TEACHER CORNER | A passion for education

by Sebastian Orada Ailes
Namurabod Elementary School, Namurabod, Buhi, Cam. Sur
Buhi South District

Everyone dreams of the ideal situation in education: well-prepared, well-fed, and excited students come to classrooms fully equipped with the best tools and materials, ready to face the equally enthusiastic teacher and the day’s list of lessons.

However, in the rural areas, the situation is often less than ideal. Several students have to battle with poverty, and thus come to school hungry and not prepared to take on the challenges of the learning activities. Some students have to walk many kilometers, or even cross streams, rivers, or seas just to reach the school. Often, they arrive to classrooms which are dilapidated, with books that are inadequate in number, and sometimes only have to imagine the instructional tools that students in more privileged schools take for granted, such as microscopes or computers.

Teachers, therefore, must bank on their burning passion for teaching these young minds to surpass these difficulties and ensure that everyone, regardless of their situation in life, gets access to quality education.

As an educator in a rural area, I am a witness every day to these stories of learners and teachers working hand-in-hand to surmount hardships and weave their own personal stories of hope. To be honest, what keeps me going is the light I see in the eyes of my students, whom I know are doing the best they can to realize their dreams of learning and eventually graduating and landing the job they want. Furthermore, I am inspired every time I see my co-faculty members going the extra mile if only to make sure that they drive home the lesson for the day.

Some would say teachers in the rural areas are not as fortunate as those in the urban centers, because they have to overcome more challenges. But I would beg to disagree. We teachers in the rural areas are blessed, because we have the opportunities to create change in unique and sometimes undeniably arduous situations. These chances we have to make a difference are something I would never trade, and for which I would forever and ever be grateful.