PNP Bicol releases list of prohibited firecrackers

The Philippine National Police Regional Office 5 has released the list of firecrackers that should be used only inside Firecrackers Zone (FZ)/Community Fireworks Display Zone (CFDZ):

1. Baby Rocket
2. Bawang
3. El Diablo
4. Judas Belt
5. Paper Caps
6. Pulling of Strings
7. Sky Rocket (Kwitis)
8. Small "Triangulo"
9. Other types which are not prohibited 

It also posted a list of the prohibited firecrackers:

1. OVERWEIGHT- firecrackers with more than 1/3 teaspoon or more than 0.2 gram of net explosive ingredient.
2. OVERSIZED, like super lolo, giant whistle bomb, etc.
3. FUSE should not burn less than 3 seconds but not more than 6 seconds
4. IMPORTED finished product
5. MIXTURE of Phosphorous or Sulphur with that of Chlorates. 

Furthermore, it gave a list of pyrotechnic devices may be used outside Firecrackers Zone (FZ)/Community Fireworks Display —1 Zone (CFDZ):

1. Butterfly
2. Fountain
3. Jumbo Regular and Special
4. Lutes
5. Mabuhay
6. Roman Candle
7. Sparklers
8. Trompillo
9. Whistle Device
10. All kinds of pyrotechnic devices (Pailaw)
and 11. Other types equivalent to the foregoing pyrotechnic devices 

Pyrotechnic Devices that should be used only inside Firecrackers Zone (FZ)/Community Fireworks Display Zone (CFDZ) - Commercial fireworks intended for use outdoors, where an audience can be further away, and smoke and fallout is less of a concern. They are placed inside mortars with lifting charges and ignited with a squib as part of its assembly. This PD may only be used for fireworks displays designed, operated and performed by PNP-licensed Fireworks Display Operators.