erquiaga was the founder of Legaspi College, now Aquinas University.

A former vice governor who once led the Albay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lito describes himself as a good governance advocate and history enthusiast. I describe him as a gentleman and model citizen.

When I had the final defense of my case study on the life of an informal settler in Legaspi City, I invited Lito as panellist, he being familiar with the problems of slum dwellers as Albay vice governor.

Lito comes from an illustrious clan in Albay third district. He is the grandson of Gov. Rufino Tuanqui whose ancestor, Simon Li Tuanqui, was a successful trader-philantropist.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


AN sabi kan iba amay pang maray para liwat pagorolayan an politika.

Labi pa sana manangad na anom na bulan an nakaagi poon na magtukaw an mga elihidong lokal na opisyal sa 2016-2019.

Alagad sa pagmasid ko, malinaw nang maray an gibsaw kan mga interesadong magkarandidato sa mid-term election sa 2019.


Dyata, desidido na si Vice Gov. Ato Pena na labanan si Mayor Tom Bongalonta sa cargong alcalde.

Maray na laban ini.

Pareyo sinda taga Partido.

Si Vice Gov. Ato Pena propiong taga San Jose

Si Mayor Tom Bongalonta, taga Sagnay.

Ralaban ini kan mga taga Partido na taga Pili na man ngonian.


Mayo digdi na dehado. Mayo nin llamado.

May bentahe lang si VG Pena ta dakul siyang panao “relief goods” hale sa Provincial Government.

Si Mayor Bongalonta, tikapo nin pondo.

An sabi kan duwang bokal na nakaolay ko, papasakitan daa si Mayor Bongalonta kan Sangguniang Panlalawigan. Dae aaprobaran kan SP sa review an Annual Budget kan Pili ngonian na 2017.

An bentahe ni mayor TOM ta siya an incumbent asin gurangan nang politico digdi.

Mahiwas na an gamot sa mga tawo.

Arog kan dati armas niya iyo an” TOM” (tapik-tapik, oro-abrasa, maray na servicio).

Si VG Ato, igwa man kaini. Igwa pang Capitol. Igwa pang Kapital.


Dyata, plano kan Sangguniang Panlalawigan na dae aprobaran sa review an 2017 Annual Budget kan Libmanan.

Ini kun makalusot sa Sangguniang Bayan.

Alagad, sa pag masid kan para surat na ini, mismong an Sangguniang Bayan dae maaprobar propuesto na hale sa Alkalde.

Nangyari na dati digdi.

Mangyayari liwat ini.

Herak man talaga kan mga taga Libmanan.

An binotohan kaya ninda mga official na mayong pagmakulog sa banwaan.


Makusogon daa an boot ni Vice Mayor Rommel Bulaong na labanan si Mayor Bernard Brioso sa sa election sa 2019.

Dating iribahan sinda.

Maski sa kaso na pig bibistahan ngonian sa RTC iribahan pa.

Langkag na lugod si Nonoy Dy ta dae pa nagbababaan suspension sa duwa (Brioso asin Bulaong) huli sa casong pagmalgastar kan fundo kan banwaan kan sinda mga consejal pa sana.

Kun masuspendir sinda, maswerte an topnotcher na kagawad asin an ika duwa.

Sinda an matukaw na Acting Mayor asin Vice Mayor sa panahon na suspendido si Mayo Brioso, asin Vice Mayor Bulaong .

Kabale pa sa mga akusado sa kapareyong kaso iyo an incumbent Kagawad na si Jerry Tendero.


Sabi kan sakong informante mas kursunada daa ni Gov Migz asin Cong LRay na tambodan si Bokal Mulo Hernandez sa cargong alkalde kan Libmanan.

Maboot. Madaling dulokon. Humilde. Ganador sa election.

Kun arog kaini an balasa kan baraha sa politica sa Libmanan, madidisliso an pangaturugan ni VM Bulaong na matambodan asin padalaganon bilang alkalde.

Sa ngonian mayo pang malinaw na bareta kun kakagaton na ni Bokal Hernandez an agyat na ini saiya.

Nag huhuyom-huyom sana si Mulo Hernandez.

Respect our flag -- City Director Munez

NAGA CITY—“Policemen will be assigned starting Monday next week to enforce the law which requires every Filipino to give due respect to our flag.”

This was the statement issued by City Police Director Sr. Supt. Julius C. Munez, after the flag raising ceremony yesterday.

He said that he had observed the growing number of citizens who have completely ignored giving respect to the National Flag during the singing of the National Anthem.

“Hindi na nga sila humihinto kahit kinakanta ang Pambansang Awit. An mga sasakyan tuloy-tuloy lang ang takbo na walang pakialam,” said Munez while pointing at the vehicles in the street.

He said that he has instructed the police strictly enforce the law on the matter.

“Mananagot sila sa batas kun hindi nila susundin ito,” he clarified further.

Republic Act 2491, which prescribes the code of the National Flag, Anthem, provides that during the flag-raising ceremony, everybody is mandated to stand facing the flag. At the moment the first note of the anthem is played, everyone in the premises shall come to attention; moving vehicles shall stop, the law reads.

Meanwhile, violators of the law shall upon conviction be punished by a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) not more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00, or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year, or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

Mayor Cruz decries SB’s inaction of 2017 budget

PAMPLONA, CSur—Town Mayor Ace Cruz today said that until now he does not see the possibility that their annual budget would be approved by the Sangguniang Bayan, headed by Vice Mayor Gemino Imperial.

Pamplona Mayor Ace Cruz
Photo by Oscar Esmenda/BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Bicol Standard exclusive video by Oscar Esmenda

In an interview by BICOL STANDARD, Cruz emphasized that he had submitted his executive budget on November 4, 2016, and was received on the same day by the Sangguiang Bayan Secretary.

“I am surprised that until now, I have not even received a word, recommendation or findings regarding our budget. It is very important for the smooth operation of our town. I remember before, when I was still a councilor, that once the annual budget is submitted to us, it only takes about 2 months before it is approved,” he said.

Mayor Cruz has recommended an annual budget of P106,108,449.00 for this year. Included in the said budget, under the Economic Development Fund (EDF) are the allocations for four (4) covered courts for Barangays San Gabriel, Tambo, Veneracion and Salvacion.

The chief executive emphasized that if the annual budget is not approved, their social services will be seriously affected.

“The budget for burial assistance, medical assistance, scholarship, transportation assistance for those in dire need of help will all be hampered,” he said.

“Our water rationing program in the river barangays will also be affected, since as of now there are only four (4) drivers who are assigned to the vital program,” he added.

Meanwhile, sensing the possibility that his problem would further escalate due to political reasons, Mayor Cruz said that he had brought this matter to the attention of the Office of the President of the Philippines.

“I believe that there is a grand design that the Sangguniang Bayan will not approve our 2017 annual budget. I am anticipating this to happen because they are very partisan in this regard. They they belong to the other side of the political camp and their objective perhaps is to paralyze my administration,” he narrated.

Mayor Cruz clarified that he has made many attempts to talk to Vice Mayor Imperial to solve this impasse, but was allegedly not given any chance. (With report from Oscar Esmenda)

Fuel price war

NAGA CITY— The on-going price war among gasoline retailers here has substantially benefited the local consumers, according to Rey “Ninong” Fusingan, owner of a gas station, in an interview by the BICOL STANDARD.

Rey Fusingan, who owns Petron Sipocot franchise, has mixed feelings about the ongoing price war in the sale of petroleum products. While his markup has been affected by said price war, somehow he feels that it would greatly benefit his clients who patronize his gas station in Barangay Tara, Sipocot, Camarines Sur. (Photo: Jojo Colasito)
Fusingan said local competition has compelled him to sell his petroleum products cheaper by one peso per liter, as compared to the pump prices in Naga City today.

“This is the essence of price deregulation. But this will only happen if there is true competition, or as long as the gasoline dealers do not connive with each other,” a passenger jeepney driver said.

In the same interview, Fusingan explained that almost all gasoline dealers buy their supply from the depot in Pasacao, Camarines Sur. This means that if there is no stiff competition in their business, they could impose a pump price that is very similar, if not entirely the same, Fusingan added.

Meanwhile, he related in the same interview that one of his business competitors, Fuel Save, has been selling crude oil and gasoline at least P1.00 cheaper than the price in Naga City.

“If I do not sell my product at the same price, I will lose my clients”, he added.

He further explained that he was, however, given a special price by his supplier, which is why he could complete without experiencing business losses.

At press time, he said that his pump price for diesel is P29.70 per liter, while for gasoline (extra) is P43.85.

Compared to the pump price in Naga City, Shell sells its diesel fuel at 30.85, premium gasoline at P40.05 and unleaded at P44.05.

Petron Gas Station in Naga City sells diesel fuel at P30.85, premium gasoline at P44.95 and unleaded at P43, 95.

If the selling price of crude oil in Sipocot is compared to the price in Naga City, there is a difference of P1.15 per liter.

It, however, affects tremendously his margin of profit, he finally declared.

Lalaki nabudalan nin kotse sa may Legaspi Cemetery, gadan

LEGASPI CITY 1/24/17 (BICOL STANDARD) — Dimalas na nabudalan nin awto si Jorge Navarra y Relorcasa, 60 anyos, na residente kan P- 5, Brgy. Bonot, kasubangui.

An gurang nagbalyo sa tinampo sa sa crossing, sa may atubangan kan Legaspi Cemetery kan siya mahagop kan awto na minamaneho ni Joseph Adrian Masip y Villanueva, 18 anyos an edad.

Sarong Corolla Sedan na vehiculo an pig mamaneho na joven na si Masip.

An sabi kan driver bigla si pagbalyo sa tinampo kan gurang, kaya dae kinaya kan preno na malikayan an aksidente.

Idinalagan pa man kuta sa Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) an victima, alagad binawian na siya nin buhay.

Nangyari an aksidente alas 10:10 kasubangui.

GUINOBATAN, Albay: Maestro, retiradong Army nakuang pareyo gadan

GUINOBATAN, ALBAY 1/24/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Sarong retiradong miembro kan Army asin maestro sa Quitago Elementary School an pareyo gadan sa incidenteng nangyari sa Purok 7, Brgy. Inamnan, digdi, kasubangi.

Sa police report, naaraman na may tama nin mga saksak an lawas si Apollo Pallan y Obaniala, 58 anyos, na dating miembro kan Army.

Si Reynato Nares y Pantoja, sa ibong na lado, 38 anyos, maestro sa Quitago Elementary School, may tama nin badil sa kapareyong lugar. Binawian man siya nin buhay.

Sa enot na report pig laladawan kan pulis na si Pallan papuli sa saindang harong hale sa Poblacion ta naghatod kan saiyang aki na mabiyahe pasiring sa Manila.

Poco mas o menos alas 7:00 kasubangui, si Edna Pallan, agom ni Apollo, nadangog na nagsusuriyaw asin naghahagad nin tabang. Naheling niya an saiyang agom na si Apollo na nagkakarigos nin dugo.

Mientrastanto, nakaolay kan pulis si Joel Trinidad asin ibang residentes kan barangay na anas nagsabi na nadangog ninda an surunod-sunod na putok nin badil, hale sa pinangyarihan kan incidente.

Mayo pang malinaw asin detalyadong informasyon dapit digdi.

May report sa pulis na dati nang pigtutuyaw ni Pallan an mga dae niya bistong mga lalaki na parate pasiring sa residencia kan maestrong si Nares.

An maestro, dati nang pig TOKHANG huli sa suspecha na may aram siya sa pagbariwas kan ipig babawal na shabu..

Alagad, apisar kan pig TOKHANG na ngani suboot an maestro, dae pa ini nagpondo kan saindang aktibidad.

Pig papadagos kan mga pulis an saindang imbestigasyon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dating brgy. kagawad kan Naga, dakop sa shabu

NAGA CITY 1/23/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Pakatapos na mag promisa sa atubangan kan mga officiales kan Ciudad na mabakli na siya asin nungka dae na ma-imbuelto sa pagtinda nin droga, tinuklo man guiraray kan mga pulis si Victor Ocampo y General, na dating barangay kagawad kan Dayangdang.

Base sa report kan pulis, halawig na pagmasid an ginibo kan mga awtoridad sa pagsusug kan mga pigdudumanan na lugar ni Ocampo, ta may mga sumbong na imbuelto pa siya sa droga.

Huli kaini, pig preparar kan pulis an saindang mga tawohan para mag probar na magbakal nin shabu sa suspechado, na nagresulta na positibo an operasyon.

Sa ginibong buy-bust operation poco mas o menos alas 10:50 nin bangui kan Enero 22, nagpositibo an operasyon dapit sa pagpabakal ni Ocampo nin shabu.

Nakua sa saiyang poder an nagkapirang sachet nin shabu asin mga shabu paraphernalia.

Nadakop siya kan mga pulis na nag-sakyada mismo sa saindang compound sa Bulusan Street, Dayangdang, sa lugar na nagtitinda siya nin illegal na droga.

Sa presente si Ocampo nalalangob sa hepatura kan pulis mantang pighahanda an mga caso na isasangat contra saiya.

Daraga hinoldup, laptop, mahal na cellphone,etc., gabos linalay

LEGASPI CITY 1/22/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Gamit an mapanas asin matarom na armas, pirit na kinua kan sarong dae nabistong lalaki an color rosa na shoulder bag na sadire ni Jessa May Trinanes y Cangue, 20 anyos na residente kan Brgy. 18, digdi.

Ipig osip sa pulis kan victima na mantang siya naglalakaw pasiring sa saindang harong, an suspechado na may taklob an pandok, nagrani saiya, dangan tinutukan siya kan mararom na armas.

Nakua kan holdupper an sarong unit nin Samsung cellular phone asin laogan na kaini na an valor P21,000.00; sarong pitaka na may ID kan CHED; Library card; ATM card sa China bank; ID sa eskwelahan asin laptop bag na may laog nin 1ng unit nin Acer laptop na an kantidad P20,000.00.

Pakatapos na mapa saiya na an mga nasambit na gamit, sinuntok pa sa tulak an victima, dangan duminulag an parahabas.

An direksyon kan suspechado pasiring sa Brgy. Bitano, digdi.

Nadakop sa Isla Sison may darang 2ng sachet nin shabu

NAGA CITY 1/23/17 (BICOL STANDARD) – Dinakop kan mga pulis dangan kinasohan si Edwin Reaofor y Comprado na nadakop kan Jueves, Enero 20 na may darang 2ng pidasong shabu, sa Zone 7 Isla Sison (Sagrada Familia) Brgy. Penafrancia, digdi.

Si Reaofor may casong pag balga kan  Sec. 5, Article II kan R.A. 9165, an Comprehensive Drug Act of 2002.

An suspechado iyo an pinakabagong nadakop sa Isla Sison.

Pig mamawot kuta kan mga awtoridad na mapoho na an illegal na droga sa lugar na ini, alagad hasta ngonian aktibo pa an nagkapira sainda.

Hasta sa presente nagpapadagos na binabantayan kan mga pulis an mga minalaog asin minaluwas na mga tawo hale sa inaapod na Isla, na bantog na tindahan nin droga sa Ciudad nin Naga.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thief carts away .380 pistol, Ipod and P64k in Daet, CNorte

DAET, CNorte 1/22/17 (BICOL STANDARD – A calibre .380 pistol, an Apple iPod  worth P20,000.00, and
cash amounting to P64,000.00 were among the items stolen from Rico Pajares y Cortes, 51 years old, of Purok 2, Ampula St. Greenbelt Subd, Brgy. Alawihao, here.

The incident transpired at around 5:00 in the morning, yesterday.

The pistol, with serial number C93505, was loaded with six live ammo when it was stolen.

While the investigation is underway, the police said that they are still in the process of gathering all data that could lead in the arrest of the suspect.

Sari-sari store owner shot in Tinambac

TINAMBAC, CSur 1/22/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –An owner of a sari-sari store, identified as Glenn Artiaga y Milabay, 34 years old, was shot to death by unidentified persons, at around 7:30 in the evening yesterday.

The incident took place at Zone 1, Brgy. Sagrada, here.

Initial investigation says that Artiaga was attending to his sari-sari store when the suspect who was armed with a calibre .45 pistol, immediately shot him from behind.

After the incident, the suspect fled towards an unknown direction.

The same investigation report said that the Artiaga suffered mortal bullet wounds in his body, that caused his instantaneous death.

Recovered from the crime scene were two pieces of empty shells probably fired from a calibre .45; pistol and one slug from the same gun.

Meanwhile, the probers have not yet established the motive why the victim was killed.



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