CBSUA prexy seeks term extension

CBSUA President Georgina Bordado

NAGA CITY 10/7/17 – Less than six months before the expiration of the four-year term of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture president Georgina Bordado, Commissioner Ronald Adamat, Chairman of the Board of Regents of Bicol State Universities and Colleges, told the Bicol Standard that Bordado is seeking a term extension for another four years.

Bordado’s term, which started on April 2, 2014, will expire on April 2, 2018.

“She is still qualified to seek reappointment,” Adamat said.

He explained that due to her desire to have her term extended, the Board of Regents of CBSUA will have her performance evaluated by a committee representing the different stakeholders.

As of this writing, the members of the evaluation committee have been selected, and are presently waiting for their formal appointment.

Adamat also clarified that he is yet to select and appoint the chairman of the evaluation committee.

“If she fails to get a unanimous outstanding mark from the Board of Regents, she would not be reappointed,” Adamat emphasized. 

It would be recalled that the late Atty. Marito Bernales, who served as the first president of CBSUA, also tried to have a term extension, but was not able to get the unanimous vote of the Board of Regents. Hence, he was not reappointed.

“If she [Bordado] is not reappointed, the Board will have no other option but to create a selection committee for a new president, according to the rules,” Adamat said.

“Six months before the expiration of the term of the president, a selection committee must be constituted,” he further pointed out.

“In the coming week, the members of the evaluation committee are expected to convene in order to start the immediate evaluation of Bordado’s performance,” Adamat revealed.

A graduate of CBSUA, Bordado also holds degrees from the University of Northeastern Philippines, Doctor of Business Management, 2009; University of the Philippines at Los Baños, Master of Science in Agricultural Economics, 1984; and University of the Philippines at Los Baños, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) Major in Agricultural Economics, 1977.

Meanwhile, Bordado’s detractors claim that she should not be reappointed on various grounds.

Faculty members who requested not to be named said that she showed weak and passive leadership and failed to improve the atmosphere of the state university, especially its main campus in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Bordado has not been reached for her comments.