APSEMO: Mayon Volcano remains at Alert Level 1 status

November 7, 2017

1. Mayon Volcano remains at Alert Level 1 status. Don't enter nor stay within the recommended 6 km-radius permanent danger zone. Risk reduction is in effect within the 6 km-radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ). Outside of of the 6 km-r PDZ is SAFE and normal, except during heavy to torrential rainfall, within the range of 40 to 60 mm per hour for lahar avoidance of those residing near the Mayon gullies or river channels.

2. Be multi-hazards thinkers. The month of November is the month of strong typhoon occurrences like: Rosing - Nov. 3, 1995, Loleng-Nov 2, 1998, Reming- Nov 29 2006, Yolanda Nov 8, 2013, etc.
In case of typhoon be prepared for the critical threats of destructive wind, storm surge, flood, landslide, flash flood and debris flows and lahar.
In case of other weather hazards like cold front, low pressure etc, they have no wind warning but be prepared for their associated hazards such as: flood in the flood plains, landslides along the slopes, flash flood and debris flows at the river channels and lahar near the gullies around the volcano.

Remember, our Goal is RESILIENT COMMUNITY, our Objective is ZERO CASUALTY.