Nagueños perceive drop in crime incidence; Mayor Bongat, VM Legacion rated 'very good'

NAGA CITY 9/26/17 (Bicol Standard) – Almost four out of ten Nagueños (36.8%) perceive a decrease in crime incidence in the city between July 2016 and July 2017, while more than a quarter (28.5%) perceive an increase.

This is according to the 2017 Third Quarter Naga City Poverty and Governance Public Opinion Poll results released by the Ateneo Student Researchers Pool earlier today.

The decline in crime incidence is attributed to greater police visibility and effort (23.8%), the anti-drug campaign (19.7%) and fear of the Duterte administration (17.7%).

On the other hand, unchanged or increased crime incidence is attributed to the war on drugs/Oplan Tokhang (27.5%), police and local government negligence (15.5%) and the presence of illegal drugs (12.4%)

One out of three Nagueños perceive themselves as “poor”

In the same poll, one out of three Nagueños considered themselves “poor” in the This self-rated poverty incidence decreased by about 5% from last year’s 39.8%. Those who are poor perceive themselves as such because they have low income (57.1%), lack a permanent job (27.9%) and eat less than three meals a day (6.4%).

Mayor Bongat, VM Legacion receive “very good” net satisfaction ratings

Mayor John Bongat got a +55.7% or “very good” net satisfaction rating (65.6% satisfied, 9.9% dissatisdied. Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion received a +50.4 or “very good” net satisfaction rating (62.7% satisfied, 12.3% dissatisfied). Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod have “neutral” to “good” net satisfaction ratings.

President Rodrigo Duterte has a +3.6 or “neutral” net satisfaction rating while Vice President Leni Robredo gets a +57.9 or “very good” net satisfaction rating.

Nagueños strongly agree that traffic is a problem in the city

About two-thirds of Nagueños (64.8%) agree that the traffic situation in Naga City is a problem. It registered a +46 or a “strong” net agreement rating. To solve the problem of traffic, Nagueños recommend road widening or other road projects. However, Nagueños have opposing views on whether to remove or reduce traffic lights (13.1%) or install more traffic lights (10.8%).

Residents favor cutting of trees and the demolition of structures to give way for road widening

More Nagueños favour cutting trees and demolishing houses and other structure within road right of way to facilitate road widening. The cutting of trees gained +16.7%, a “moderate” net agreement rating (48.5% agree, 31.8% disagree). With regard to demolishing houses and other structures, more than half of Nagueños (62%) agree. This resulted to a “strong” +44.2% net agreement rating (62% agree, 17.8% disagree).

Nagueños observe that the smoking ban is not strictly followed

A substantial majority of Nagueños are aware of the implementation of the smoking ban in Naga City in public areas. Of those who are aware, 74.2% observe that the ordinance is not followed by Nagueños.

Survey background

The 2017 Third Quarter Naga City Poverty and Governance Public Opinion Poll used face-to-face interview of 400 respondents randomly selected from voting-age population in all barangays in Naga City. The margin of error is ±4.9%.

The survey was conducted from July 9 to August 11, 2017 by the Ateneo Student Researchers Pool, under the guidance of the Ateneo Social Science Research Center and was funded by the University Research Council.