Striving for excellence in the workplace

by Michelle Aguirre Lo

In whatever endeavor you set your eyes on, striving for excellence is always a good rule to follow. In the workplace, a person who strives for excellence not only is on the fast track to promotion and recognition, but also feels a sense of fulfillment and joy in what they do.

This does not necessarily mean achieving excellent results in everything. Rather, it means having a specific mindset that prefers to always perform well and turn in quality work, whether or not there is a superior or even a colleague who is aware of what one is doing.

Here are several ways by which one can practice striving for excellence in the workplace:

1. Go the extra mile. Rather than simply complying with the most minimal requirements in accomplishing a task, it is recommended that professionals go beyond what the job demands. This entails extra effort, which may be more arduous, but will certainly get one noticed and rewarded. To achieve this, it may be necessary to change one’s attitude into an optimistic one, even in challenging and demanding situations, especially if one has the tendency to be pessimistic.

2. Empower yourself. This means trying to learn new skills, and not sticking to the ones you already have. Learning new skills enhances capability and makes a worker a more valuable part of the team. This also means challenging oneself to be self-motivated, and having a personal sense of responsibility, even in the face of obstacles. Furthermore, you must be willing to check the quality of your own work, whether it not only passes your standards, but also surpasses the goals you set out to do.

3. Be organized. Having a checklist and a work plan for the day, the week, the month, and the quarter is helpful for ensuring that you achieve the tasks you wish to complete. Even if you do not accomplish everything in the list, this encourages you to be organized and responsible for the day-to-day activities. You must also try to evaluate periodically whether you are able to achieve your goals or not, and what were the factors that contributed to your success or failure.

Excellence, they say, is not something innate, and rather is something that you can develop and strive for as a professional. By going the extra mile, empowering yourself, and being organized, it will be easier to strive for and achieve excellence in the workplace.