TEACHER CORNER | What is quality education? by Ernan Esquivel Echalas

by Ernan Esquivel Echalas

When speaking about learning, many individuals like to toss around terms like “quality education” to describe their dreams with regard to this universal necessity. But what really is quality education, in relation to our personal experience as Filipinos in charge of educating the present and future generations?

I believe quality education is relevant, inclusive, and offers the opportunity for lifelong learning. It is these three factors that contribute to learning that is responsive and ideal for 21st century pupils and students.

Relevant education

Quality education means teaching skills and knowledge that are responsive to the immediate and future needs of learners. It means using examples found in the local context of the learners to help them access the information more easily. It also means providing learning experiences that are directly applicable to their personal aspirations or interests. Furthermore, it means connecting lessons to current issues and concerns. Teachers, administrators, and education officials are all equally responsible for ensuring that education is relevant to the learners.

Inclusive education

Education should to be a privilege granted only to those who are more fortunate in life. Gone are the days when only selected members of society get education. Today, it is every learner’s right to be included in education, regardless of their gender, age, religion, class, or ability. All are called to learn, participate, and contribute in learning.

Lifelong learning

Quality education goes beyond teaching the learners basic literacy and numeracy. It prepares them for a life of learning by introducing and encouraging them to engage in critical and creative thinking. It equips them with the competencies they need to adapt to a rapidly-changing world. This includes not only teaching them knowledge, but also values, attitudes, and skills, which they will use for employment and comfortable, decent living.

To achieve quality education, the healthy partnership of the government and the private sector is of utmost importance.