Caramoan ex-mayor arrested for murder

Caramoan Ex-Mayor Marilyn Co

NAGA CITY 10/7/17—Former Caramoan town mayor Marilyn Co, who is facing a criminal charge for the murder of Miguel Antonio Francia, will remain at the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation Naga City District Office pending trial after she voluntarily surrendered the other day.

Meantime, co-accused Ramil Arañas, a former cop who faces the same charge, is now detained at the BJMP Tigaon District Jail.

This case stemmed from the incident on May 15, 2001, when Miguel Antonio Francia (Miguel) was shot dead in front of his house in Caramoan, Camarines Sur by Sgt. Roberto Reyes (Sgt. Reyes), a member of the Philippine Army.

Jocelyn Francia (Jocelyn), Miguel’s widow, filed a complaint for Murder against Sgt. Reyes and John Does.

Mayor Marilyn H. Co (Mayor Co) and Wilson C. Co, the mayor’s late husband, were included as principals by induction.

The motive for the killing was allegedly Miguel’s shift of loyalty to Mayor Co’s political opponent.

Sgt. Reyes and the John Does in the complaint were allegedly Mayor Co’s bodyguards.

While Miguel was at the Caramoan Municipal Hospital, Sgt. Reyes, SPO2 Ramil Arañas (SPO2 Arañas), and a John Doe allegedly entered the Francias’ house against Jocelyn’s will.

They searched for papers and other effects, and caused chaos and disarray in the house. Accordingly, Jocelyn also filed a complaint for Violation of Domicile against Sgt. Reyes, SPO2 Arañas, and John Doe.

The accused alleged that Miguel was drunk and unruly, and indiscriminately fired his 9 mm pistol. Sgt. Reyes, who was at the vicinity, accosted Miguel and fired a warning shot. However, Miguel pointed his pistol at Sgt. Reyes. Sgt. Reyes was forced to shoot Miguel who was hit at his right thigh. Sgt. Reyes and his companions brought Miguel to the Caramoan Municipal Hospital where he died due to loss of blood.

It will be recalled that on September 22, 2017, Presiding Judge Ma. Angela Acompañado-Arroyo of Regional Trial Court Branch 58 in San Jose, Camarines Sur, issued an order for the arrest of Marilyn Co and Ramil Arañas.

No bail was recommended for the temporary release of Co and Arañas.