17 Cam Sur teachers duped in investment scam

NAGA CITY 10/12/17--Seventeen public school teachers have allegedly been duped by a 38-year-old woman who operates an investment business in Iriga City.

She was identified as Michelle Tan-Fenis, a resident of San Nicolas, Iriga City.

According to the complainants, they were promised a monthly interest of 10%.

Initially, the suspect was able to comply with her commitments to her clients. However, in the succeeding months, she reportedly defaulted, causing the teachers to be alarmed.

Believing that they will be victims of an investment scam, the teachers tried to locate Tan-Fenis, but were unable to do so.

They filed a complaint for estafa against Tan-Fenis in Branch 34 of the Regional Trial Court in Iriga City.

She attended the initial stages of the case, but lately has not been appearing.

In 2016, the accused was already arrested for 13 counts of estafa by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Manuel M. Rosales.