DPWH warned on Virac infra projects that pose danger

Mayor Samuel Laynes
VIRAC, Catanduanes 11/15/17 (Bicol Standard)—The "ostensible negligence" caused by the DPWH Catanduanes Engineering District in this town causes danger to motorists, Mayor Samuel V. Laynes said.

In a letter dated November 10, 2017 to Engr. Elmer R. Redrico, District Engineer of the Catanduanes Engineering District, and Engr. Joel B. Turado, Chief, Construction Section, Laynes claims his office has been receiving numerous reports of traffic accidents, some officially reported, but most not.

“The cause of the accidents is due to the absence and/or lack of early warning device to remind the public of the ongoing construction/project implementation,” Laynes explained.

He cited the wooden barrier positioned in the middle of the national road within the vicinity of the Virac Cathedral.

“Although the barrier serves as protection for the curing stage of the concrete, it poses danger to the traffic. Accidents would have been averted had your contractors observed due diligence by providing early warning devices, particularly lighting during nighttime,” he wrote.

Laynes issued a stern warning that unless the concern is attended to, he may consider filing necessary legal actions the erring contractors and government officials.

“We are also encouraging you to remind these contractors of the time frame for the completion of these projects to avoid undue delay which causes unwarranted inconveniences to the public,” he added.