Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Over half a million pesos in cash, checks stolen in Sipocot, Cam Sur

SIPOCOT, Camarines Sur 11/14/17 (Bicol Standard)--Three days' worth of remittance from Avon representatives amounting to P528,587.00 cash and checks with a value of Php107,000.00 were declared missing by the branch manager of the direct selling company at South Centro, this town, Monday morning.

The victim Julius Cesar Torralba y Toledo said that the items were placed inside the vault of the Avon branch.

The still unidentified suspect/s, he said, carted away the items with the use of the vault's key.

The victim was unharmed in the incident, the report clarified.

The Sipocot police is still conducting a thorough investigation regarding the incident.


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